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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
New Year
Monday, December 31, 2007
It's the last day of 2007. I don't know what to write to wrap up 2007 because I wish today is not the last day.

I have learnt a lot of things in year 2007 from work to personal life. A lot of things running in my mind but I'm not going to highlight many things. I want to keep some of them personal.

I think I should have done more things in year 2007. I remembered telling myself the things I wanted to achieve in 2007 on the last day of 2006. And I can tell myself today that I haven't even achieved a single one. I kinda feel regret and I know I have told myself I don't want to live a regretful live. And today I'm going to tell myself again I want to maximise my life. I want to achieve at least one thing on my list.

I have added a new resolution for 2008 that is to have more fun with life and something else.

Happy New Year to all of you. All the best to myself and to you.

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12/28/2007 8:31:18 AM
It's funny that my previous blog about Boxing Day received a lot of comments. I was actually pretty surprised because many readers thought it is boxing as in punching people and day as in a day to celebrate it. Holycow. What have I done?! I thought that term is quite common for people to open presents the day after christmas. Haha...

I really had a good laugh. I'm sure all readers too!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2008!

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Boxing day
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
It's boxing day. I was in the office and wishing many friends happy boxing. And I got a present from Katrina and Worm Worm! Yay!

Thank you!

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Merry Cheery
Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Merry Xmas everyone. I wish everyone best of health and may you guys get tonnes of present

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Eggs and Baskets
Saturday, December 1, 2007
I think I'm recently very stress. Not the typical stress like from work or pressure. But simply from interactions. I'm sick of interacting with stalkers. I always need to tell them repeatedly to shake their shadows off me. And them replying me "it was an excruciating pain of hearing that." Then what about my pain of suffering being hounded? Sometimes I don't know if the stalkers realise the pain of being rejected is also a deep cut to the rejectors like me because I'm seriously fed up of telling guys to give up on me repeatedly. They don't leave you after you tell them once. They come again and again. They just love torturing you. And then when you finally blow up in a polite way. They tell you "don't be mad because you are not cute in that form." I'm simply wordless.

Why am I so mad? And why is my entry always about stalkers? Nothing else to talk about? Actually I have a wonderful day today until I got into a fight with my sister. I went shopping for punjabi suit at Masjid India today. Holycow the most colourful market I have ever seen! But back to my question. I'm mad because I was in a hurry to buy a punjabi suit just because I want to avoid 'collateral damage' in any form and way. The objective of getting that is to wear to a friend's wedding next week. I wanted to wear baju kurung but thinking of the effect... I cringed and I want to cry but no tears. You imagine you can't wear that because a stalker likes to see you in that costume... And what does a stalker do? Their eyes never left you. I don't want to be spied. And worse still I don't want my costume to excite him. Imagine I have to take all precautions and asking my friends to sit beside me at all times. My friend even offered me to sit beside her husband. How sweet. But of course I said I will sit beside her. My current question is why the hell am I suffering?

Can you imagine this suffering is just cause by one guy? And I'm tired of people of not understand other people's feelings and respecting people's decision. Yes I know I sometimes brush people's feelings and sometimes aggresively sideline their decision but that's a different story. (Yes I know some of the readers are groaning about it). What I want to say in this context is similar to this scenario: You don't like vegetable and I know you don't. So when I see you not eating, I don't force you. Is that fair? The same concept. That was what got me into a fight with my sister. The same thing to guys who don't get off my tails.

Maybe that explains a lot why I want solitude. The lesson you can learn from this entry is if you like someone and want to be his/her partner, please don't make yourself irritating and annoying. Try doing it 'professionally' which means don't be pushy and please choose your words properly when talking. If the potental partner keeps declining stop pouring words like "you don't need to work so hard if you have a boyfriend" or "you will have someone to take care of you". If you just did even you say it casually you, you have just irritated the person. Congratulations. And please remember that since you want to give a good impression on people. You want a good name.

One more thing is to someone named C.C.Ho. Thank you for reading my blog but I have been freaking out since you told me you are reading my blog "very closely" last night. Nothing wrong with it but I just don't know why the way you said it really made me insecure like I have been a prime target.... I'm sorry to have to pass the message like this. I'm not a coward and I will tell you that again when we chat. So the song "Don't go breaking my heart" sang by Elton John and Olivia Newton John is highly dedicated to you.

Oh well thank you for supporting my blog. The website (http://books2sell.nutang.com) to sell books is already up some time ago and it will be always be updated.

Happy ranting about my useless entry.

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Draw me a tree!!
Friday, November 30, 2007
Someone in a forum asked the members to draw her a tree. And I did. This is my tree...

Her analysis is as the following:

Hahaha!!! Rennyy-aye somehow I feel special about it

WOW!!! I must say, that is amazing

Overall, I feel warmth from you. You¡¦re a person that most people will like as soon as they meet you.

Let¡¦s start with the roots. I can¡¦t see any! Usually when there are no roots, it means the person is disconnected from his/her family. But I can¡¦t say that about yours because yours is actually covered up by the grass and flowers. You have surrounded yourself with lots of other people and things. Very bubbly on the outside, but are you hurting? Lonely? Or do you feel the need to gather people up around you in order to make them feel loved? not sure I can¡¦t answer that

The stump is typical. The stump shows the kind of life you¡¦ve lived up to now ƒº You have some major issues that have been there constantly. It seems as though it has become a part of your routine. Those lines are thin and do not take up room in your life. So you have other priorities.

The branches are covered with leaves. Many many many leaves and.. yellow ..?? fruits? You have many friends and many relationships. They all mean a lot to you. Most of your branches are open. So you have a very laid back personality. You¡¦re very open. What we see is what we get You are also very detail oriented. You notice everything and everyone. Even people who you do not know. The birds to the sky. You see things and you take it in. You are a lot like a gravitational force. I¡¦m not sure people can walk by you and now get to know you.

That¡¦s all for this tree. I¡¦m sure I can read into it more thank you for the lovely tree.

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