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very very close.
Monday. 4.16.12 9:00 pm
i guess if neighbors don't want to be noisy around their apartment, they think it's okay to go out their back door and up to another door and talk loudly on their phone.

i just got done watching a whole mess of dragonball z episodes on hulu. i know, it's a silly show, but i grew up on it, and my interest in it stuck with me.

it's a shame that dragonball gt was so terrible and was the end to the series... at least it was as far as i know... feel free to enlighten me.

and no, i don't read the manga or whatever. i read the subtitles. that's enough. i like dem movin' pictures.

today, i made bbq pulled pork pasta. inspired by my self from making buffalo chicken pasta, a dish comprised of whatever pasta i had and some leftovers, i cooked the pasta and cooked my pork in a bbq sauce, added a large handful of cheddar cheese, and then mixed the whole mess together. it was delicious. i think the buffalo chicken one was better though.

also! i'm very very close to getting a promotion at work... i can smell it. and it smells like cherries and justice.

i will keep you all posted.

oh, and i have to check out those songs that were recommended to me... i only viewed the comments once, and from what i remember, i had never heard of any of those songs... so it'll be a music discovery night for me.

enjoy your evening, 'tangers.

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Thursday. 4.12.12 12:10 am
here's a very very very short video entitled "batcats" starring gus and doc. enjoy.


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i may vomit.
Wednesday. 4.11.12 8:38 pm
in terms of learning songs, it doesn't matter what genre... except country, because then i may vomit during my performance of it...

so i'm taking all suggestions.

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Thursday. 4.5.12 6:03 pm
i just ordered some chinese food. mmm...

i need a song to sing, or play, or something. just to learn. i haven't really learned anything new in a while. help a tanger out.

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buffalo chicken pasta
Sunday. 4.1.12 9:03 pm
i made buffalo chicken pasta the other day. it was delicious. here's the recipe for two servings.

1 chicken breast (or half if you want to eat less meat.)
some of your favorite pasta (i used angel hair pasta.)
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
1/4 cup hot sauce (i use frank's.)
1/4 cup blue cheese dressing (or ranch if you had bad taste.)

1. cook your pasta however you're supposed to do that. i know you guys love my accuracy.

2. chop your chicken into bite-size pieces, and cook it like a man. or woman. because that sounded sexist.

3. melt the butter in a small pot, then add the flour. once fully combined, add the milk. bring to boil.

4. add hot sauce and blue cheese dressing, and stir until awesome.

5. combine EVERYTHING in an enormous bowl. you'll know it's right if it makes a squishy, saucy noise.

6. eat it. it's good. well, not for your health probably, but it's delicious.

hope you enjoy it if you make it. i've never made a buffalo blue cheese cream sauce before, but i must say i enjoyed it.

you can probably add vegetables to the pasta if you want. perhaps some tomatoes, as SporadicFunk suggested.



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jump street.
Monday. 3.26.12 8:44 pm
trying to find the right words to ask for a raise.

...it's not easy. just walking into my boss' office and considering asking is terrifying to me. but, i have to do it. and i will.

i did end up seeing 21 jump street. and it was totally worth it. hilarious stuff.

i also watched the muppets. that was amazing. jason siegel is the man.

hmm... what to do on a monday night...

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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