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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Wednesday. 4.13.05 11:45 am
Have been going shopping almost everyday the past few days coz Aud, lifen etc needed to get their prom stuff. think i'm under dressed after hearing abt wat they are getting. gee.... whu cares~ ! hoping the guys will get hats for the event.. but i know not likely. hats as in the Alicia Keys/Usher hats... find them so darn cool~~

and have been going back to sch the last few days to provide some minisule help for the grad ball comm. giving out tickets.(i wanna go buy lucky draw prizes!) amazingly sb club has crisis after crisis~ i'm just glad i'm the evil and on/off member.

today went hunting for my mini jacket for prom, coz i'm too burned/peeling with unsightly tan lines showing. bloody awful.. i wun step out any other wise. geez.

today's groupies included hock, fad, mich,kok, aud, lifen, T. hock wanted to check out blazers.. ended up in animated conversation w the guys. and din really shop. anyways, he has a target in mind le, besides, exam over le damn free.

as the way ben says it, "buay teyhann!"
lifen's idea of accessorizing is too way off my taste. she ask me choose, i choose le, she dun like. she choose le, i feel like banging wall.lol

went over to forum to visit our sushi chef cum huge golden tortoise at genki. dinner. went home.


suddenly, time seems to move so fast!
the guys are going in for NS so soon.
the impact hit us hard. we are no longer students. the guys are expected to serve the country. they are now considered men. some of us girls are heading for work. some heading for further studies. the girls can't depend on the guys as backup anymore. it will be near impossible to gather as many pple as last breko's outing.

we are ridiculously gathering everyone for any excuse for an outing. Coz me, for one is gonna miss the guys. so used to seeing them online without fail everynight, their mere absence feels kinda weird. so used to having pple on call 24h to talk cock, chit chat. whu can i turn to??? Aud etc will all ignore me one~ sobz.

i figured that i will lose contact with u all but i am truely glad to have known u all. aiyoz~ so cliched~ hahaz~!

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Finally found time....
Tuesday. 4.12.05 11:18 am
to blog abt the past few days....

Publicity Announcement: Lifen made Dollies of DBF 08 pple, check it out!

refer to eliz/aud/t's blog

i was early! i got to harbour front at 10.40am. thats freaking early considering we are meeting at 11.00am. AND everyone else was late except john and huizi must mention if not she'll niao me..lol) so i sat on my butt on the spanking clean harbour front black marble floor till 11.48am. thats 1 hr! waiting for them!

anyways lunch etc and headed to Sentosa finally at 1++ i think. walked v far to find a spot satisfactory to 16 pple, and eventually managed to settle down under some coconut trees. 10 guys and Faith played volley ball while Jana, Joan, Lifen, zhihan and moi's truely soaked up some sun and sea.

eventually, after having cooked their feet on the nice toaster sand, the 11 ball players decided to join the 5 less heat resistant human beings in the water. played some monkey, floated ard, Hock got engrossed bioing xiao lan and da huang.... hmm... hock will niao me if i say this.... hmmm... *dilemma*.. well... apparently... hock's was lying on the sand and T made an observation abt a certain body part... wat was hock thinking abt ???! those present will know, if not u make ya own deductions! later hock really will scold me de, altho hock nv scolded me before, shall not take the chance. better dun say so much.

at a pt in time. those whu could swim, swam out to deeper waters. when suddenly, happening rite in front of me, KS dunked T's head underwater! *STUN* den immediately KS turned and grabbed hold of Kev whu was beside him. was completely blurred by the sequence of events unfolding in front of me when huizi from behind suddenly announced: KS can't swim! DIAOZ! can't swim follow pple swim out fer wat~~ dun understand his mentality. geez. even tho jana's a life guard, jana wasn't v keen on saving him. lol~!

after that unfortunate incident no one swam out. soaked in the sea for quite some time, played moneky till we got too bored and sommoeone suggested going to the white bridge and 2 towers to take photos. the entourage sets off! leaving eujinn and nicholas(05/06) playing chn chess, faith, KS(recovering maybe), Zhihan and can't rem if there was anyone else le.

climbed up to the 2nd floor and sat on the rooftop.. me being too short, had the assistance of Kok, whu gallantly lent me his leg as a stepping stone. sitting there....with the tiles underneath our feet and looking out to the expense of sea and ships infront of us, shooting the breeze. not a bad feeling. But somehow was feeling quite restless that day, conversation wasn't particularly engaging so i went back. coz i was bare footed and there was alot of sharp stones at the bottom of the tower, joan actually piggy backed me over the area. was kinda touched by this small gesture, coz its like the first time anyone did this for me.

headed to our original spot in the sea alone... started to swim and just lying on the sand.

time passed, saw that the ppeps are no longer on the tower from my vantage pt and decided to go wash up before they reach, to avoid the scruffle for bathing rooms. alas, no diff. no washing room without snaking queue to be found. imagine how dirty the cubicle is gonna be. in the end, got quite pissed with the whole situation. 5 of us, jana, huizi, joan, lifen and me marched up to the outdoor shower/tap (the kind pple use b4 going into the water) and started to bathe! abielt in our bikinis of coz. well, we din realise that further up there was a small changing/showering area till we saw the guys head up the road.

after bathing out in the open, headed to the changing area. we can't possibly change in the open also wat! the guys finished bathing in NS training worthy speed and went back to the outdoor shower where we were last spotted, without realising that we moved nextdoor. btw, the bathing area is just beside the bus stop to main terminal.

due to some circumstances, joan had to rush back to the main island immediately. so huizi, jana and lifen went with her on the bus while i waited for the guys to travel back. and as a repayment of my patience/niceness to wait for them, i got scolded/shot at/niao-ed whichever way u wanna put it, therfore, the entire fresco abt them making 2 trips was solely my fault. was freaking pissed actually at someone.

headed back to mainland by bus, while T, hock, zhihan, kev, john took the scenic route and walked back. i believe i have a pix of them walking somewhere: the 5 pathetic buggers. which i will put up when i crop it. blurry tho, taken when we sped past them on the bus.

had dinner at the harbour front food court, took grp photos.

DBF 05/06 Eujinn, Nicholas
DBF 07 Kev, Hock
DBF 08 Jana, Joan, Lifen, Huizi, Merrick, Faith, Ben, Kok hong, Zhihan, KS, John, Terence

has left the building.

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