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Tuesday. 2.23.16 9:56 pm
I'm writing a book. I'm actually nearly finished. 102k words as of this moment, and has probably less than 20k left in it.

I made it it's own dedicated little blog area


I plan on posting a few (probably 4-5) chapters of it there, if anyone wants to give it a read.

I also made a gofundme for it because reasons. I'm gonna show y'all that too.


Summary: (Not good at these, I'll probably have someone else write my summaries.)

The story revolves around Cyrene and Mischa*, sister goddesses that are fighting for humanity.

Well that's all I can do for a summary afraid to say much more and spoil things. The chapter parts that I post on the website are subject to change, they are just a tad better than rough draft and order changes can happen at any time. People may die, be rewritten or completely stop existing!

Anyway, nothing else really going on except the writing. Meds were stopped, and oddly enough I think I'm better w/out all of them so that's nice. Maybe I was looking for a chemical fix when all I needed was a vent for my stuff (which Essentials seems to be.)

Thanks for reading

*Names subject to change.

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Update number something or other
Thursday. 4.30.15 11:57 am
I think I forgot to update last week. I'm 275.2 as of last week.

I bought me a cute dress that I was supposed to get as a reward for my mini goal of 275 and I figured .2lbs off is close enough >.>

I like it.

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Update 12?
Friday. 4.3.15 9:40 am
Last Week: 283.6
This Week: 280.4
Difference: -3.2
First Week: 312.2
Overall Difference: 31.8

In .4lbs I'll be at 100lbs lost from my highest weight. (Again, lol) I honestly didn't expect to lose anything this week.

When people kept cancelling rides on me it made me really stressed and although it's not an excuse I did over eat to cope with that. Most of the days I didn't really go over my allotted calories according to MFP but I did eat more than I had been. Saturday and Sunday though I did go over. Saturday I went to a birthday party and ate cake, then came home and ate more cake, then ate regular dinner. Sunday fiances dad grilled and so I ate burgers, sausages, and fries. Wednesday I had McDonald's fries, and a caramel frappe it was pretty good. But all in all I expected a much lower (if any) weight loss this week, so that's pretty nifty.

Another update on the contacts: The second set she gave me were much better, I still have to use the fancy cleaning system, but I did not have to switch to dailies, which I'm also happy for.

Exercise update: Running everyday. I cut down a little i was running two sessions of c25k and my hips started hurting so I just do the one session and then walk the other 2.5 miles. I do 4 miles almost every weekday. Sometimes I do 5, but that's only happened once or twice so.


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Update Re: Contacts
Saturday. 3.28.15 9:26 am
I'm "officially" allergic to the contact eye drops i bought. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me about some different ones that shouldn't have that reaction.

She also said I have weird eyes that produce more deposits on contacts than "regular" people so I might have to wear daily contacts instead of weekly/monthly.

I'm leaning towards just keeping glasses if that happens because she said the daily wear ones would be $1 a lens. She did give me a hydrogen peroxide (clear care) cleaning system to try, if this works then I can wear the monthly ones. But I really hope this works because I loved the feeling of not wearing glasses while running but it would be too expensive. Probably, I'll decide when it comes to that.

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