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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Thursday. 12.3.15 4:26 am
After watching pitch perfect 1 and 2, I am hooked on acapella covers. This one is good. I just can't believe that the whole sound can be just produced with just voices. Pentatonix is great! I should have not given up my singing!

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Dislike dramatic
Wednesday. 12.2.15 9:17 am
I seriously don't understand why would a person 'fake' the emotions while singing. My friend can sing so-so and I dislike watching her youtube videos because she is faking those emotions, making it dramatic. It was unpleasant to watch. I sing too or rather I have sung before. I understand the element of putting emotions into singing... but the audience could feel it in the voice. It's not necessary to put on those 'painful' expression when singing some emo songs. I sang heartbreaking songs so I know what I am talking. It's about tuning to the sad feelings while singing...

I have actually commented on her singing that there is no emotion. She can further improve since she is now a full time music teacher but first she should focus on her singing skills rather than how 'soulful' she is while singing whatever songs. Even Rihanna don't make those faces when she is singing those good songs... Mariah Carey does when she sings those high notes. Granted. But... they have skills!

Anyways, surprisingly she is more soulful when singing Chinese songs. Her English songs still emotionless. Perhaps she is more comfy singing Chinese than English!

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Why nightmare again?!
Tuesday. 11.24.15 9:44 am
I had dreams all this week long. Some are emo and some are just totally nightmare.

This morning's is horrible. I was fighting with a spirit about a pair of shoe. It was eerie. Anyways, I managed to overcome the fear in the dream by going all out in fighting the invisible by air-whacking and cursing with words. And then later, I dreamed I was in a taxi in Japan! HAHA. Crazy.

Oh well, I was not feeling well the whole morning. That must explain the weird dreams!

I would love to watch this movie! Oh, I think the link is only available to ASEAN country visitors. Sorry! Anyways it's moby dick movie. =)

Moby Dick Trailer

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Another dream - the devil
Sunday. 11.22.15 7:45 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Monday. 11.16.15 7:52 am

My dream for this morning was fantastic. I dreamed of picking up money in my office area. I could find coins on the carpet, and the amount I picked was sufficient for me to buy a bus ticket.


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Dreams o dreams
Saturday. 11.14.15 9:29 am
i realised my dreams recently are kinda prophetic. my dreams didn't unfold exactly like in the dream in reality, but the characters and the content were awful similar. the dream i had this morning was kinda freaky.

i was in a hotel or like a backpacker because they were many people in the reception area. somehow the owner brought me to see two rooms. one room was kinda normal... i remember seeing yellow colour in the first room. the owner said he doesn't like this first room but this first room was occupied by a girl who happened not to be in the dream. the room was a little messy but i don't sense any presence of spirits but a little weird for a room because the ceiling was higher than usual. then we move to the next door room. this room was very white... and then something nudge me to look up and i first saw the ceiling was high. suddenly i saw 2 different faces who were strapped to the windows and this time the owner jumped on me and i was piggybacking him. aiyo.. anyways, i wanted to leave and out of nowhere a guy in suit appeared in front of us. he came near us and he sprayed some mouth freshener into the owner's mouth. the owner allowed but left me kinda stunned. i could feel he was ok.. not really harmful, but suddenly i just ran out of the room carrying the owner along. surprisingly, i was able to run pretty quick. we ran out of the place out to the field. as we ran, i saw the man in suit and another guy in the first room came running after us! O M G. we ran until a distance n they stopped chasing us. we didn't lose them, they just suddenly gave up and disappear. the owner returned to hotel/backpacker.

the setting changed. suddenly it was in the night. there were a lot of kids. one of the kids was telling and patting another kid how lucky he is to have a rich and powerful host mum. she took all the kids out for an outing. but this host mum looked nervous. her smile was edgy and she drove a SUV. and then we looked at level 1. there was still light and there was a girl with disheveled hair. she looked at us with mixed emotions. that kid said he didn't invite her. the reason i felt because he was somewhat afraid of her because she could see spirits. that girl on the window is psychic. she was somehow hurt but it didn't reveal on her face. she just watched the SUV drove away... and then I went into the venue.

The End.

I am not sure which part of this will appear in reality. I just hope it's not me meeting a spirit during my travelling which is freaking normal during my stay in hotel. sigh.

i shall pray to god, more.

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