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    Flavor of Love: A Civil Body Poli-trick
    Monday. 9.18.06 5:59 pm

    Yesterday on Flavor of Love, Cap’n Pimp asked the five remaining contestants to decide peacefully among one another which two of them deserved most to leave the rent-a-mansion.

    Oh, yeah… That’s a greeeeat idea. Next week, let’s ask a pack of starving wild dingoes to decide peacefully amongst themselves who gets the last piece of jerk chicken.

    I am amazed at the ridiculous, trivial hoebag shit these girls deem fit to raise their voices and threaten one another over. The following are direct quotes from the failed attempt at the UN Conference of Skeezers for which Delishis was elected Hofi Annan:

    “My coochie wasn’t showin’!”
    “I saw the pussy print!”
    “The best bitch is gonna win.”
    “I’m the HBIC!”

    You heard correctly. These broads were arguing over Bootz’s mooseknuckle and whether or not A Trick Named Scarback was fit to serve as Secretary of Skeeze. Come on, black equal!

    I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but the little Puerto Rican girl is Public Enemy #1 (pun intended) for having a demo tape in her bag. Sheeeeit. Love or not, a rapper, singer, oboe player or what-the-fuck-ever should have their demo on them at all times. I’m amazed that she’s being called out by Buckeey AKA “Shoulder Lean.” There’s much video ho work to be attained by being a contestant on this shit chea, right Hoopz?

    Speaking of amazing shit, I don’t believe for a second that Bootz’s nasty ass is born-again virgin. She identifies herself with camel toe. She can ass-clap her name in 17 African click languages. I’m not buying it for a second, Flavor. Want my advice? She’s the next to go. Fi true! Send the skettel home!

    Flavor started off his round of day dates in full Nipsey Russell mode with that Tin-Man from “The Wiz” afro. Nigga looked like a used Q-Tip. No, the chemical blowout is not a good look, my proud Nubian brother. Also, how did they let him hop in front of a camera with lips that crusty? That’s how you know VH1 ain’t shit! They had homie looking like he just got finished huffin on that breakfast of champions. Plus, the girls had already signed waivers so they’re not liable for injury due to razor sharp lip crust.

    Want some lip-chap?

    Krazy walked right into NY’s trap. I thought I was watching an episode of Oz. She immediately pledged her apprenticeship to CB4. I guess since Delishis has a couple toy soldiers she thought she’d do well to be the official ho-tégé [protégé] of Foofy's apparent favorite bitch.

    Shot of the night had nothing to do with Buckeey damn near pushing Krazy over the railing. We all know by now Krazy ain’t bout shit with them hands. Delishis called NY a “bobblehead bitch!” That’s some new shit. We might have to start using that one, folks.

    On the camel/bellydance/ghetto camping excursion date Flavor was looking like one of Kazaam’s turds. I’m all about getting into the spirit of things, but fuck mane… that’s not a good look. It was even worse when he took the turban off and exposed his dire need to use Just For Niggas hair coloration kit.

    As for the decision to send Buck home… eh, understandable. She sealed her own fate with her actions. However, the influence Flavor allows these trifling ass broads to have over his decisions is getting more and more frightening by the episode. Shit, it’s more alarming than the rate NY’s eyebrows are rising on her face. He got coon man-servants sweatin like Chicken George in the house. We know he got cameras. Why can’t he just go to the videotape instead of takin these girls’ word for shit?

    Worse still, how do you look back at footage of testimonials and decide that New York is someone you want to spend prolonged periods of time with?

    I leave you all with that for Question of the Day.

    [email protected]
    Posted by Ron Mexico at September 18, 2006 11:31 AM

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    Jibbs Got Ya' Chain Hangin' Real Low
    Monday. 9.18.06 5:54 pm
    Damn them' Falcons are looking good!!! I wish this was a sports blog today, I would really act a fool. But, since it's not I'm taking it to St. Louis today to holla at my man Jibbs (You know Atlanta and The Lou go way back like Just-Ice and BDP). I know, I left alot of y'all with that.

    Right now Jibbs is killing it with his hit single "Chain Hang Low," which is actually one of the top single in the country right now and still on a bullet. Recently siigned to Geffen Records, he's nearing the release of his debut album Jibbs feat. Jibbs, set for release in September 2006.

    Let's hope Jibbs has more longevity than the last teen from The Lou that dropped nationally, J-Kwon. I always thought J was a better producer than an artist and he's proved me right. I hear some skills in Jibbs though, he make it be able to pull it off with the right people behind him.

    This week, I've got a list of some of the hottest underground artists coming out of the city but I'm going to keep it aimed at MySpace spins this week then bring it on back to the under-underground. Let me put you up on astronomy... (Outerspace ballin thas 'all)

    First up, get to my man T-Rock's page, he's doing over 5,000 spins/listens daily and that's damn near at the top for the city this past month. He's the real deal. Also, Maceo has some new music and is doing over 3,000 spins/listens. He killed it about a year ago but since then....Here's his myspage page

    Posted by SOHH Southern at September 18, 2006 07:58 AM

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    Diddy Enlists All-Star Roster To Just "Press Play," Releases Tracklisting
    Monday. 9.18.06 5:51 pm

    Monday - September 18, 2006 by Jolene "foxxylady" Petipas

    The official tracklisting for Sean "Diddy" Combs' upcoming album, Press Play, has been released.

    Due in stores next month, Press Play will feature appearances from Christina Aguilera, Big Boi, Ciara, Timbaland, Twista, Shawnna, Nas, Cee-Lo, Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige and Jamie Foxx, among others.

    Beats on the album are supplied by Just Blaze, Rich Harrison, Black Eyed Peas' will.i.am, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Mobb Deep's Havoc.

    As SOHH previously reported, Diddy is giving fans a chance to win a Bad Boy prize pack via his "Get Off" dance contest. To be part of the contest, participants will have to film themselves dancing to Diddy's single "Get Off." and upload the video to Myspace video and Youtube, and tag it with "Get Off" Dance, James Brown, Press Play, and Diddy.

    The best dance clips will be featured on Diddy's Myspace page at the end of each week of the contest. At the end of four weeks, the video which garners the most views will be proclaimed the official "Get Off" dance contest winner.

    Diddy is currently on a cross-country tour promoting Press Play. The tour, which kicked off today (September 18) in Philadelphia will wrap up on October 18th in New York City.

    During the tour, Diddy will hold special listening parties, visit high schools and appear on a number of high-profile morning radio shows.

    Diddy's Press Play will hit shelves on October 17th.

    Press Play tracklisting:

    1. "Testimonial (Intro)"

    2. "We Gon' Make It" feat. Jack Knight

    3. "I Am (Interlude)"

    4. "The Future"

    5. "Hold Up"

    6. "Come To Me" feat. Nicole Scherzinger

    7. "Tell Me" feat. Christina Aguilera

    8. "Wanna Move" feat. Big Boi, Ciara and Scar

    9. "Diddy Rock: feat. Timbaland, Twista and Shawnna

    10. "Claim My Place (Interlude)"

    11. "Everything I Love" feat. Nas and Cee-Lo

    12. "Special Feeling" feat. Mika Lett

    13. "Crazy Thang (Interlude)"

    14. "After Love" featuring Keri

    15. "Through The Pain (She Told Me)" feat. Mario Winans

    16. "Thought You Said" feat. Brandy

    17. "Last Night" featuring Keyshia Cole

    18. "Makin' It Hard" feat. Mary J. Blige

    19. "Partners For Life" feat. Jamie Foxx

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    Lupe Fiasco Serves "Food & Liquor" To Hometown, Preps For MySpace Secret Show
    Monday. 9.18.06 5:43 pm

    Monday - September 18, 2006 by Carl Chery
    Lupe Fiasco

    Lupe Fiasco will celebrate the release of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor, by performing at the next installment of Myspace.com's Secret Shows series tomorrow (September 19) in Chicago.

    The show will be sponsored by Chili's and will feature special guest DJs Tone B. Nimble of All Natural and 5ifth Element. Meanwhile, Gemini, an artist from Lupe's 1st & 15th imprint, will serve as the show's opening act.

    A select amount of guaranteed admission wristbands will be available at tomorrow at 10a.m. at Tower Records located on 2301 N. Clark St.

    Ice Cube became the first hip-hop artist to perform at a Secret Show earlier this summer.

    Lupe Fiasco's Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor is set to hit stores tomorrow.

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    i'm bored...so what's new in music?
    Monday. 9.18.06 7:25 am
    what new music are you listening to?

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    i'm bored...so what
    Monday. 9.18.06 7:25 am

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