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Barren Illusion
"If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal- that is your success. All nature is your congratulation, and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself. The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated. We easily come to doubt if they exist. We soon forget them. They are the highest reality. Perhaps the facts most astounding and most real are never communicated by man to man. The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched." - Henry David Thoreau
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ARRRGGHHH! Ham ga chan!!
martes, 13 de julio, 2004
Yeeeeeeeee HO MA FAN AH!!!!! ARRGGGHHGHHGHGH!!!! Say see fut!!!! [email protected]#$%^&*() (*&^#$_)(@# $%^&*()_P #$%(^&^&* Hui say le PENDEJOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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SpongeBob SquarePants
sbado, 26 de junio, 2004
Believe it or not, I watched the first season of SpongeBob on DVD (all seven and a half hours which is not including the special features, which I saw most of) in three days. Now I'll retire and wait for my head to explode... (As a side note, I volunteered at BARC. It was fairly cool.)

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Those Were the Days
jueves, 11 de junio, 2004
Remember when you were younger and you could eat whatever you wanted, as much as you wanted? Now I can't even finish a rice box on all my lonesome. Oh well. Lunch and dinner for $3. (Though not daily. I mean, that would be suicidal. )

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martes, 20 de abril, 2004
Amazon.com lies! I used Super Saver and got free shipping, and they said it would come within 5-9 days. It came within THREE DAYS! LIES! So gooo Amazon.com! It was my first time ordering, too. It really rocks. I love these liars.
Desert Island Threesomes

On a group of beautiful deserted tropical islands in the middle of nowhere, the following people are suddenly stranded by, as you might expect, a shipwreck:

2 Italian men and 1 Italian woman

2 French men and 1 French woman

2 German men and 1 German woman

2 Greek men and 1 Greek woman

2 English men and 1 English woman

2 Bulgarian men and 1 Bulgarian woman

2 Japanese men and 1 Japanese woman

2 Chinese men and 1 Chinese woman

2 American men and 1 American woman

2 Irish men and 1 Irish woman

One month later on these same absolutely, stunningly beautiful desert (and deserted) islands in the middle of nowhere, the following things have occurred:

One Italian man killed the other Italian man for the Italian woman

The 2 French men and the French woman are living happily together in a menage-a-trois

The 2 German men have a strict weekly schedule of alternating visits with the German woman.

The 2 Greek men are sleeping with each other and the Greek woman is cleaning and cooking for them.

The 2 English men are waiting for someone to introduce them to the English woman.

The 2 Bulgarian men took one look at the endless ocean, another long look at the Bulgarian woman, and started swimming...

The 2 Japanese men have faxed Tokyo and are awaiting instructions.

The 2 Chinese men have set up a pharmacy, a liquor store, a restaurant, and a laundromat. And have got the woman pregnant in order to supply employees for the store.

The 2 American men are contemplating the virtues of suicide because the American woman keeps endlessly complaining about her body, the true nature of feminism, how she can do everything they can do, the necessity of fulfilment, the equal division of household chores, how sand and palmtrees make her look fat, how her last boyfriend respected her opinion and treated her nicer than they do, how her relationship with her mother is improving, and at least the taxes are low, and it isn't raining....

The 2 Irish men have divided the Island into North and South and set up a distillery. They do not remember if sex is in the picture, because it gets sort of foggy after the first few liters of coconut whiskey. But they are satisfied because at least the English aren't having any fun.

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viernes, 2 de abril, 2004
April 3 is Tweed Day and Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day

April 7 is No Housework Day

April 9 is Winston Churchill Day and Name Yourself Day

April 11 is Eight-Track Tape Day

April 15 is Rubber Eraser Day

April 17 is National Cheeseball Day

April 19 is Garlic Day

April 24 is National Pigs In A Blanket Day

April 26 is Richter Scale Day and National Pretzel Day

April 28 is Great Poetry Reading Day and Kiss-Your-Mate Day
D12's "My Band" is hot. Haven't written in a long time. "/ Why does whatever I think will happen happens? By the way, I'm a pessimist. Hau wui yow kei.

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Another Round of Solidified Water Crystals
martes, 16 de marzo, 2004
That is, I mean, it's snowing again. I know I live in a temperate zone, but this is slightly insane. The vernal equinox is this Saturday, and some of my friends are already back home in the city for spring break. Hehe, it's really funny once you think about it. Alas, I have no break until early April. Oh well. There's always summer. Hot, despicable summer. Actually, I like snow more than the hot sun, so why am I complaining right now? Wait till it's summer, I'll really be whining then, but then I probably won't be online because using my fingers would burn heat, increasing my hotness. And also, this stupid computer is right in front of my window!! Which faces the south!! Which is where the sun is in the northern hemisphere!! I always keep my shades down, so it looks like I'm a hermit, or slightly perverted in some way. As Barney in The Simpsons said, "Aah! Natural light!!"

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Whoo. Hoo.
mircoles, 3 de marzo, 2004
Wow! I'm back after so long... not like anyone visits anyway... sniff. Surprisingly, life has been a lot more boring than usual, so I don't really have anything to write. However, the 6th Avenue subway, which I had been lasciviously lusting after for the past 3 years, finally returns to Brooklyn! Not that I live in Bklyn, but now it's hella quicker than waiting 10 minutes just to go two stops in 4 minutes, then waiting for another train to go to my destination. Also, I have been selling stuff at Amazon Marketplace... since November. And I've opened my domain... since February. I'm pretty late in reporting these things, ne? Who will be America's Next Top Model???? Ja ne.

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dA yEaR oF dA mUnKeE
viernes, 23 de enero, 2004
Xin nián kuà lè, Sun neen fai lok! Wow, year 4702 already... time flies. Maybe it should be the year of the baboon? But if it's gonna be so specific it might as well be year of the lemur, or capuchin, or orangutan. Ahehehehe... uhm ::shrugs:: anyhow, almost $200 this year, mua hahaha. It adds up over the years! I should never get married and get money every year! Bwa hahahaha!!!! Hm, I must be really drunk or something... or incredibly insane. I should hurry up and finish The Battle for New York before the library fines add up to too much. I should probably go to sleep on time instead of at 3 or 4. I'm gonna have to reorient myself anyway... vacation's over. Boohoo...
P.S. The NYPL's acronyms LEO (Library Entrance Online), CATNYP (Catalog of The New York Public Library), and PAWS (Public Access Web System)? Genius! (The well-known "library lions" are named Patience and Fortitude.)

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