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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Bye Comm 109
Wednesday. 6.2.04 10:48 pm
Finished Comm 109 exam,
the most harder subject, for me!

I chose Simpson (stereotype, satire, characters), Advertising (example and psychological way) and Celebrities, and gossip questions.

I think I can do it better if i could have more time,
and write a better conclusion for the last question.

Work hard!
Two more exam days on Friday and Monday

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hello exam
Saturday. 5.29.04 8:45 pm
Exams will start on the following Monday, Work Hard!!!! Work Hard!!!!

Exam timetable is in the following:
31st May Comm 108 Media Industry 1330 Great Hall, level 5, UTS Tower Building
2nd June Comm 109 Media Analysis 1330 Great Hall, level 5, UTS Tower Building
4th June Comm 107 Communication skill 900 Gallery, level 6, UTS Tower Building
7th June Comm 105 Communication and Media Industry 1330 Gallery, level 6, UTS Tower Building

Going back HK for a short holiday after exams, although a little bit worry to live with my family, it is only two weeks.

My bigger worry is the eight months study break (Jun to Feb) after this course, hope to get a job or apply july intake from other university.

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A Sad But True Story..
121th day of 2004
A Sad But True Story..

To all who are reading this story.. i really hope tat u would forward this true story to all your contacts.. thanks alot =)

The story start wif a guy, name Paul and a girl named Ella..

Both of were still students but had already started to 'fall in love'.. in another words, go steady.. In one of the days during their June holidays which they have been waiting for, they met each other at a basketball court.. Coincidentally, they started playing a match wif each other.. they had fun..

As Ella knew one of the frens of Paul, she asked for Paul's number.. At tat time, Paul didn't want to fall in love again, after getting so much hurt from the previous one.. Sadly, tat fren of Paul didn't give her the number..

As days went by, the holidays ended.. They met each other at another basketball near Ella's skool.. Day went by and Ella borrowed Paul's hp and missed call her own hp to get his number..

Tat very nite, she smsed Paul.. They chatted and had fun.. Till one day, Ella expressed her love for Paul.. Paul loved her much too.. after thinking 4 a long time, Paul thinks tat he and Ella would last, thus, asked her if she would be his partner.. Obviously, she agreed..

They went steady for one and a half short mths.. Ella ended the relationship.. with her parents not allowing her to go steady as a reason.. who on earth would accept tat lame reason? but Paul, like many other love victims, had no choice but to let go..

Years past and another fell in love wif Paul.. She was Mary.. Paul and Ella didn't contact for a very long time.. Paul still loved Ella very much.. but nvr had a chance to tell her.. one day, along a street, Paul was wif Mary.. Paul saw a familiar figure across the road.. guess who was tat? it was Ella.. Paul ran acrossed the road, without noticing a truck coming.. BANG!! everyone near him crowded around tat area.. Mary screamed as she rushed to Paul.. Ella joined in the crowd.. She remembered the face, one who loved her so much in the past.. Next to him, was Mary.. He wasn't dead.. 'dun give up.. say my name, 100 times, 1000 time, a million times.. u're gonna say it till u can finish a million b4 u can stop!!' Mary said to Paul.. with tears in her eyes.. Everyone thought Mary was Paul's gerl.. Standing at one side, alone, was a gerl crying.. tat's was Ella who regretted breaking up wif Paul, after recalling how nice Paul tre ated her in the past..

Paul was sent to the Hospital..Mary and Ella were them.. Praying hard.. An operation was carried out.. Paul didn't survive.. The Doctor came out, shaking his head.. Sighed.. He too, thought tat Mary was Paul's gerlfren, thus approached her for an apology for not being able to revive Paul.. He said to Mary: "Miss Ella.. your boyfren didn't survive.. he gave himself up after calling your name 157 times.. im sorry.."

The Doctor has actually mistook Mary for Ella.. Paul was calling out for Ella.. Ella cried in a corner.. She knew why he had stopped at 157.. tat was the day she broke wif him..(15/7)she, who ended the relationship which Paul treasured so much, has in turn, ended Paul's life..


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eating in weekend
117th day of 2004
I attended the make up class for Desktop Publishing to hand in my assignment outline. And received the pervious assignment, got 11/20, reduced 2 marks for handing in late.

I met Michelle at Strathfield station, I couldn't recognise her, she looked very diffferent. I was so tired when I arrived home, but received Jessice's call for dinner.

Okay! I come

We walked around chinatown after dinner, met sammie and wanwan at 'milk', both of them on duty on the same day. Sammie asked to come to my home at night, because she think it'd be dangerous for her to back Ashfield home, and I agreed. So I went to Jessice's home to have a rest and wait for Sammie, but she called me said that she was tired and decided to back Ashfield. So I stayed at Jessice's home since it is late.

We went to yum cha with Sandy and Mark, we want to ask Nora and Katharine too, but Nora needed to accompany her cousine, and Katharine had lunch already. Sandy said she lost many stuffs at home, and later Mark saw them in Katharine's toom. We were shock about Katharine, and hardly believed.

Mark invited us to their home to have dinner at night, and see what had been disappeared. They were not expensive stuffs, but you probably don't want to miss you CD, DVD, butter, coffee, soup, etc. And we find Katharine picked up those empty container from rubbish bin. Not sure what happened with her.

We had honey chicken-wings for dinner, all dishes were cooked by Mark, and we sat and waited. Katharine sat with us strangely, even she was not eating, so we thought she may want to have dinner with us.

We had a little party for Sandy, because her 20th Birthday on Monday.

We went to Yum Cha in the next afternoon, again. Sandy said she wanted to have a hair cut, so we accompanied her. We watched for clothes in the solan (they sell clothes too), and wait for the couple. Sandy cutted her hair very short, shorter than mine!!!!

We went to karaoke and dinner.

It was a weekend about eating!

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peppermint tea
Friday. 4.23.04 9:08 am
LOVE peppermint tea,
since my first taste on last night.
I guess I love it more than gree tea now.

wake up at 11:58am, alas! so I get up and plan to go afternoon class, reckon Michael'd not mind. I met Yu when I was walking to the classroom, she said they did feature article in lesson. And I catched up with Julie before Michael came, haven't been talk to Julie for long. The lesson was ... ... ... we just wrote the outline and hand in to Michael, then we dismissed.

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Thursday. 4.22.04 10:22 pm
Not sleep well last night!

Excursion today!

I was worried I couldn't wake up and arrived on time, becasue I can't be late. However, I find most people didn't sleep well, because of assignment(s).

I wake up at 8:30am, and julie called me that her trains had been cancelled and she wondered what she could do. So I suggested her to ask her family to take her to another station or to the city.

I arrived station at 9:54am, and thought I'd be late, because I need to walk for a few minutes to school. I arrived school at 10am, but the others were late. LOL

We went to Fairfax, the biggest publisher, print Sydney Morning Herold, Financial Review, etc. it located at Bankstown, and we took 20 to 30 mins.

We couldn't bring in any bads, but can bring pen and paper, I don't even know why. It is interesting, it is so different to my impression of publisher, and there were only one or two techniqians take care of the mechine, all controlled by computer. We all had a paper bad included Today's Sydney Morning Herald, and a Special Version Sydney Morning Herald.

Julie, Jane, Teri, Lena, Barndon, and I went for lunch, we had Bejing food (I guess!!). I don't have money to pay, but julie lead me. I spend $3.5 because I share a large dish with Lena, and was very full.

We talked about activities for ANZAC Day, they suggested to have Japanese meal for lunch, but I said I need to do Melgue's assignment. Jane remind me that could be hand it on friday, but I think better start now, because I want to ask Lena to proofread. Hope I can write some good english, but my grammar is too bad.

I got a parcel from my sister, actually postman came yesterday, but we were not home, so he left a card for me to pick up in post office. She said it cost $200 for postage, but when I count the stamp on parcel, it was $181 ONLY. She sent me many different newspaper of HK: South China Morning Post; The Standard; Wen Wei Po; Ming Pao; Oriental Daily News; Hong Kong Economic Journal. This is for my presentation on media analyse, I am going to compare the newspaper between HK and Australia, and analysis the layout and edition of HK newspaper. Don't realised there are so many newspaper in HK, these are only part on the market. However, I hope there are more newspapers on market, some small papers are hardly exist now, and the market are controlled by large companies.

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