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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Cleo's Eligible Bachelors are OUT!
Saturday. 3.26.05 8:50 am
totally drool worthy guys abound!

EB 7 Mark Tan- Financial Analyst
EB 33 Brendon Lim- Technical consultant
EB 40 Keith Prakash- Mech Eng undergrad
EB 45 Jerome Awasthi - Trader 23yrs!!
EB 46 Jude Krishnan - Financial Journalist
EB 18 Gael Sydness - Model OMGosh he's 19! he is younger than us!

this yr higher standard than last. more financial pple also. haha

I wanna know where EB 45 is trading! i wanna join that co!

enuff drooling.

did sth totally stupid today, tried to twist my specs so that it can fit properly coz it felt skewed. guess wat? i broke my specs. the frame, not the glasses. and we have CSB test on Mon. good luck to me man. i'm typing this with my lopsided specs. lol.

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HAPPENING! last day of poly
Thursday. 3.24.05 9:35 am
SUPER LONG story. gotta start yesterday.

went for mos @ j pt for dinner. coz i'm eating out again so aud, jana, joan and lifen acc me. left mos at 7+. while on the train, we realised that today is gonna be the last time we will ever step in the trading pit and trade.
so therefore, we decided that we shall make this day memorable. we wanted to come in some sort of dress code which the whole class can and will wear.

originally wanted the dress code to be sec sch uniform. den realised the immense difficulty in terms of fitting the sch clothes, pple's willingness, and can find the uniform in the first place or not.

den thot abt hip hop. also difficult to implement.

finally decided on an attire every single person will have and is super easy to implement.
- the shaggest attire u can find! probably along the lines of: shorts, huge t shirt which can cover most of the shorts, cap, haversack, specs, flip flops.

we den proceeded to get some tokens of appreciation for our lecturers whu have taught us, (and more popular w us) in our 3 years. and joan suggested to pack sweets aka pri sch kids for the class. (wayne was like: "Wei she me wo mei you?"
;o( )

and we went immed to J east NTUC to check out sweets and things, found the selection to be too limited and proceeded to walk to Giant Imm from jurong interchange. was 9+ that time. we are really crazy.

due to limited selection. coz only Giant is open. we bought weird stuff for our lecturers. i stumbled upon this Power Puff Girls Body Spray Colonge. comes in fruitti tutti(green) and sth in yellow. can't rem le. bought 9 of those for our male lecturers. damn lame. but andrew lim got sth special, Condoms! strawberry flavoured. wanted to get extra safe initially, but pink colour box more striking lah.we bought hand moisturisors for the female lecturers. like i said, bo bian.
(heard from zhihan that Ricky actually opened the gift in class and started testing on himself. said it was quite nice. lol!)

jana and aud stayed over at my place that night coz gotta wrap and what not. ended up i K.O first at 3am. they slept at 4+ i think.

as arranged yest, everyone met up at Dover today as per yr1 custom. supposedly at 9. but coz aud and jana dun wanna wake up. the entire class was late. true to year 1 motto, 1 for all, all for 1. 1 late, all late.

but then again, Chris hasn't even started when we walked in at 10.20+?. no diff. (hock says: you all hor, dunno how to say.....)

Chris has a guest speaker today, also called Terence. super da shuai ge. got mesmerised after a while. helped us divert a pop quiz from chris by purposely lengthening his talk. lol

after chris cheong lecture, went for pizza with half the class. just like the good old days.the other half got BD, and decided to stay in FC6.

after lunch went back to SB. and started hunting for all the lecturers to give them their TOA and take photos. we were like 1 bunch of tourists snapping photos w all the celebrities. lol. and we were really quite noisy. muahaha! ambrose was teaching some yr2 fella macroecons i think. but we got too noisy standing outside that he gotta come out settle ur photo taking first. (rem him forever whu trained our ppt skills - no prep coz we dunno wat to prep, just guts and reaction)

also made some rousing noise pollution for ricky when he happen to step into our line of vision. took photos outside the office and kenna diao by han lih lih (deputy director) re: our dressing. lol! (ricky is easily me fave lecuturer, all bark no bite. very soft hearted. sooooooo sweet! bought yrbk for the first time coz we will be in it.)

made andrew pose w the condoms and took lots of pictures. will put up when i get it.

to cut a long story short, we only missed out GJK, Roger and the female lecturers.

today is really the photo taking day. taking photos where ever we went. even while sitting outside the classroom waiting for andrew.

ben got 7 credits today! top trader for the day. also for class if i'm not wrong. so cool!

went for dinner w kok, han, jana, ks after TO today. went for ramen at china sq. think went w the yrbk comm long long time ago. den went merlion park talk cock. and gossip. realised tht KS and T got some similarities. lol! also got to know them better. interesting pple.

whatever i missed out, plz check aud's blog. nan de she update

will miss everyone lots. gotta feeling that i will lose contact with alot of u all.

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