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    Saturday. 9.16.06 12:12 pm

    Artist: Loon
    Title: No Friends
    Reviewed by: Latifah Muhammad


    Falling into virtual obscurity after splitting from Hip-Hop and MTV staple Diddy, Loon is back with a less than perfect, but decent effort in his latest release No Friends (X-Ray/Cleopatra). Proving that his rap persona is rawer since leaving Bad Boy, this album is a more street approach using violence, drugs and women as his topics of choice.

    Though he does double as a singer on the hooks of "Run" and "Eyes on U", he redeems himself with good rhyme schemes (despite lyrical simplicity). Also, the addition of Boss Up Entertainment artist Gritty, who takes more control of the album than Loon does. On "Eyes on U" he sticks to the ladies man, Harlem World mantra that he's famous for. With sly lyrics like "Girl it ain't no reason for leavin'/I'm not one for cheatin'...girl I got my eyes on you," you can't help but picture him whispering this explanation into his girl's ear at the club

    Transitioning to an attempt at an ear pleasing beat with the infusion of violins and a flute on "Came to Get Down", Loon makes sure that we know that he will survive without the shine of the Bad Boy limelight. The most anticipated song on the album is the Mase dis record "NOVA/What happened to Pastor?" But Loon loses points for putting "Mase Dis Track" in parenthesis on the back of the album. Every great dis record doesn't need to say who the record is dissing. Loon calls Mase out for not only being a phony, but for getting money and not giving back to his neighborhood. The beef is definitely personal, but not deep enough for more than one verse.

    The three star effort is a good step towards putting Loons name back in the ears of fans wondering where he's been. Many songs on the album sound like they were mixed in the basement of someone's mom's house, which adds to its underground feel. It's hard to regain street credibility after performing in "I Need A Girl" with Diddy and Usher, but Loon's trying his hardest. Unfortunately, since Gritty is on more tracks than the album gives him credit for, folks might be left less interested in Loon, and more interested in when Gritty's album is dropping.

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    Atlanta Honors Dominique Wilkins
    Saturday. 9.16.06 12:03 pm
    Also on a lighter note, if you're a real music fan try to get to The Atlanta Civic Center this weekend to see the play, The Life Story of Marvin Gaye. I hear it's worth the price of admission.

    And ladies it's that time of year again as the annaul For Sisters Only Weekend jumps off this weekend. Those expected to perform are Tyrese, T.I., Omarion, Unk, Big Ruben and others. Also, tonight there will be a reception for "The Human Highlight Film," Dominique Wilkins at Shout to celebrate his induction into the Hall of Fame.

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    What!! Atlanta Has No True Lyricists?
    Saturday. 9.16.06 11:59 am
    The whole Atlanta buzz is Bobby and Whitney this week, and man I'm glad I write about this hip hop and not that buls*&t paparrazi ishh'. But anyway... I'll be all over the place today so follow me real close.

    To this day, I've never understood why people forget about ColliPark Music when talking about Atlanta hip hop...BIG mistake. How can you forget about artists like Ying Yang Twins who usually push a mill or better err' rip. I mean do we really wanna talk southern classics? But the bigger picture is this, Mr. Collipark has an arsenal on deck and it's not allclub music like you would think.

    You gotta' be on the look out for the new artists on Collipark Music, namely Kadalack Boyz, Homebwoi, and a serious young lyricist by the name of P-Stones. If you haven't heard any of these artists, you've been slippin, and if you're in the south you should already know about P-Stones' "Get Like Me." I've heard it spinnin' everywhere from Club 112 to The End Zone in Meridian, MS. It's the real business.

    This is just a taste though, Atlanta hip hop is going NO-where (Don't hate us, hate the game). It's only right that I put the rest of the world up on game right, so definitely look out for some exclusives real soon. I'm tired of hearing about how southern artists, especially in ATLANTA, are not lyrical--it's time we shut that s&%t down.

    I actually really fell out laughing when I read a few of the comments that said Killer Killand Weezy had no flow... I'm just saying, you can't be serious.

    But one thing I always get from artists, readers, etc. is, "Man, you need to talk about some of that raw, underground music in Atlanta too." So no worry Atlanta, I just been patiently waitin' for a blog to 'xplode on... Naw, but really it's what I usually ride to, so it's only right that some of my under the radar artistsget their money too.

    So I will definitely be uploading some digital treats for you next week that will definitely have ya' head spinnin'. (Big 'Haas, I still have that Hollywood Holmes on deck and in rotation chief...I have NOT forgot). Let's get a feature minus the ooowee' this ti

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    Ron Isley Faces the Big House
    Saturday. 9.16.06 11:56 am
    As you already know Ron Isley a.k.a. Mr. Biggs of the world famous Isley Brothers is set to do some hard time. He's been sentenced to three years for tax evasion and ordered to pay $3.1 million dollars in back taxes to Uncle Sam. No, we aren't talking a Martha Stewart-like farm retreat just below the Mason-Dixon line where he will learn oragami and knit ponchos and shit. We're talking hot needle tattoos, communal showers and powdered eggs.

    Ron Isley is major. He wrote old school hits like "Shout, ""Twist and Shout," "For the Love of You," "Make Me Say It Again, Girl," "At Your Best," "Footsteps in the Dark," "Voyage to Atlantis," "Choosey Lover," "Between the Sheets"... Not to mention his collaborations with R. Kelly (someone who many feel should be in jail).

    Not only that, Ron Isley and the Isley Brothers are arguable the most sampled musicians in hip hop with the exception of James Brown. And to make matters worst, rumor has it that homeboy just recently had a stroke and his NEW wife is expecting a baby in January (the inspiration of his latest CD, Baby Making Music)

    Watch Biggie's "Big Poppa" video which samples the Isley Brothers.

    Man what is happening to our legends.

    Lastly our new joint of the day is "Shorty Like Mine" by Bow Wow featuring Chris Brown.

    Download it here.
    Posted by SOHH Soul Man at September 15, 2006 08:49 AM

    Good Morning!

    Posted by: Sparkle* at September 15, 2006 10:01 AM

    Soulman, you starting my morning off right with Bow Wow...that's my song!!

    Posted by: Sparkle* at September 15, 2006 10:02 AM

    Soulman, you starting my morning off right with Bow Wow...that's my song!!

    Posted by: Sparkle* at September 15, 2006 10:02 AM

    You like, you like?

    Posted by: SOHH Soul Man at September 15, 2006 10:09 AM

    I'm still mystified over why Bobby got the cover instead of Christina. But I'd say it took balls to do something like that.

    Posted by: nova at September 15, 2006 10:10 AM

    You like, you like?

    Posted by: SOHH Soul Man at September 15, 2006 10:09 AM

    Very much :)

    Posted by: Sparkle* at September 15, 2006 10:10 AM

    ...You're talking to one the greatest...who did it before a.k.a. Soulman!

    Posted by: Sparkle* at September 15, 2006 10:14 AM

    Yo! Is anybody else tired of snap music? Damn.

    So maybe Bobby and Whitney can release comeback albums on the same day and battle that shit out via soundscan.

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    Whitney Houston Cleans House
    Saturday. 9.16.06 11:53 am
    SOHH, Bobby Brown 'supposedly' trumped Christina Aguilera for the cover of Vibe's October 2006 issue. I guess "at the time" being Bobby Brown wasn't such a bad thing. That is until Whitney Houston filed for divorce after 14 years of marriage to the "original" king of R&B.

    Watch this YouTube video of Bobby & Whitney explaining what black love is.

    We're not going to get into how it would have been hot if the Vibe cover story was the first to break intimate details of the pending divorce. Well come to think of it that isn't that necessary given all the public humiliation the two have subjected themselves to by being in the tabloids I would say for at least 10 of the 14 years they were married.

    You'll recall Whitney and old school R&B singer Cherelle went on a 'binge' of sorts until Bobby's sister decided to turn the wheel on them.

    Click here to watch an MSN video of the more newsworthy facts.

    If this is the beginning of a major Whitney comeback, there just might be some hope for R&B.
    (Sidebar: that new Lionel Richie is banging!)

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    DMX Calls Jay-Z A "Sucker For Love," Young Buck Comments On Cash Money Kiss, Pimp C Talks Ish About The East, Mos Def Vs Luda
    Saturday. 9.16.06 11:48 am

    Friday - September 15, 2006 by Dick Johnson w/ additional reporting by Carl Chery

    In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about DMX flip-flopping, Young Buck commenting on Cash Money's kissing, Mos Def beating Ludacris and Danger Mouse remixing Paris Hilton.

    1. DMX flips on sandals. Forget pink, real men don't wear sandals...according to DMX at least. Taking a page from his buddy Cam'Ron, X recently denounced Jay-Z's flip-flop penchant. "The flip-flops- he's just not the same," X told Vibe Magazine regarding Hov. "It's Beyonce. He's a sucker for love. Thugs don't do flip flops." Wanna how serious it is? "Yo, no matter how much vacation I'm on - we been to St. Thomas, Bahamas, all the little islands - I don't wear no flip-flops," he continued. "I'm never that comfortable, not even in my own house."

    2. Young Buck comments on Baby and Lil' Wayne kissing. In case you got distracted by claims that Gillie Da Kid wrote for Weezy, the Philly rapper also revealed that he witnessed Weezy kissing Baby while he ran with Cash Money Records. While he didn't get graphic, heads can take into consideration the two's father-son relationship and paint the picture themselves. During a recent appearance on DJ Kay Slay's "The Drama Hour" on Sirius Satellite Radio, Young Buck answered when asked if he ever witnessed dudes kissing around the Cash Money camp. "I seen that shit go. I ain't gon lie. Any nigga gon let you...that's some gay ass shit," Buck told Slay in disbelief. "At the end of the day, the shit went on. But I can co-sign my homeboy B.G., that's my motherfuckin homeboy. He ain't even play that shit. Juvey, he stay far from shit. Now, Lil' Wayne my nigga, but shit! And Turk, that's my nigga, he locked up in the pen, I hold him down, but shit. Motherfuckers was playing like that amongst each other on they bus and shit. But at the end of the day, to each his fucking own."

    Earlier in the broadcast, Buck revealed that while Snap Music was cool, it wasn't for him. "It's different. I ain't got nothing bad to say about it. I can't rock with it, cause I ain't really the type of person that really can fuck with the whole dance," Buck explained. "Gangsta niggas don't do certain shit."

    3. Pimp C says hip-hop is alive and well. Well, by the looks of things the "hip-hop is dead" bandwagon is still cruising. Earlier this year, 50 Cent, Ghostface Killah and even Smoke of Field Mob hinted or blatantly targeted finger-snapping rappers for hip-hop's demise. But wait, tuh, tuh, tuh, tuhhhhh! Fresh from stinking up the "RapCity" booth, here comes Pimp, cape on his back, at the South and hip-hop's defense. But seriously, here's what he had to say. "Y'all stop cryin' mayne, on the east. Y'all been eating for years... We all got grillz in our mouth, now they want grillz in they mouth on the east," the legendary UGK member shared on 97.9 The Box. "I ain't trippin', do your thing. But, don't be crying that hip-hop's dead. If hip-hop's dead, it's y'all fault that hip-hop's dead. So, get your backpack, jump on the train and get your paying gig up and get in the know." Hummmmm! What ya'll think.

    4. Mos Def beats Luda. No, not in that way. Black Dante didn't swell Luda's lip. Neither did he school "The Mouth of the South" in a secret emcee battle. Nope! During a Q&A at the recent Billboard Music Conference, Luda revealed that the Brooklyn lyricist is the only actor ever to beat him out of an acting role. Yes, with a bit more luck Cris just may have starred alongside Bruce Willis in 16 Blocks. It's all good. Luda got other flicks in the works. But it's all about music these days. Luda merked the hell out of the "Cannon" freestyle and "Money Maker" is steaming up the radio charts. Always thinking ahead, Luda has unveiled the titled of his next album. "It's theater of the mind," Luda offered. "The way I rhyme I want you to visualize what I am talking about. It's like painting."

    5. Danger Mouse remixes Paris. First The Beatles, then MF Doom, later Gnarls Barkley and now Paris Hilton? Yep! Word is the production work horse has remixed Hilton's album in its entirety. Fear not backpackers, he's actually mocking her. Word is the insert features compromising...well, considering how Vivid Video-friendly Paris is, not so compromising photos. Actually, word is the sleeve features a photo of Paris with a dog's head. Anyway, though only 500 copies were meant to hit the streets, the Paris compilation is reportedly spreading like The Grey Album. Following the paths of legendary bootlegs like the R. Kelly tape, the Paris remix somehow landed on HMV's shelves.

    [For any questions, comments or criticisms, hit up Dick Johnson at http://www.myspace.com/shcrewu2 or Carl Chery at www.myspace.com/hdottt]

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