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Avenue Q
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I couldnt believe that these few songs actually got stucked to my head n to be honest i kinda miss it so here i am puttin it in my blog entry. Think it was the catchy tunes, n the humour it has it in that got me singin along to it.. and my friend calls it Sesame Street for adults.. lol..no idea why he said that but come to think bout it , its definitely a sing along kinda songs..

we had this CD of Avenue Q on the CD player when we were goin places in Melaka and some how this mornin when i got up, i was humming to it.... perhaps i jst miss the times in melaka, wakin up every mornin havin a list of places to visit, a list of things to eat , a list of things to do...i'll definitely go back once the restorations are done ...

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i've been feelin pretty irked by some events lately. I'm not sure if its due to my pet peeves or its just some people's stupidity. All these pet peeves i have isnt helpin to make things easy over here. At times i wonder if this runs in the family. I know both me n my bro's are like this but not sure bout both our parents.

My bro actually told me its good to be able to see it (bad habits/stuff) comin our way before it hits hard on us. Not sure how true is that or how good can that do us but i guess i gotta find it out for myself. Lately, it seems like i have this tendency to scrutinize every single details of everythin and at times it jst drives me up the wall!

Perhaps i overwork my brain there! I guess i just gotta let it be. Being a person of small details just gets me more irritated when people are not responsible enough for themselves and couldnt care less bout the things they do or how some of their actions might affect others. Its pretty hard to have an honest friendship with people like that though. Its so not worth it when all you do is u keep givin n the other party keep taking without realising that reciprocity is just natural. Mayb i've too high of an expectation but i dont think reciprocity is too much...

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Weird 1:41am Phone Call
Sunday, December 7, 2008

OMG! this is seriously crazy! Beyond my imagination. Well wht happened was like i met this guy bout 5 months back when i was in this competition. So this competition was held in another state, so me n my team mates took a long bus ride down for the event. So when we were headin to our designated check in place, i met this guy on the bus, headin to the same place as me n my team mates so we introduced ourselves and chat till we got to our stop. So we waited for the check in time at 2 pm , we were there like an hour or two earlier so we sat at the lobby area and waited and we talked more.

My team mates were teasin me that he's flirtin wth me and so on, n as usual i didnt bother. Not that i'm there to look for a relationship. i did notice the flirtatious side and all the extra complimentary remarks and nice treatment comin from him but i didnt think its gonna last long, thought he was jst being his flirtatious self.. so anyway, we exchanged numbers after the competition was over. so a few months later i text wishin him a happy new year (its a festive occassion for him) and a few flirtatious replies but i didnt bother much bout it till bout 10 minutes back when my mobile rang.

i was surprised to see his name appeared on my screen, so i picked up and the whole conversation was jst so weird. well first he started askin me how come i'm still awake at this hour n that i should get some good rest and then he continued on sayin that he has got somethin to ask, so i said ok, ask away n then he kinda freaked me out in a way, well his voice is somewht rather low as i remembered them, hope he wasn't tryin to seduce me with his voice, anyway, he told me that he couldn't stop thinking bout me since we parted from the competition and that he wants me to be his girlfriend. i was like ewww... well i like him as a friend n not more than that n him callin at this hour n tellin me things like this isnt romantic n isnt gonna help in gettin both of us into a relationship. so when he popped the question i was like NO.. without thinkin twice and then wht's unbelievable was that he asked me whether can he kiss me or vice versa! HELL no!!

then again he asked whether is there by any chance we can hook up n this time i kinda put on a really serious intonation n told him no n i supposed he was like disappointed he hung up without sayin goodbye. i guess that's the end of the friendship. bet this time around my friends' who knew bout this incident is gonna tell me to stop being so friendly to stranger i dont know..besides i dont think being friendly's a crime

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Cow-driven Cart
Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back then before we achieve our Independence, bicycle used to be the only mechanized transportation for some ; owing a bicycle at that point of time is considered as one of the luxury in life.

For those who cant afford such luxury , Kereta Lembu or rather the cow driven cart come into the picture. Cows or bullocks will be used to pull the heavy laden cart to ferry things to places.

After 51years of Independence, i considered myself lucky to be able to see the bullock cart. Today when i was drivin back i saw this particular "vehicle" has caused the busy main road all jamned up. Unfortunately i couldnt snap a side view of this cow-driven cart but i managed to get a pic of it. i dug my old collection of random pics i took.


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Plant Life
Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two days ago i visited my aunt with my mom. She was hospitalised the day before we visited her at her home, seems like it was due to the old injury and she'll be ok in bout 3 weeks time and then she'll need to get back to the doc for a check up or perhaps some physiotherapy to help with her condition.

Anyway, when we were there, we waited for her to open up the door for us. It took her a while to do so cuz she had a hard time movin, both her husband and son wasnt at home. So as i was waitin, i walked around the place a lil and i was checkin out some plants.

Those plants are beautiful! Here are some of the pics i took.

i find this pinkish flower really cute, with big leaves but lil tiny flower bud

there's nothin too special bout this but i just love how big those leaves are. its huge and its round n its soo greenish

as for this one, this is really unique. i love the colour and the shape of the "petals".

is that lil tiny leaves growin from the big leave itself? reminds me of symbiosis.

i love this! purple leaves with contrastin pink flowers and wht's so unparalleled is the shape of the leaves. have a close look and u can see that its like 3 lil triangles jointin at the tips to form a leaf

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Some pretty- looking cheesecakes pics to drool over...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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