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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
weird day
Friday. 4.22.05 12:32 pm
had lunch someone i hadn't seen in a while... and found that i STILL cannot communicate w the person, even after 4? 5? years knowing the fella.

went to cut my hair at far east. "the usual?" "yea, the usual" sounds like i'm ordering some sort of drink at some shady pub complete with italian mafia accent. speaking of which, i got my mafia boss pix in ying ying's cam. ke.

celebrated someone's birthday today. someone whom i only got introduced to today, at the the moment the girl turned up. think was the bunch of pple who went to UK. sad to say, forgot most of the pple's names already. would be completely out of place if not for Raj, but i got abandoned halfway coz he wanted to go gym.


Quote of the day: Some illusions are essential. We needthem to live by.

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Thursday. 4.21.05 4:49 am
had to rush home from work to the hotel early, to see if i can do anything to help out. but nth for me to do lah~ Fad and Nina did everything le.

Due to time constraints, no time for make over etc. was horribly under dressed. ha.. whu cares anymore~ but the girls and alot of pple went all out. even some tomboyish girls from other classes were in daniel yan, and make up and styled hair! further stressed after seeing them. keke

first round kenna saboh le...i know Audrey started it first! bloody loud. (-__-") heng its teh 1st round which was really small thing. lead cheer thingy.

the entire night was a "cornering case" lol~ Ben, Jana & Shang and even yingjun and andy was DBF. think our table has the most pple whu went up the stage, Fad, Me, Ben, Jana, Marina, Marina Bf... thats half the table~!

took tons of photos, w everybody i managed to grab hold of. think i missed out a few... din get to take w Ktai and jaclyn i think.

Ben and Kok got fedora hats! look so cool! i'm waiting for my photos w the both of them... dunno where issit..lol.

din get to eat much... coz i was hardly at the table... dunno why either.

Eunice from Retail got my ishuffle! sob!

headed to cine kbox after the dinner after the vangard grp consisting of joan, joan's fren, audrey, lifen and amy went off first. followed by 2 cabs, KS, ying ying and kok and me in one. ben, t1, zhihan in the other. T and michelle joined us half way after clubbing w 07. we sang songs all the way from 12+ to 5 plus am after which aud, amy, lifen, joan, t and mich went geyland for breakfast.

i went back to the hotel room where fad and some juniors were slping. me bathed, and slept in the bed. coz by the time i was ready to slp, someone got up and left. so i got bed to slp also. lol~

went breakfast w fad and nina at BK, listening to club gossips.muahaha~ damn interesting..


After watching Fad and etc preparing for prom for so long.... its finally over. Predicted lots of complaints from attendees. as expected.... as far as i know, only Kok said it was fun and all. prob a white lie... ke. of coz everyone will only comment abt the things that are NOT happening as expected, things that are going right are not noticed. I'm not directing this at anyone, just kinda disappointed abt organising stuff esp after seeing all the effort Fad/Nina put in. fyi: think only fad, nina and val doing most of the work. most of the juniors were not particularly helpful

i seriously think i have an attention span problem. i can't stay still at one place for too long. eg: kbox, rotting at the sentosa tower doing nth. i'll be bored stiff despite all the talking etc. sometimes, its better to be alone. muahaha~

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