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A Reprieve
Monday. 8.27.07 3:57 pm
Jailbait has been on vacation since Friday, so nothing to report there. Unless you count that starting next week, he's a permanent fixture on my Sunday crew. That shall be interesting.

This weekend, I realized something disturbing. The youth these days don't know jack shit about politics. I was speaking to Little D, my otherwise smart, healthy, and attractive male co-worker, about our mutual desire to leave the United States as soon as humanly possible.

We eventually got onto the subject of good 'ol Bush 43, when I said, "I can't believe we re-elected that douche-bag."

You would think I'd just told him that Santa wasn't real.

"We did what?"

"We re-elected him... you know... this is his second term..."

"So we're stuck with him for another four years??"

"No... we re-elected him in 2004. You know, Bush vs. Kerry?"

"Yeah, I know Bush and Kerry. Right after 9/11. But wasn't that his dad before him?"

"No. Here, let's go through this..."

I then proceeded to go through the line of presidents from Reagan to Bush 43. I sent Little D's sixteen-year-old brain reeling so fast that he practically stumbled away when our homely female co-worker asked him to do a walk through of the men's locker room.

When Little D was out of earshot, I turned to Home-co and said, "I can't believe that Little D didn't know we re-elected Bush..."

"What??" relief cascaded through my body as a look of utter disgust took hold of her face. Home-co appreciated the absurdity of the whole thing... or so I thought.

"But why the hell would we do that??"

The Political Scientist in me was quivering with rage. Ok there is the possibility that they were confused by my statement in light of all the hype about primaries, but still, high schoolers should at least know that elections are held on even years (these days), and that presidents are only allowed two terms (these days), and therefore be able to deduct that I am referring to a past election.

Little D has an excuse, since he was twelve during the 2004 election, but Home-co is just a few weeks away from University. Seem weird to anyone else?

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Like a Moth to the Flame
Saturday. 8.25.07 9:50 pm
Or maybe more like cat and mouse. I’m not sure which is the more suitable cliché.

I feel that I should make things clear-- I am not interested in Jailbait.

Sure, he's lot's of fun to work with, and reasonably good-looking, but he's not the kind of guy I would pursue. If he got up the nerve to ask me out, I might give him a courtesy trial date.

The trouble is, now that I know he's interested, I cannot stay away from him. It's a little pathetic.

I love the validation so much, that I create ways for us to bump into each other, or have our breaks together, so I can watch his eyes light up when he says "hi."

Is that mean? Am I leading him on? From a guy's point-of-view, what should I do/ not do to make sure I'm treating his feelings, which, however obvious, are not out in the open, respectfully?

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Thursday. 8.23.07 3:24 am
So, pretty much all of my co-workers these days are in high school. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of regularly scheduled aquatic employees that are older than me.

In a lot of ways, that's just fine. It's even fun. No one questions my authority, I get to act totally immature on a regular basis, and everybody thinks I'm pretty cool, 'cause I'm in college. I especially love getting the low-down on all the he-said/she-said drama without actually knowing who any of the he's and she's are.

The area that gets messed up, however, is dating. How am I supposed to date, or even hook up with anyone, if I spend my whole summer at work, surrounded by sixteen-year-olds?

The ridiculous thing is, some of them are pretty hot.

Even more ridiculous-- at least one of them totally has a crush on me.

Yep, I'd been denying it for a few months, but Jailbait (who isn't really jailbait, since he's 17), is definately jones-ing for some Muse. Haha. Is it sad that I get off on that?

To make things more interesting, Jailbait is supposedly seeing our fellow co-worker, Common Enemy (so named because everyone else on staff is pretty much irritated by her). Now I don't want to be overly speculative, but when a bunch of us went to the movies this evening, he didn't sit by her. In fact, he sat in-between me and my favorite female co-worker.

Suspicious. I smell drama in the works.

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Pictures of my Backpacking Trip!
Tuesday. 8.21.07 10:12 am
See Gallery!

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Scents and Scent's Ability
Monday. 8.13.07 2:12 pm
Ok... very contrived (and cheesy) Austen reference there. I apologize.

I am seriously infatuated with men's scents. So much so, that I happen to have a collection of cologne samples, and my very own cans of Axe. I even wear men's deodorant.

I can't really explain what it is. I buy lots of girlie smelling stuff (like Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Drink Lotion in Grapefruit), and I like it, but I don't like it in the same way that I like the staple musky and spicy tones in men's products.

It's a dangerous obsession.

I will be running on the treadmill at work, and some guy will get on the machine next to me. As soon as he starts to work up a sweat, my head gets foggy, and I seriously consider jumping off with the belt still moving to see if he can still run with me on his back.

Or I'll be walking into Barnes and Noble and a stranger wearing a little too much Acqua Di Gio will hold the door open for me. I catch a wiff as I walk by and the first thing I think of is slamming him down on the clearance table for a little "thank you."

The other night, a very well-groomed friend of a friend introduced me to his cologne collection, and now I can't stop thinking about him. I keep smelling the shirt I was wearing and compulsively checking my Facebook for new messages. I think he planned this.

Do y'all feel me on this? Is it a big conspiracy? Have a similar fettish?

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Someday, I'll Write a Creative, Witty Entry.
Friday. 8.10.07 2:12 pm
But for now, you get to keep hearing about Matt. After a week-long stay at my house, he left on Wednesday night.

Or did he?

Yes, while he is no longer sleeping in the spare room, I have yet to go 25 hours without seeing him. Which makes me feel quite silly for bawling my eyes out the night he drove back to Oregon.

Last night, he came by to pick up the laminated copy of his new driver's license, and we sat out on my front lawn and talked for a while. I happened to casually mention that I was going shopping this afternoon with BFF, so he invited himself along. OK, whatever, I figured I could handle that. Matt does love to shop.

What I did not anticipate was that the next sentence out of his mouth would be: "So, what time are you waking up? Eight-thirty? Ok, I'll be there at nine."

Ouch. A half-hour to get ready? Luckily, he decided to go for an interview and still hasn't shown up at my house yet. He's starting to remind me of another, formerly flakey, friend I know.

Speaking of whom, I don't know how she's going to feel about having an extra shopping pal. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The real point in me sharing this story is that I'm worried about how Matt's unstable living situation is going to affect me. I care for him immensely, and I mean that in a purely nonsexual way (though I wouldn't turn down a piece if it were offered).

I have sort of a savior complex, you see. That's why I let him stay at my house and helped him get his driver's license. He'd never ask, but I'm worried I'll start lending him money soon. He asked me to help him shop for personal loans today, and I absolutely do not believe that is a good idea.

He has about a month and a half to get his act together before school starts, and while he has interviewed for several different automotive tech positions, there is the chance that none of them will pan out. It's already happened once, after all. Honestly, I think he just needs to get a crappy, low-pay, starter job at a GAP or something while he gets his shit together, and I plan to tell him this.

Help me out here. What am I supposed to do? I don't want him to get in over his head, or ruin his credit, or be forced to hold-off on school, but I also can't let those things happen to me. I can only give him the help that he's willing to put to use, and while he is genuinely a good person, he's just too immature. Or maybe he's just not like me, and that's what is scaring me. I don't know. I honestly don't know.

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