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» Home. Work. =o/
Saturday, 8/23/03 - 6:55 pm
Beat: Yellowcard - One Year, Six Months

When my brother woke up.. he told me.. He spent the whole day with that one guy. They just chilled. He was here again.. until 3am. Damnit! I was already sleeping!

So far, I've been doing work.. PART OF THE TIME. Yeah, procrastination is key! I ended up taking a long ass break from doing my work. A couple of hours or so. I even watched a movie on TV!

The movie was about these women who were drugged and raped by Andrew Luster, the heir to the Max Factor money. The drug was GHB. It's said to be tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Basically, it looked like water. it happened in Santa Barbara.. and that's not very far from here. It's pretty scary..

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» Dawdle
Friday, 8/23/03 - 11:56 pm
Beat: Yellowcard - Breathing

The usual.. I always go home like at 12pm for lunch.. Gosh, the library is my new home. Hah. I slept for about.. 7 hours?? Yea. I felt so tired. I woke up and dawdling around after that.. well I really just laying on my bed watching TV. Later I went to bed.

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» PRO..fessional
Thursday, 8/21/03 - 9:00 pm
Beat: Yellowcard - Miles Apart

I went to class.. I had only one today. I spent two hours in the library.. I finished all my work for math. No homework for tomorrow! I also found out that my person that was suppose to sell me the math book sold it to someone else... gosh.. she said that it's been a couple days and she assumed that I didn't want it anymore. Geez.. I was only been trying to get in touch with her 24/7. Anyways, my brother saves the day and finds a book for me. FREE. Allan is letting me borrow his book.

I saw Christian walking to Jamie's house today. I could have walked with him but he was hella booking it. He jumped the wall too! I went around so that took me longer. The wall is too high to climb and jump for me.. I can handle fences though. Jill once called me a professional ditcher. I am not a ditcher. I just stay home to sleep.. zZz.

My away says, "sleep-reading.." I am not sleeping and definitely should be reading! I don't feel like it.. maybe tomorrow.

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» Tooth fairy?
Wednesday, 8/20/03 - 11:25 am
Beat: Yellowcard - Twentythree

Hmm.. I kicked it with Roussel most of my time I was at school.. Got a ton of more work for English. There's this really cute guy in my math class! I think he surfs.. he also has that hairstyle I like. I think It's called, teased radical. I met a guy, Gio, and he was really nice. He was telling me about his job and he was trying to recruit me I guess.

I went to Costco and got some food for school.. can you believe that Costco won't let you in with food when you go around that place tasting and trying food?

Went to the ortho and I found out I have to get my wisdom teeth removed. Gah.. that chucks..

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