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buffalo chicken pasta
Sunday. 4.1.12 9:03 pm
i made buffalo chicken pasta the other day. it was delicious. here's the recipe for two servings.

1 chicken breast (or half if you want to eat less meat.)
some of your favorite pasta (i used angel hair pasta.)
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
1/4 cup hot sauce (i use frank's.)
1/4 cup blue cheese dressing (or ranch if you had bad taste.)

1. cook your pasta however you're supposed to do that. i know you guys love my accuracy.

2. chop your chicken into bite-size pieces, and cook it like a man. or woman. because that sounded sexist.

3. melt the butter in a small pot, then add the flour. once fully combined, add the milk. bring to boil.

4. add hot sauce and blue cheese dressing, and stir until awesome.

5. combine EVERYTHING in an enormous bowl. you'll know it's right if it makes a squishy, saucy noise.

6. eat it. it's good. well, not for your health probably, but it's delicious.

hope you enjoy it if you make it. i've never made a buffalo blue cheese cream sauce before, but i must say i enjoyed it.

you can probably add vegetables to the pasta if you want. perhaps some tomatoes, as SporadicFunk suggested.



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jump street.
Monday. 3.26.12 8:44 pm
trying to find the right words to ask for a raise.

...it's not easy. just walking into my boss' office and considering asking is terrifying to me. but, i have to do it. and i will.

i did end up seeing 21 jump street. and it was totally worth it. hilarious stuff.

i also watched the muppets. that was amazing. jason siegel is the man.

hmm... what to do on a monday night...

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Friday. 3.23.12 7:45 pm
should i go see 21 jump street?

...i'm not actually going to take your answer to that question into consideration. i'm going to go see it. but i'm interested to see what you guys think.

Sporadic Funk got her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. she's highly medicated and in pain... :(

y'all should throw her some love on here or facebook!


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grown tired.
Monday. 3.19.12 3:49 pm
I have grown tired of this place.

Not Nutang, but my work place. My salary isn't rising along with the cost of living. It's becoming difficult to live a decent life. I need a raise. (Doesn't everyone?)

I'm looking for some encouragement.

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i don't remember.
Thursday. 3.15.12 5:37 pm
i bought some breathe-right nose strips. i have always had a problem breathing through my nose, so i figured i'd give these tiny little things a shot. man, they cost $10 for a box, on sale!

i've got nice video software, but i've got no videos to edit.

this is the last one i put on youtube. it's a fake comedy central ad.

i don't remember if i posted it here before or not. oh well. there it is again. enjoy.


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no way.
Monday. 3.12.12 4:25 pm
my dad always told me "money doesn't buy you happiness, but it helps."

i think he was right.

i don't like living the life of a lower class citizen. i hate having to pay every month towards property that i don't own. it sucks. i want to own a house, and fill it with my things. then at least my money will be going towards something i actually own.

i also feel like i'm getting slightly left behind by my friends. they all seem to do and like doing things that i don't now. it's not like they are not my friends anymore, but it's just that they do things without me. and it's not for lack of trying; they ask me to do these things with them. but because i'm poor... or because i physically am unable due to past injuries... i can't go hanging around in bars or joining softball or bowling leagues.

one of my best friends used to hang out with me and play music on mondays. that was one of his days off of work, and an evening where i was free. but now all of my friends decided that monday would be the perfect day to start up a softball league. so now i've got no one to play music with on mondays. my friends who aren't playing softball live too far away to hang out with on a regular basis.

so i've got no money, and dwindling friends. oh, and i am not a huge fan of my job. i'm tired of waiting on customers, and i'm tired of barely being able to pay bills each month.

our rent is going up in june by $130. what a ridiculous increase. now there's no way i'm going to be able to save any money. and if i move, well that's a huge pain, and if i want to live in a cheaper apartment, then i risk getting bugs, mice, shot, or stabbed.

so what the hell am i supposed to do? i feel so helpless.

sorry that this entry isn't amusing or funny, guys. i'll make it up to you.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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