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    Is It Over for Slim Thug?
    Sunday. 9.24.06 12:23 pm

    I'm bumping "The Interview" as I type this, so let it be known that Rizoh considers Slim Thug one of the few plausible emcees to emerge from the Lone Star state. He gave the Clipse one of their better hooks so far. He also gets bonus points for being one of the most professional performers, and perhaps the most polite of his peers. (Chamillionaire fits this description as well.) That said, Already Platinum was a flop...commercial-wise. I can imagine Thugga in his diamond-encrusted office chair, swisha in hand, looking at his latest soundscan figures, anxiously waiting for the day his album will truly live up to its un-prophetic title.

    But, you know what, Slim?

    That tragedy is all in the past now. Steer straight. Look to the future, because it's bleaker than that half-assed rapper from Brooklyn. Let's face it, how many major labels are still willing to give a gold-selling artist a second chance? (Just ask Joe Budden.) It's even worse if that gold-selling disc is your debut. Had The Game not managed to sell 5 million copies of The Documentary, he would probably be back on his old job as Dr. Dre's weed carrier by now. Doesn't matter if you're the next Scarface or the next Rakim, the numbers must make cents for those money-hungry T.I.'s at the majors to give you one more shot.

    Unless, of course, Slim's market research ploy is alluring enough to convince Jimmy that Boss of All Bosses (pka Still Platinum) is a sure-shot.

    "I thought it [Already Platinum] should have went way farther," he said. "I was an independent artist that did all the work myself. Once I signed a major deal, I kind of felt like, 'I'm signed to a major label, oh, they gonna do all the work now.' But this album I'm gonna work it myself first, I'm gonna do all the work as if they don't exist and whatever they bring to the table, cool."

    "The feedback I got from my fans [about the] last album was that they wanted to hear a lot more Houston records. So I worked with people out of Houston, a bunch of producers I came up with. I did like 30 songs with these cats, so I really got the album done. I'm gonna get, like, two from Pharrell and maybe work with a few other big producers, but keep it Houston." (Source: Prohiphop.com)

    Personally, I think Slim deserves a shot. For the most part, his craft is a mix of music and message. His album isn't perfect, but he's an embodiment of the only thing lacking from Houston's hip-hop scene at the moment -- intense reality rap. If you're not one of the two people that slept on Already Platinum, you'll understand.

    But, let me ask you, the consumer: Will you cop Slim Thug's sophomore album, Boss of all Bosses, if it ever sees the light of day?
    Posted by SOHH Rizoh at September 22, 2006 08:37 AM

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    Justin Moves 700,000 in the First Week, Janet Springs A Leak!
    Saturday. 9.23.06 10:01 pm
    Justin Timberlake did the damn thing with first-week sales of his highly anticipated sophomore CD Future Sex/Love Sounds. Although Billboard will probably release their official DOMESTIC figure later today, our source tallies 710,539 units sold (WORLDWIDE). Take that and rewind it back.

    (Imma need y'all to live for this dance solo)

    Now, many hate on Justin for being sohh heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, for being passe in the face of white chocoloate newcomer Robin Thicke, Pharrell's new toy since Justin contractually couldn't work with the Neptunes. Some still even have venom for the former N'Sync frontman for his involvement or lack thereof in Janet Jackson's Superbowl wardrobe malfunction. Hate all you like, dude just raised the bar. And for all of those that wanna bring up how Usher moved a million units in one week. Save it. It didn't happen until his fourth solo album, this is Justin's second.

    And speaking of Janet, in timely fashion, her upcoming album, 20Y.O., was leaked on the internet yesterday. Rest assured we've got you covered on first listen of our favorites. However before we get to that, I implore everyone that has a leaked copy to go out a purchase a copy. Janet is worth the $10.99.

    But just so that you don't go running off to another blog, here are a few of our favorites.

    "Love 2 Love"

    "This Body"

    "Get It Out Me"

    Janet, Jermaine Dupri, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis put together a Janet album that is reminiscent of her previous 20 years of hitmaking and that carefully combines a contemporary sensibility with a reach forward. And I ain't mad at it.

    Lastly, I want to check the fool who wrote the blurb "Whitney Eyes Her Comeback" in today's (9/20/2006) NY Post. The over zealous scribe quotes Clive Davis as saying:

    "In my opinion, the best singers in the world are Aretha Franklin and Whitney.That's not to knock Mariah Carey. Mariah is a friend of mine, but I think Mariah would even say those two are the best."

    Now, I don't know how many of you follow Mariah, but even with all the respect and reverence Mariah gives to legends like Aretha, Patti Labelle and Kathleen Battle, I'd find it hard to believe that Mariah would not include herself as one of the best in the world. I mean why wouldn't she, especially if she is going to include some sweaty, puffy coke whore like Whitney.

    Whitney is phenomenal and I definitely champion her comeback. However, I do believe that all the talk about her scheduled performance dates and releasing an album in the first quarter of 2007 sounds a bit premature. Take it slow, Nippy. Take it slow.
    Posted by SOHH Soul Man at September 20, 2006 09:02 AM
    Falk AdSolution

    Hmmm, Mariah as one of the best singers in the world?? I don't know about that.

    Posted by: js at September 20, 2006 09:53 AM

    Whitney at her prime was better than Mariah. And neither Whitney or Mariah are at their prime vocally.

    Posted by: js at September 20, 2006 09:55 AM

    Whitney at her prime was better than Mariah. And neither Whitney or Mariah are at their prime vocally now.

    Posted by: js at September 20, 2006 09:55 AM

    Whitney at her prime was better than Mariah. And neither Whitney or Mariah are at their prime vocally now.

    Posted by: js at September 20, 2006 09:55 AM

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    Rush It or Flush It, New Joints From Game, Ciara and Fantasia
    Saturday. 9.23.06 9:47 pm
    It's Friday y'all!!!

    Let's get it crackin' with some new joints from Game, Ciara and Fantasia. Each of these three artists have their sophomore CDs on the horizon. And you know SOHH Soulful puts a lot of emphasis on an artist's sophomore set. So without further ado, let's hear what these mofos have to offer. But more importantly, YOU chime in and let the DJ's and VJ's know whether to RUSH IT or if the shit stinks, tell the artist and the label to FLUSH IT.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this is supposedly the first official single from Tha Doctor's Advocate. As an R&B head, the only thing I can say about Game is that his music bumps and he is one of the few who ain't lickin' 50's gonads these days. That's it. But what say you?

    Game - "Strip Club"

    Ciara's doing it big. Her new CD is titled The Evolution (comes off very Rhythm Nation, but we ain't mad at her). I started off not liking Ciara in the early days. She won me over with "Oh". And that pelvic thrust in the "Get Up" video sealed the deal. But she too must stand trial. What say you... RUSH IT or FLUSH IT!

    Ciara - "Promise"

    I ain't gonna front, I'm jockin' Ciara!

    I'm kinda ready for some Fannie. Ever since she did a cameo during Jamie Foxx's BET performance (that was BET right... when they kissed?), I've been looking forward to hearing from her again. She actually made Jamie's perfomance watchable. Fannie will take it to North Carolina at the drop of a dime and again you can't be mad. The voice don't lie.

    Fantasia - "Baby Making Hips" (snippet)

    "Hood Boy" featuring Big Boi (snippet)

    "I Nominate You" (snippet)

    "When I See You" (snippet)

    Snippets provided by Beauty and the Beat!

    Her upcoming CD is due out November 28th with contributions by Missy, Tweet, Big Boi, Tank and Dianne Warren (Clive must have stepped in). SOHH are you feeling it or should she flush that shit with Ruben Studdard's career?

    But wait... there is more!

    Mya's upcoming CD has been pushed back until mid December. Don't act like you ain't pissed!

    And SOHH what is the verdict on John Legend's performance yesterday on Oprah? Come on, dude is hella consistent and "Save Room" is a great fuckin song. But it don't matter what I say... what say you?

    Watch John Legend performing "Heaven Only Knows"

    Aiight I'm done...
    Posted by SOHH Soul Man at September 22, 2006 08:55 AM
    Sprite Rebranding Phase 1

    Hey Soulman!

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    What Does J Records Have Brewing, SOHH Soulful Top 5
    Saturday. 9.23.06 9:00 pm
    SOHH, Clive Davis is at it again. His stable of sonic beauties are bubbling under and are about to fill the airwaves once more. We've all read lately how he is "saving" Whitney Houston's career. There has been word that Alicia Keys might drop something in January. Monica is some where in the mix droppin' beats, callin' out sideline hoes and prepping her new album for an October release. But wait, there's more...

    Clive has this new chick hitting the scene. Her name is Emily King. Here is the skinny, if you haven't already heard. She is 20. From the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Biracial. Her parents are jazz musicians. She sings, writes, plays instruments. And her first single has Biggie on it.

    (Gimmick? check, Crossover appeal? check, Vocal prowess? check Cha-ching? we'll see...)

    The name of her forthcoming album is East Side Story. Her first single, produced by Chucky Thompson, is "Walk in My Shoes" featuring Notorious B.I.G. Damn are they giving away Biggie samples these days? Or is that a statement being made. Hmmm. Click here to listen.

    I interviewed Emily, last week. Stay tuned for how she responds to the question of how much of her persona is packaged. Something must be brewing. J Records would only allow telephone interviews and thus far have not issued any photos of Miss King.

    But while you all were wondering why the United States provides protection to foreign leaders while they are visiting this country but other countries would murder an American leader while visiting their country, we were laughing at Chavez calling Bush 'the devil' and compiling our

    5. Michelle Williams - "Love Thang"
    THIS SONG IS NOT NEW, but I posted it since people are mistaking it as such and others suddenly want to hear it. This track actually appears on Michelle's sophomore solo cd.

    4. Lil Fizz featuring Missez - "Fluid"
    I ain't gonna lie, I kinda like this one.

    3. Glenn Lewis - "Storm"

    2. Shaggy featuring Nicole (PCD) - "Hot"
    Anything with Nicole in it gets my vote.

    (Imma upload it... hold on)

    1. Bow Wow featuring Chris Brown - "Shorty Like Mine"

    The bonus track that Imma need y'all to love is that new Diddy featuring Christina Aguilera. It's titled "Tell Me" from his forthcoming cd Press Play.

    Posted by SOHH Soul Man at September 21, 2006 09:06 AM

    Hey Soulman!

    Posted by: Khloe' A. Davis at September 21, 2006 10:15 AM

    Hey Soulman!


    What's poppin'?

    Posted by: SOHH Soul Man at September 21, 2006 10:15 AM

    Good Morning Soul Man!

    top 5:
    1.Frankie j-that girl
    2.kelly rowland- addicted
    3.beyonce- get me bodied
    4.chris brown- goodbye (I know it's old but that's my jam)
    5.justin timberlake-lovestoned/I think she knows

    On the real that bow w

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    Stat Quo Resurfaces, Pastor Troy Gets 'Em Too Crunk In Kentucky
    Saturday. 9.23.06 8:54 pm

    After a short absence, Stat Quo is reappearing with a couple tracks on Eminem's highly-anticipated mixtape Eminem Presents: The Re-Up (Shady/Interscope), to be released December 5th. The mixtape will feature exclusive tracks from Stat as well as new Shady Records artists Ca$his and Bobby Creekwater.

    The initial Stat jump off will be the LT Moe-produced, "Billion Bucks." Stat Quo is signed to a joint deal between Shady and Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment.

    In other ATL hip-hop news, two men were shot outside a Kentucky club early Saturday morning after a Pastor Troy concert. The incident occurred after a fight broke out in the parking lot. Good thing is nobody died... Bad thing is it happened after a Pastor Troy concert.

    At least it happened in the parking lot so that now they can't legitimately blame Pastor Troy for the melee. We know Troy can get it crunk in a concert like no other but this time hip hop won't shoulder the blame


    (Columbus and Phenix City Stand Up!!!!)
    Posted by SOHH Southern at September 20, 2006 08:44 AM

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    The Definition Of A Classic Album, Gucci and Sleepy Set To Drop
    Saturday. 9.23.06 8:48 pm

    Just got word that Gucci Mane will officially drop his sophomore effort, tentatively titled Hard To Kill, on Big Cat Records. The album is is going to drop in early October. If you missed Gucci's first release, Trap House, you missed a thorough album from top to bottom, it had a few reaches but that was expected for an initial release but "Thas My Hood," "Pyrex Pot," "Corner Cuttin'," "Icey," "Go 'Head"...

    Most of the albums released on majors the last couple of years don't put out five strong tracks anymore.

    So what's a classic? Fugg it, a classic album is like a classic car, "If we can talk about your shit 25 years from now then it was a classic album, just like cars." That should be the new standard. He came close and might have achieved "hood" classic status with Trap House though. He does his thing.

    And speaking of tha' "Pyrex Pot," Young Nut, Parlae, DFB -- they did they thing on that "Pyrex Lean (Shoulder Lean Remix)." As a matter of fact, that whole Young Nut mixtape was official. Real talk.

    "If I Put A Hit On His Head Ya Betta Get From 'Round Him Cuzz, 10 Niggas With 'Hundred Round Clips Thas' A Thousand Of 'Em" -- Parlae

    It's not all snap and dance music.
    The month of October will also mark the month that Sleepy Brown drops his full-length album on Big Boi's Purple Ribbon/Virgin Records. The album has a release date of October 3rd. I initially heard that September 26 was the release date but I guess it's been pushed back. Somebody talk to me.

    Did ya' know Sleepy already had Grammys? Naw, you didn't know that.

    Did anybody catch that Virgin Records title after The Purple Ribbon slot, Virgin has their hand in everything lately which is cool I guess... Mo' money for Atlanta big-tymer Jermaine Dupri and the gang in the long run. Aaaaa'''

    Some Classic Albums?
    Raising Hell - Run DMC
    Bigger and Deffer - LL Cool J
    The Chronic I and II - Dr. Dre
    Death Certificate - The Don Mega!!!!
    ... I could go on and on but you can finish this list out for me IN THE CHANGER...

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