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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Missing and Returning !!!
Sunday, August 19, 2007
Missing and returned alive in one piece. Nope I'm not a shinobi.

I went to Penang on Friday to distress myself but things didn't turn ou well on the journey but they got better later... here I present my updates!!

1. Went to the bus terminal punctually but was told to be waiting at the wrong platform. How the heck was I supposed to know which platform to wait when here are 4 platforms for the same bus company without indicating the destinations. Thank god, I realised I was standing at the wrong platform and headed to right one. But things were not great since I waited 1 hour 30 minutes for my bus to appear.

2. Pretty sad when I had dinner with jolenesiah when I arrived because my family favourite's Thai restaurant no longer exist. It just evaporated into thin air. I really miss that restaurant. But happy to be able to eat one of my old times Japanese restaurant. Quality and price is still good.

3. I slept in jolenesiah's house. Bwhaha. Got to sleep in an air conditioner room... and I finally got to play a RPG game using her account. We also discussed of setting up a project.

4. Wow. We watched 2 movies back to back and we managed to get some manga. I recommended her to read Yotsubato manga and I got myself some manga that I got attracted by their cover. Oh well, I'm simply Chinese illiterate. The movies we watched were Evan Almighty and Ratatouille.

5. Came home from the cinema with an accomplishing feeling but not for long because I had diarrhoea. I was just simply goofy. I drank only Coke/ Pepsi during the hours we were in the cinema area. And that means I only drank Coke/ Pepsi as water for almost 6 hours. Because I have acute gastritis [sort of], I had diarrhoea the whole morning, leaving me with little sleep. I woke up like every 2 hours to visit the toilet. And ol' sweet jolenesiah made me ginger tea because I requested. Thank u. Bwahaha..

6. The journey back to Kuala Lumpur was fun because I get to sleep in the car while jolenesiah sped. Haha. I don't mind driving since I'm already "owing" her some USD 100000000++ ... without any black and white document. Haha. Despite the fun of it, it was awful to have stomach dicomfort because I only get to see jolenesiah drinking Chocolate Blast from Baskin Robins.

7. Sweet Mr. A called me to say hi. I remembered him asking me for some dream translation, which I asked my colleague since he's a psychology graduate. The dream he had was me with a bunch of army rabbits chasing after him in a field. [Gee... Am I that violent? I thought I'm as sweet as a daisy flower..]. The explanation I got was ... "there's no explanation for that dream. If it does, it is called NIGHTMARE."

Oh well, I'm happy to be home ... because the happiest news is ... the damn Internet is finally back for good. The reason? Streamnyx has not replaced a card into my jumper area I guess due to no stock. If the problem I was facing was just simply of a card, can't Streamyx be frank with me? I waited and talked like an idiot for the past few months. It's simply not acceptable. I will be writing in to the newspaper and asking for rebate. Woohoo~

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Earth is a not a world for any defenseless things
Friday, August 17, 2007
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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My alma mater is cool ...
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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What is my emotion?
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
I'm not too sure what kind of emotions I should wear now. I'm not really into buying lottery but I do that once in a bluemoon and also because I want to try to be 'lucky'. So I bought 6 numbers.

Out of the 6 numbers, 3 of them were close to winning prizes. The results were:

1. 1348 - (I bought) 1340
2. 6307 - (I bought) 6387
3. 5491 & 5695 - (I bought) 5495

Should I be mad or in teary now? I got no emotions whatsoever at the moment. Just plain nothing. I think my mum will be mad now ... because we shared these numbers.

But hey ... it also showed that I'm pretty good in forecasting the numbers!! No .. this time I didn't use my remote viewing to see because ... the number I saw 6387 didn't win me ANYTHING. So you see ... using this kind of technique doesn't bring accuracy as well. Sigh ...

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Grumble Buffet
Thursday, August 9, 2007
I'm totally crazy or fanatic about Nelly Furtado's song called Say It Right. I have been listening to it everyday on my blog since Monday. But other than that, I'm just my usual self; scratchy, stress and feel like sleeping all day long.

Despite being my usual self, [there's some unavoidable NARUTO spoiler] I have been pondering things I have been thinking over and over again and some of them are as the following:

1. The Last Uchiha
Looking at the whole scenario of Sasuke and Itachi, I just have to confess again I HATE SASUKE UCHIHA because he simply is a brat that never grows up. And don't tell me Tobi is actually one of the Uchihas named Uchiha Madara. Don' tell me that because I like Tobi's crude humour especially the way he irritates Deidara. Madara looks like a pure evil guy that really is power fanatic. How did I get that idea? Simple. Tobi and Madara have the same mask and Madara commented that Sasuke utilizes his sharingan much better than Itachi. Whatever. That Madara is really creepy. I pitied Itachi and Pain to be played by Madara. If you are so strong as you claimed to be, why work as an underling, not as Oyabin [boss in Japanese]?

2. OMG They did it again!
I would really like to tell some people out there to STOP TORTURING ME. I simply don't understand what is so beautiful about me that I have an admirer who keeps on kirim salam [send my regards in Malay] to me via AA, the bratty birthday girl. I dont mind people kirim salam to me but there's no need to tease me like shahrenee [the guy's name is something Shah]. Do it once and for the last time, you are safe. You do it twice, don't blame me for some inadvertent insults and reactions. I have had ENOUGH. I have been undergoing this kind of things since Primary. It's not I'm not sporty whatsoever, but if you want me to tolerate for more than 11 years, I welcome you to switch place with me.

3. Phobia is my hidden name
To be frank to myself, I don't like to be touched due to some early incidents. Read that again. It's not haphephobia/ chiratophobia/ haptephobia/ aphenphosmphobia (fear of being touched). It has been like this since I was a kid. I don't like my uncle holding my hands while we crossed the roads and the like. I sometimes have low tolerance for people touching my shoulder. But I'm fine with brushes like in the trains. This is worse than sterilizing yourself [for guys] before touching me. One touch = one flying kick to some unknown place.

4. Writer's Bloc
I have been trying to write some short stories but apparently I'm running not out of ideas but descriptions and vocabulary. I read a lot but just don't know why I can't express my imagination with words. What a failure I am. Trying to write some short horror story and the other is a sad romance story. Really want to write a romance story that brings tears to the readers.

That is all I wanted to grumble. Back to my singing Say It Right.

5. Dessert to shoo away those negativities!
Smoochies! *MUAH*

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What am I STRESSING about?
Monday, August 6, 2007
I was actually sick even before I post my previous entry. The best thing was I didn't know I was having fever until last Thursday. I visited 2 doctors actually: a dentist and a GP. A dentist because my gums was bleeding and the dentist told me it was just minor plague. Gee... And doctor because my company doesn't accept mc from dental clinic so I visited a GP because I have 3 medical reasons that I need explanation.

The GP was a joker and hey, we found something in common which is downloading. He downloads movies and I anime. His wife downloads Asian drama. What a fate. And my mum was criticizing my bad habits of surfing the internet everyday at the expense of my sleep. And haha, the GP told my mum that he met his wife via online! And the rest is history.

The GP explained to me that I was having mild fever because I was having chills. And then I complaint of having chest discomfort like someone pushing a big stone through a hose. That's what I have been experiencing everyday many times and he simply said there are ONLY 2 culprits causing that: depression and STRESS. And I went gag because I don't know which one I'm having. Depression? Err ... Worm worm .. am I very depressed? If I were, Lara Fabian, who said me OLD, won't still be alive...

If Stress ... err I don't know what am I stressing about then .. Stressing about money? Can and could be ... Whoever says I'm stress about no guys wanting me, better beware because a fork is just beside me .... Stressing about life ... Not sure ....

Maybe my immune system is just so weak since I have been inhaling air pollution everyday on the way and back from work. Yea .. maybe my lungs are just too pampered to be breathing fresh and clean air back in NZ... bwhahaha ...

Get a Life, renaye. Owh.

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