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Determined mindset.
Monday. 10.26.09 2:07 pm
That's what I put as my AIM status minutes ago. Why?

It is 2:01PM and my Corps Leader Training has begun. I drop into my chair in front of the laptop and sigh. I RSVP'd weeks ago! But alas, here I am at home. I can't. I can't! I can't go no matter how much I want to. Paper due tomorrow and nowhere near finished. I'll have to sacrifice this opportunity for my GPA. There will be another session; next semester, maybe next year. I'll get another chance. Luckily, I'm only a Freshman and not a full-fledged member so I will get another chance.

I don't really know if this was the right choice. But I'll go with it. Must write paper! *scribbles*

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the complexities of life.
Sunday. 10.25.09 6:02 pm
It's so...they are so...complex, complicated.


Aaaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh*smashes imaginary floor lamp against imaginary walls and imaginary windows*


I am really really excited about Nook. But I don't think I'm going to get one. [What is nook? Read previous entry.]
Why? Money, no internet, money, and most importantly, no calendar.

Calendar-wise: I'm really getting attached to my google calendar and I really need it to schedule my life. But I can't bring it with me everywhere. =( Sad fact. So...do I buy a new phone and get the data plan as well? But my dad pays for my phone. And I can't just meet up with him out of nowhere and then it turns out that I need a new phone and want him to pay extra as well. =/ He doesn't take well to that. He's misunderstood me before about that. And blew a fuse. *shrug* =}

Agh. What to do. Hmph. Tell me what I should do.

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phone update + B&N Nook!
Wednesday. 10.21.09 1:32 pm
Phone: I dropped it and the buttons don't work anymore.

Barnes and Noble's Nook sounds really good.
Alas, I think I shall wait until it puts in a web browser to go with that Wi-fi/3G network. Muahahahaha!

Hooray, readable PDFs on the go~~ My English Professor gives us downloadable pdf reading material online instead of actual physical books so Nook would be awesome. Too bad she gives us excerpts/short pieces online. Two-three physical books we had to buy bc they were actual book-length of over 20 pages.

And I can download free books and put them on...I wonder if Nook can read .txt formats or if I'd have to pdf it first...

More info: Nook
Where I found it: Wired article

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Monday. 10.19.09 10:44 pm
For the longest time, three buttons on my phone didn't work. The three most important/used buttons. >.> Annoying esp. since I couldn't get out of menu or submenus after I did something. Luckily my phone is Sony Ericcson so I have that shortcut/activity window where i can click menu or camera and then close the phone so the camera automatically went back to the original screen. But like I said, annoying.


I have no idea why...*shrug* Whatever. I'm happy they're working again.

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child-safe bottles are not PET-safe.
Friday. 10.16.09 8:42 pm
I just walked into my bedroom to find my One-A-Day Active Women vitamins all over the floor and my dog motionless.

*blows raspberry* Child-safe caps. I should probably throw away the pills left in the bottle, right?


Motionless bc he was scared of the spanking I would give him. Which I did. Not that he was dead.

BTW, why doesn't Google Chrome work with javascript for the entries? It's been annoying me so much that I can't hyperlink or img.

Plugs: health, pets, children

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Thursday. 10.15.09 4:28 am
So...I hear SIGG was outed for not having BPA liners like they had claimed for oh-so-long. And Klean Kanteen sounds really good to me now.

Just wondering what you all might think. I'm planning to swing by Whole Foods on Friday before my Psy 101 Research Participation round for a jury duty study. Maybe I'll get my new eco-bottle + insulator there? *shrug* Leave me a comment.

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perhaps that was too political.
Wednesday. 10.14.09 9:04 pm
Never mess with political correctness. No one will dare comment on your blog and you'll be lonely for days.


Anyone like my new layout? I DO NOT KNOW WHO THAT WOMAN IS. I just wanted something that showed classic Chinese beauty. Not the hot sexy kung fu mamas like:


Oops, seems I can't fully get away from politically incorrect subjects.

The old woman explains to her fellow passengers in Chinese (Toisan dialect) periodically in between the other woman's threats. Basically, the Black/African American female would not allow the Chinese female to sit down next to her. The Black/African American lady starts threatening the older lady and basically...being all in-your-face, as you can see in the video. The Chinese granny doesn't speak English except for a few choice words and unleashes them. (When faced with antagonism, everyone wants to give tit for tat. Plus, the first words usually learned in new languages are the "bad words".) The granny gets more and more angry. All she can do is try to keep her ground in an argument played out in a language she cannot understand. Then BOOM she gets what the Black/African American woman warned her about.

The granny didn't even know the other woman warned her not to "say it again"! I find it interesting that the Black/African American woman was daring the granny to "put your hands on me" in the beginning (when the granny didn't give any indication of doing so) and ended up giving the first punch.

Well, grandma, I'm proud of you.

Plugs: race, political correct-ness

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chinese t-shirts.
Tuesday. 10.13.09 4:38 am
I, personally, am not comfortable with "na ge plz". It's rude, disrespectful, and discriminatory especially because THEY don't want us using that terminology. There's a reason why it's usually censored the few times it comes up in the media. If anyone put 'chink, ching chong, gook or chinaman' on a t-shirt, you'd be screaming racist. Double-standard anyone? I like the "bai ren kan bu dong" far better.

Na Ge Plz is fine in New York, but I don't know where else I'd wear it.

Background info. - So there are these two t-shirts popular among the Asian American community, both designs are Chinese characters. One says Bai Ren Kan Bu Dong, the other says Na Ge Plz. I'm no translator. If you want to know, feel free to send me a note.

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