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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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Saturday. 8.30.08 6:24 am

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Harper set to trigger election call next week: PMO officials
Saturday. 8.30.08 3:35 am
Canadian Prime Minister "Stephen Harper is poised to trigger an election call for Oct. 14, senior officials in the Prime Minister's Office said Friday. The officials said no firm decision has been made, but that it's probable Harper will seek to dissolve his minority government next week, sending the country to the ballot box the day after Thanksgiving." CBC website. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/08/29/election-october.html

I am Zen, not religious but I just thought this is definately something we all should be "THANKFUL" for an election. It is about time.

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Destruction of cultures by the west
Thursday. 8.28.08 9:46 pm
I just returned from a three week visit to southwest China. After returning I have noticed some interesting differences between Japan and China. In China people will go around wearing their traditional clothing in everyday life, shopping, work, home etc. In Japan this is un-seen very very few people go around wearing their traditional clothing but rather prefer western clothing. Upon seeing this I realized that not only Chinese in China but Chinese in other countries do not wear their traditional clothing and go more for the western clothing. Except interestingly people from India or Indian desent wear their traditional clothing in the street wherever they are. If you have ever tried Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian clothing then you have to admit that they are far more comfortable than western clothing. Loose fitting and I have to say more fashionable for both work, home, shopping or just a walk in the street. Tight fitting clothing, those with buttons etc are are not just ugly but are unhealthy. The west is destroying cultures one by one to make a single mega culture. Who wants to look like a single mega culture? American or whatever. I have decided to wear as much as possible my own traditional clothing.

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Arts: A symbol of wealth or culture?
Saturday. 8.23.08 11:27 pm
I came across a rather stupid comment the other day on YouTube about buying an Erhu. $40-50 will get you a very poor quality instrument. Even in China. This a typical upperclass opinion that only the best quality is more expensive. What the person here is doing is excluding the less weathy people from music and culture. I believe that music and culture belongs to all people regardless of wealth and status. In the 21 century the gap between the rich and the poor is rising especially true in Asia but you still see less weathy people on the streets in China playing music, playing music, polishing shoes and so on. Besides the weathy are really only concerned about making money and not the arts, they do not take it seriously - only as a hobby or past time while the people on the street are the really serious ones who depend on it for a living. Rather than saying $40-50 will get you a very poor quality instrument. which seems to only make it more impossible for the less wealthy who cannot get a 2000 dollar Erhu. What we need to do is make high quality instruments more accessible to everyone.

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