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[Hmmm =3]
28/04/08 14:04
I am...

feeling: Content
watching: Nada

It's really weird, but it seems the only time I have the time and will to blog these days is at school o_o;; Probably because I'm always bored at school XD

Yes, I'm at school again, during break.

Blogging =3

I really want to limit my time on the computer these days because I have my first exam in a week and a day (German speaking exam... I'm really rather shytting it... I'm so unprepared TT_TT)

I've decided to give up msn and facebook again, just until my exams are over. I'd love myself if I can do it, but I'm questioning if I can... Seriously I think the biggest temptation for me these days is the computer TT_TT What would I do without my beloved internet? x_x;;

...Well, lose some weight, probably. I have put on a lot of weight lately by the amount I've been eating and not exercising and just sitting in front of the computer. ARG. I'm going on a diet... >_>;;

Well I'll probs be cooking again tonight, so may have another dinner up tomorrow. Maybe, depending on if I can be bothered to upload it ^^;;

And thank you to all you who still read my blog! It's really wonderful to see your comments still, giving how inactive I am on NuTang and how I haven't visited your blogs in ages! TT^TT So touching, thank youuu!!! <333

I also am the worst at making up titles for entries. Seriously, I ramble on about so many different topics in each of my entries it's hard to define an entry with just one title about one thing. But it's cos I don't blog very frequently that every time I do I seem to have a million and one things to say!

Well lately I've gotten into fanfiction again... Well, more because I feel I should be reading more. My English vocabulary seems to have shrunk a lot since I stopped reading fanfiction. Hah. And here daddy always told me reading fanfiction was a waste of time. Puh. ¬_¬;;

I've also completely stopped writing my own, which is really bad... I have quite a few who have me on author alert/story alert and I've posted *nada*... Bleeeh >_<;; I have no time atm! ;_;

Anyways, I should be getting back to class soon =3 See you all later~~~



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[Dinner 001]
26/04/08 00:22
I am...

feeling: Tired =3
watching: Nada

I am so strange XD You're probably thinking "Dinner??? Dinner??? What have you been eating? o_O;;" (pun intended =p)

Okay, well, since there's a much-overdue-Bento... I decided to post up something else instead. Cos the 2 bentos that I made *AGES* ago and took photos of but never put up... I've now no longer got a clue as to where they are =3

But, I realised these days I cook more but show it less. I don't make bentos anymore (no time, really... maybe some time I'll make another one, but I'm SO lazy with uploading! I wouldn't have uploaded this one if my friend hadn't taken a photo on my digicam and requested me upload it immediately TT_TT) but I do still make food, so I thought, why not just put it up anyways? :)

This is... "Dinner #001", made 2 nights ago. I tend to make dinner every Monday and Thursday now... it's becoming regular and I'm learning new dishes so yay! :D And yes, I made it all myself--even the rice =p

I have made dinner for my family before of course, but it tends to be with parental guidance/ingredients already prepared for me and I just shove 'em in a pan and stir fry, but this time it was completely made by me, from the washing of the ingredients to the cutting and seasoning (^_____^)v

Well, of course I've done stuff like that before, but that was more or less something easier and/or using pre-made stuff. Like Dolmio (or however you spell it) pasta sauce and stuff =3

So I present to you... (first of many, I hope... if I can be un-lazy enough to upload them!) Dinner #001:

Consists of stir-fried (dno if I should call it that =3) Chicken with yellow and green bell peppers, seasoned with... a lot of stuff... And an easy egg&tomato dish :) With rice, of course!

It's also uploaded on my personal site :) stuff like this will be uploaded there before I bring them here, if I do at all =3 and my 'dinners', although called "Dinners" will probs not only consist of dinners (this one happens to be dinner tho =p), but just other food I've made in general... calling it 'Dinners' is just easier than "other food I've made in general" =p

I'm tired... I need sleep... I'm still slightly ill but a lot better than I was on Tues->Weds... ty for all the get-well-soon's!!! <333



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[Y'know What...]
23/04/08 21:09
I am...

feeling: Ill/Sick/Bleugh!
watching: Nada

It's been ages since I last blogged, and the first time I do again, it's to declare how ill I am. ¬_¬;;

Yes, I am ill.

Very, very ill.

I have a headache and 2 essays due in tomorrow and I want to go to bed!!!

I had a fever on Friday, which I didn't think much of since it disappeared quite promptly, but last night it just came at full force and struck me bad. (Hah get that for English grammar >_>) Okay, well, I didn't have a fever, but I had a massive headache, my whole body was weak, I could barely lift two shopping bags out the car after we'd gone to ASDA and all in all, I felt like crap.

I went to bed at 7pm-ish last night cos I just felt so bad...

Then woke up at about 1am cos I couldn't breathe... I couldn't breathe through my nose cos it was so blocked and couldn't breathe through my mouth cos the back of my throat was in so much pain that if I breathed in it hurt like heck so blew my nose a lot (okay sorry you didn't need to know that but still >_>), I was contemplating going downstairs and getting some medicine, but I really didn't want to... So prayed for recovery and thanks to God, 5 mins later I could breathe again.

Fell asleep again and woke up at about 7am with a nosebleed.

Got up, stopped my nose bleeding, went downstairs and got some medicine (because I just had to this time... My head hurt so much and I felt sick) and decided I couldn't go to school because the first thing we had was a maths 'mock' exam and my brain was *not* functioning. Even if I did go, I would have just been sent home immediately.

Slept til about 12pm (midday). Omw... I just realised that means I slept for about 17 hours in total... I kept thinking it was only 14-15 hours... I don't know why I thought 7pm->7am was only 10 hours... Omw... shows how well I would have done in my maths exam, had I gone to school, eh? @[email protected];;

I originally thought it was a cold, but now I think it's due to fatigue... I've been out a lot since my birthday and just lacking sleep here and there and everywhere and not catching it up properly and just... yeah... being an idiot and not taking care of myself and am now facing the consequences ;_;

And I still feel ill... I think I'll go to bed now... and give up on those drama essays >_>;; Although today I tidied my room! It's so strange being able to see my floor again... Seriously I walked back into my room today after my piano lesson and almost tripped over because I was expecting to step over something but there was nothing to step over o_o

Man I'm strange XD



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[So Forgetful!!!]
07/04/08 13:52
I am...

feeling: Contemplative
watching: Nada

Why am I so forgetful? I'm sure my memory wasn't this bad before... o_o;; Seriously, it's like... gotten so bad >_<;; No wonder I need a diary to keep track of all events otherwise I'll double-book stuff, definitely o_o;; Or something.

Well, point of today's entry was, well, I was going to finally collect my NuTang money when I turn 18 and I was 18 3 days ago and I forgot to collect it ^^;; Although that could be a lot due to how busy I was on my actual birthday.

Seriously, I was late for school for one thing so had absolutely no time in the morning to sort anything out, then as soon as I got back, I had about 10-15 mins or so to relax then had to give a piano lesson, after that I had about 10-15 mins again before I went to pick up Ani who was visiting (which I was even late for x_x)

Then when Ani got here I couldn't exactly ditch her =3 Actually there was so much I wanted to do on my bday but wasn't able to/didn't have time to. I wanted to record a piano piece again in celebration of my bday--one of my more recent pieces, but yeah, didn't have time.

I wanted to post on the Asteria forum, a DBSK International Fanclub online which I'd finally got confirmation to be a part of on my bday, but didn't have time. I wanted to blog on another bloggy thing, but didn't have time, I wanted to check FB, but didn't have time...

Ah there aren't enough hours in a day! XD

But at least it means I had a full bday! (^____^)v Actually Ani and I wanted to go clubbing that night--it was on the agenda, but then when we got to Warwick Uni we realised that it was Easter Hols therefore nobody would be there, so decided to go to Varsity but it was empty by the time we got there and was in the process of closing--at 11pm =_=;;

But oh well ^^;; We have our whole lives ahead of us to go to Varsity now =] It was quite frustrating on the day after though because Emma's trains were being retarded and it took her over 7 hrs to get to Cov, but we were always unsure of when she'd arrive so couldn't do anything without making sure we can leave any second to go pick her up at the station.

Bleh, oh well =3 Hopefully it won't happen again. Seriously I was so annoyed though because Ani and I wanted to go to Browns to eat but Browns was quite far from the station and we weren't sure when she'd get here so didn't want to be half way through a meal and have to go pick her up ¬_¬ It was a generally good weekend tho (^_^)v

Although I have a feeling something big is going to happen this year!!! God... what will happen? I look forward to it ^_^

Another thing, I don't think I'll be taking that gap year anymore... I doubt I'll be able to find a job in China and there's no way I'm going without a job. Emma can get one, but it'll be hard for me. She says I should just go with her anyway, but no. If I don't have a decent job, I'm not going, I'm not going to live off her income and there's no way in heck I'm going to take part-time jobs like waitressing there.

In the same way, if it were me who got the job and she didn't, I wouldn't let her live off me either cos it'd be my hard-earned income which should be for me and my family. There's only a certain amount I'd lend to friends. It's just... yeah, not something I'd do.

Seems like I'll be just going straight to Warwick ^^;; Hopefully, if I get in! Cept I now have to sort out all my loans and financial stuff... Hmmm...

Anyways gotta go now =3



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[I'M 18!!!]
04/04/08 00:32
I am...

feeling: Can't explain!!!
watching: Nada

It's past midnight GMT, which is where I am, therefore, I am officially 18!!! Omw!

=>To drink
=>To go clubbing
=>To get married without parental consent
=>To officially drive
=>And more which I can't remember off the top of my head cos I'm braindead.

'Nuff said!!!

Oh, and as my friend commented: 04-04-08, cool date to have an 18th! Hope this year brings lots of happiness and joy! Ahhh I feel... I feel like something amazing will happen this year! I am anticipating it a lot! (^__________________________________^)v


p.s. who says you feel no different??? I feel different! I feel... excited, scared... blehhh!!! Different!!! XD

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[I Suck At Titles]
01/04/08 20:22
I am...

feeling: Random
watching: Beautiful Life - DBSK

It's 3 days till my bday!!! (^__________^)v

Anyways it's a very good friend of mine's bday today! =D We're very close, so I call him my little bro =3 I stayed up til midnight to say happy bday to him (^_^)v Was dead tired though >_<;;

Anyways, came back from Emma's yday! =D Twas so fun at her house! Omw her house is like... MASSIVE. Seriously. Her garden alone is about 4-5 times the size of mine, and mine is considered quite large as well! (I have a detached house)... In fact, out of my close friends, I have the largest house. Well, not anymore O_O;;

I won't continue to gabble about how massive her house is because I'll rambling forever, but basically, think Sound of Music house. Okay maybe a little smaller and no massive driveway like it, but still. Her house was like woah O_O;; We took some photos! (Not of the house though I wanted a photo of her garden but forgot my camera =3)

And I absolutely love this photo, taken in her room:


Happy April Fool's everyone! ^_^ Heh I forgot it's April Fool's cos I always think of today as Pandi's bday =3 But gosh... A friend just told me she was for Tibet independence. She's Chinese. I hope that is her April Fool's joke to me. I am seriously against it.

Apart from how it's giving Western Media another chance to slander China, causing deaths amoung Chinese people because of a few monks and making people judge China with the Olympics etc, please also refer to these videos to why I am strongly against Tibet Independence:

"Tibet WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China"

"Riot in Tibet: True face of western media"

And taken from a group on Facebook:
His oh so holiness Dalai Lama.

http://www.dwnews.com/gb/MainNews/SinoNews/Mainland/2008_3_29_14_34_5_14.html - Basic summary for those who cannot read Chinese:

China has tried to have talks with the Dalai Lama, ever since him fleeing Tibet after being a complete (in the imitation of Ali G) terrorrist.

An agreement has failed to been reached due to these 5 main issues:

1. The Dalai Lama wants China to claim that Tibet has been independant from China throughout history, and has nothing to do with China in terms of culture.

2. All of the Chinese military should be pulled out of Tibet, and that Tibet should be governed by the International Community, and become a "neutral" area.

3. Tibet can choose their relationship with other countries (Equivalent of a county in England, choosing to support whoever they like) - eg. Al Qaeda.

4. Tibet also wants 4 OTHER provinces of China, Gansu, Szechuan, Yunnan, and Qinghai, which consists of approximately 25% China. (Their combined area = 2,400,000 kilometres squared of area, whereas the area of China is approximately 9,600,000 kilometres squared).

5. Autonomy for Tibet (Autonomy = self-governing) yet...- Anyone who is not native to Tibet is not allowed to live in Tibet, including the 4 provinces that Dalai Lama wants.

I will write about this properly in a VOWE on my personal site some other time, but I have to go now, I have so much work to do now!!!



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