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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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Spinning around
Monday, November 8, 2004
Nothing happened today other than getting to play "Taps" on this Thursday for Veterans' Day. WOOHOO! I did pretty good when I played it for the teacher. The only problem is that I have to hold out the notes with a bird's eye on top. Forgot how to spell it. Simple equation:
Being the only trumpet in concert band there
Playing "Taps"
+ Missing 3rd, 5th & 6th periods

-That annoying freshman that tend to make me go compete against him
WOOHOO! (do chicken dance)

The only bad thing that doesn't fit in this equation is the fact that my ex is gonna be there b/c he's also in the band. DARN! In other news, my left eye hurts like crap! I think I might develop pink eye if I rub it anymore! My eye feels swelled up. I better not look like pink eye Pete from Pepper Ann b/c Thursday is Veterans' Day! And I think band picture is that day. I got a new game yesterday for my PS2. Stupid computer cheats! It wouldn't let me punch anyone. It also have many other games in there. I was playing Mortal Kombat 2 and 3 and I was beaten by a computer that cheats! Did u know Michael Phelps got charged with DWI? Dude, he's only 19! He's not even old enough to drink unless he was at a party and there was alcohol involved. Bad Phelps! He got arrested! Shouldn't he be in college right now? My NSL teacher told me to poke my eye out if I wanted tears to run down my face. My algebra 2 teacher said that someone punched my eye! Not true. It was itching and I rubbed my eye only to find out that I might develop a pink eye. Then my english teacher asked me where did this person gone b/c I was late and the other person didn't show up. Well not my problem we come into the class at the same time everytime we have that class.

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Nothing to do
Friday, November 5, 2004
nothing really happened today. Starting from this morning was our last hallmarch of the season. Then it was time for Chemistry! I ate a lot of candies in class as my breakfast. My chemistry teacher gave me a wierd look when I was eating a Hershey Chocolate bar. Then we did a lab where I caused a giant disaster. Then my chemistry teacher had to look at my group's lab and his breath smells like coffee! Better than someone's breath, their breath smells like they never brushed their teeth. It smelled really bad. Then my chemistry teacher was explaining tonight's homework to the class and suddenly he stopped and he used a paper to cover his mouth. For a minute, I thought he was sniffing the paper. Then I heard a burp and then he said excuse me. He should challenge me! I belch really loud! Then in NSL we went to the computer lab and I was spinning on the chair like this: Then my NSL teacher told me to stop spinning because this is not an amusement park. Third sub this week for Soccer class. Us girls and 2 guys cheated b/c we grabbed the boys team by their shirts and we pushed them. One person from my team grabbed on to this guy while I got the ball and she held him back. English was boring as hell! I kept getting picked on by the teacher! Somehow soccer turned into monkey in the middle. My team grabbed the soccerball and ran up to the other goal and started throwing the ball from person to person leaving the guys in the middle jumping for the ball. Then 5 minutes before the bell during lunch my friend wouldn't stop looking at my shirt which I thought my friend was staring at my chest! He was reading my shirt that's why. I can't seem to avoid my ex! He's everywhere except of course during 6th period. He's getting on my nerves! ARG! I can't wait til I own my own car. It's all my ex's fault that we always argue these days. I'm better off without hom anywaz. I'm driving.

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Days keep getting boring
Thursday, November 4, 2004
Not much happened since Monday. The days keeps getting boring. We have a sub again today for Period 1. She was mainly confusing us not teaching us. The sub told me to get paper towels from the bathroom. She didn't bother to sign my pass so I left without a valid pass. U can get in trouble by security if u don't have a valid pass signed by a teacher b/c it is consider skipping. I didn't get caught by security but if they review the security tapes, I'm dead! When I say that I mean in trouble. Oh well not like they'll look at it b/c last year we were immitating a stunt from "Jackass" and no one but the band students were in school that day. I hate night school! It interfered with the football game tomorrow! It's the last and final game of the season. I'm in pep band and we are performing tomorrow. I have night school tomorrow to make up for Tuesday. DANG IT! I don't wanna go to Night school! Next Thursday is Vetern's Day! I get to miss school. Well only 3rd, 5th, 6th and part of 7th period to go perform. I don't wanna go to night school tomorrow! ARG! Night school just ruins my plans! Let see if there's anymore Friday make up...oh good no more making night school up on Fridays unless otherwise. I still have to retake English 9B next semester. DARN! so much stress this year. I can't try out for a team until next year b/c night school is in my way. No volleyball til next year. I'm pretty bored in night school but I have to retake it to restore my credit! I didn't get credits for Geometry and English. ARG! DARN TEACHERS! I slacked off last year b/c of all the stress from taking ALL honors classes. It was a mistake to put me in all honors classes. Maybe just one or two is enough but 4 honors classes is too much. I was the dumbest kid in honors but the smartest in regular. I would not take AP classes even though u get college credits but I can't even stand honors. Oh well time to go to night school.

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Boring Wednesday
Wednesday, November 3, 2004
All period today. Yep that's right...up and down the stairs. thanx a lot to my sister now that Badger song is stuck in my head. If u wanna hear the song, go to www.badgerbadgerbadger.com it kept repaeting and now it's stuck in my head. oh well I'll sing it during class. We got a sub for Spanish today. I got into an arguement with that kid that sits behind me after he saw the pic of Michael Phelps, the U.S. Olympic swimmer and said it was porno. It was just a pic of Michael Phelps on a binder. My chemistry teacher had to break up the arguement before it got worst. I got an "A" in chemistry. I wonder why since I do less work in that class. I going to rub it in everyone's face that Bush won! I'm the only person in my government class who supports Bush! GO BUSH! For the rest of the day, nothing else happened.
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Election Day!
Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Vote for Bush! Oh well another no school day. I hate telemarketers! There was one where I politely said, "No they're not home" or "I'm sorry but I'm just the babysitter". Then he freakin' called back and I hung up on him. I can reconize voices. He called back again and was very rude. He was like, "ARE THEY HOME?!" I threaten to report him to the FCC. I told him that no one is home and I'm the freakin' babysitter. He called back four times driving me closer to calling the FCC. No wonder telemarketers are unloved. I was ironing when the first call rang. Then I was watching "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" when the phone went off again and it was him. The next call, I picked up and reconized his voice when he said hello and I hung up without replying. The last and final time was when I was sleeping and I heard his voice again but this time instead of talking politely and saying, "they're not home", I replied back with a threaten and in the voice showing that I've had it w/ the phone call. I know that the fact is that he's not one of dad's friends b/c they'll leave me a messege and phone number not call back 4 times! I hate them soo much! All telemarketer do is interupp me in the middle of my favorite scene if "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". I'll think of something to say to them when he calls back. I'll cuss him out. He asked me if this is a business number and I replied saying, "Do u hear anyone else? Do u hear other phone ringing?" That was the 2nd time he called. ARG! Nothing else happened today except I tried to cook until someone thought it was funny to call me and my food burn. ARG!

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No school 2day
Monday, November 1, 2004
No school 2day b/c of the end of the first marking period. Professional day as the teachers call it. I also got my learner's permit meaning I can drive soon. My face looks swollen in the picture. I got 17 out of 20 questions right. The computer said I passed. Some moron's phone went off when I took the test. I look like a pig with messy hair. Yesterday, I went trick or treating with some friends and my friend's friend was egging houses and they were pretty annoying. But hey we're being kids. I walked away really fast. Well time for me to do my project for NSL.

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