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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Sleep in time...
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Thank you everyone for the comments. I admitted I should have done something but I guess I was too distracted... But this won't happen again in the future. Yea.. who wants to be molested again??!! But thank you very much for the support people!

I was having tea with Worm worm and he was telling me I need to do more push-up since that was what the promoter was telling me... I was confused. I asked what kind of push-up he was referring to... He said the exercise. HAHA. He didn't know push-up is also a term for bras... Last time people do some exercises to make the boobs bigger but now people used bust firmer lotion: short-cut.

My neighbour got a new cat of 4 months. She was adorable. It's called baby Molly. I went to pat her. But it seemed I scared the wits of her. After patting, she bared her fangs and hid under the table. I was so disappointed. I'm like Sasaki in Azumanga Daioh anime. T__T

And Nuttz sang me a song: "You are my banana... my only banana... you make me happy when I eat you..."

To thank you for the comments on previous entry, let me share a story a friend shared with me. Happy reading: My Frustrating Sex Life (how unfortunate this story is not completed). Characters used are famous people of Malaysia.

Happy Thaipusam!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008
Ugh. I think I was molested. I was molested by a promoter. UGH. I feel like killing now.

I was at this lingerie section in a major anchor of KLCC (shopping complex) because I was early for my seasonal part-time job. And I found a top that I liked and I bought it. Before paying for it, the promoter asked me if I wanted something else too since I would get 20% if I get a second item. My eyes were looking around and I didn't see her hand reaching for my chest. And when she touched my chest only I realised. It was too late....

Then she recommended me some kind of stupid push-up. I was already mad. That bastard don't have to touch my chest to see if I need push-up or not. I gave her the damn measurement and you don't need a binoculars to see the size of my chest... Even my gay friend was telling me I'm flat-chested few years back.

Bastard. I feel like killing her now. I should have done it last Thursday.

Ugh. That was gross. I'm going to keep my guard now... Why did I allow her to molest me?!!!!

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Friday, January 18, 2008
I was really anticipating this event because there's gonna be some interesting counters I wanted to look into despite their website (www.youthmalaysia.com) is not really user-friendly. And I dislike going their website. I don't seem to get information that I want about this event on the site.

I went to the event with a happy mood... And then... I got kinda pissed. I received an email last year notifying me as one of the first 1000 people and we will be getting goodies. So I went to try to find a counter for "registered" but none. So I got a form and asked the staff if I need to fill out all the details since I already had registered online. She was not sure so she asked me to fill out the registered member of Youth Malaysia ONLY. Later I went to the counter queing with my form. There was this guy seemed to be blind to the queue walked straight to the counter and the staff caught him and told him to wait at the queue. And the guy stood in front of me. I wanted to tell the guy to go behind but this staff suddenly ushered him to an empty counter. I FLARED. I questioned her action 3 times in an angry tone and all she could mutter was SORRY. I looked at her with angry eyes that could eat her up. And apparently no one behind me joined me. Very strange...

Suppressing my anger not wanting to ruin my mood I went to the counter to hand in my form ... and the counter staff told me I need to fill out all the details on the form. Ok this time I was really mad. I told him off that the staff I talked to ask me to fill out the registered part only. And I remembered the GOODIE part ... but I didn't ask because my observation told me there is actually no goodie for the first 1000 people. No one is holding any goodie bag! I know I would slap the table if they tell me "What GOODIE BAG?" And I don't want to further ruin my mood. So I kept quiet and enter the convention hall.

Cool... I entered a few lucky draws ... and tried my luck in winning an ipod which I think it's cheapskate for writing out your own tv series. If I were to win that damn ipod... Astro would be getting tonnes of money more than my ipod in producing the series using my idea. Not fair. But I contributed anyway. It was a typical storyline. The genre is drama/reality/mystery. Here's the story:

It's about 10 good friends in university can't believe they would be graduating soon and they don't want to lose the friendship... so one of them suggested to have a time capsule where each of them would put a momento of their happy memories together into the capsule without each other knowing what it is. The capsule would be buried next to a tree which is also a tombstone of their deceased university friend. They would have a reunion 10 years later at that very spot. So each of them went their own way and the story will concentrate each of their lives and then after a few years... each of them died mysteriously. The balance 5 got together before the 10th year and try to solve the death incidents of their friends. They realised it's got to do with the time capsule; one of them has placed something.. something that's not to suppose to be in there... and someone is going after each of them. Who's going to be the survival of the fittest in this hunt?

Ok that's my story... What do you guys think?

And then I went on to grab some free stuff like pens and bookmarks. And then I entered an online beauty contest. Haha. If I want to be more crazy, I would have stayed back to enter an acting audition and some chinese talent deejay search. Though I was mad at the beginning... I quite enjoyed the rest of the day... Want to know why?

Later I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. I was amazed with the efficiency of the staff serving late comers than early comers like me. So I asked the staff what happened to my pizza. HAHA. Apparently, the late comer behind ate mine. As for compensation, the staff gave me a free personal pizza. Woohoo. HAPPY. If not, I would definitely ask for free meal.

I came back dead tired and it seems I need to work tomorrow. But I'm going to see a doctor first ....

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Naughty no-no
Thursday, January 17, 2008
I had a dateline to meet but I took it pretty easily. And I brought back work to do at home. But today I did something naughty. *grin*

A friend of mine wanted to listen to a song called Truth sang by Yuna Ito. I think you guys can find the song on your left now. Apparently he could listen to all the songs on the left except for that. Weird. I was listening to the song on my own blog. So I suggested him to open it later but still he can't listen to it. So I downloaded the song (yes I know it's illegal in the office) and changed the format to .doc since he can't download any mp3 format. And then upload it to my online folder. Then he download and changed the format to .mp3.

Tada... he could listen to the song in the office. I was naughty isn't it?

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You are FIRED!
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Today was another headache day. But the funniest thing was the conversation I had with a faculty of a local university.

Operator voice : Please dial 1 for English....

I pressed 1.

Me: Hello evening, please connect me to XX Faculty.

Operator: Tunggu ya... (Please wait)

Me: Hello is this XX Faculty? Right I'm Miss Meow, have been looking for Dr. Meow Meow for one week... Just wondering did he work today?

B: I got no idea since we can't see him coming into office or not. His office is below ours...

Me: So is there a way for me to get hold of him? I have tried phone and email... but failed...

B: Aiyo you call this extension la 666.

Me: Ok. Is this his extension no?

B: No... it's the office.

Me: Eh? This office can see him coming into office or not? Is the faculty not the office?

B: AIYO... just call la!

Me: Ok thank you.

And so I did.

Operator: Please dial 1 for English or dial extension number...

Me: Hello evening, may I speak to Dr. Meow Meow?

SS: Oh you want to talk to Dr. Woof?

Me: No Dr. Meow Meow?

SS: Sorry no such person.

Me: This is not the XX faculty?

SS: No.. this is the Faculty of Splitting Your Body.

Me: Oh thank you!


I called again and this time I got to talk to a nice lady. So I managed to leave a message for Dr. Meow Meow.

Last week was funnier.

I was about to leave a message and then all of the sudden the receiver went:

"Huh?? What did you say??? I can't hear you ... the connection is very bad. Can you call back?"

*This is just the slice of working life*

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Crying alone
Monday, January 14, 2008
My tearduct is a little swell after reading Kuri's entry. The lyrics to Yuna Ito's song Truth is very touching. How applicable it is to our current world...

Other than that, I also had a conversation with my senior about life. I was asking her if she knew any short courses and then I asked her about non-related work courses... and she commented that I have a lot of plans. I told her that's because I want to maximise life. She replied with an emoticon that is surprised. I asked why... she said she has never achieved any one of the dreams she wanted to achieve by 35.

When I returned home, I saw ad advertisement that says "You live as 19 only once .... as 29 only once... as 39 only once..." and so on. Isn't that true? I live this live only once. Why not maximise it?

Let's do it together my friends.

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