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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Recently my brain went scattered. I got a lot of things running in my head. A list of things to do is already growing...

Firstly, I find it so dispiriting for not receiving my pay after working on 4 assignments since early January 2008. And now I'm asked to work on another assignment. I want my pay first!!

Secondly, I got a lot of books to buy. Yay! I can't wait to buy and store them on my shelf. Damn. I forgotten to publicize my books for sale. Aiya... My bad...

Thirdly, I have been good girl... I have been sleeping at 10 p.m. But I want more...

Fourthly, pakcik (senior in Malay) has been either teasing me or scolding me that my English is supposed to be good since I studied abroad. How unfortunate to say that my English is deteriorating everyday... especially my vocab. I need to do something.

Fifthly, I have been practising drawing but I need more practice. Yay!!!

Sixthly, I need to reply my penfriends and send my late post Xmas presents to my cousins!!! But I don't know what to get for my aunt! Sigh... Before that, I need to finish my romance story first so that she could consider to draw or not.

Seventh ... I can't think of anything else other than wait for my cookie delivery this weekend.

Eighth... Stop reading!!!!!

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You saw that?!
Monday, January 28, 2008
Weird. It happened during my prayers time this morning. My sister was in front of me and on our right is the sliding door. We usually open it for air circulation. And today while we were chanting, we saw the sliding door moved a little. We both looked at the same direction. But actually it didn't move. Not too sure if that was some illusion or hallucination.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008
I got the shock in my life because my mobile phone bill from 21 Dec 2007 to 21 Jan 2008 is just RM 22.18. That's the lowest payment I need to make. In fact, it's very rare my phone bill hit RM 60 and above.

What about you guys?

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Shh... Let's hunt together...
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Today was indeed a maddening day as my friend went Missing In Action and I assumed he refused to return my money I lent him on 1/1/08. Knowing this will eventually happen, I should have listen to my instinct to see him 'die' penniless. So I'm declaring that I decided to delete our 10 year friendship even though he returns my money which is most unlikely. It was a long story before reaching this conclusion. But I felt happy with this decision. It may seem trivial but when comes to certain things such as money... it's a damn sensitive thing. How so? Simple. What if you are my best friend and I snatch away your husband/wife? Got what I mean? I will be advertising the wanker's picture soon.

Although I was angry enough to turn the tallest twin building in the world upside down, I managed to seek solace and comfort in Kinokuniya bookstore. *Cat grin* I managed to find lolita outfits pattern-making books. Even the Gothic Lolita Bible issues!! I was so on cloud nine. And there are many outfits in the issues and I just drooled over them. I'm going to buy a few issues and I'm sure going to shed some tears of joy and sadness. Err... the cheapest issue is RM 50 and the most expensive is RM 80. And like hell I'm going to wait for Tokyopop to release the English version of the Gothic Lolita Bible given in they just bought the copyright last month. The latest issue is already 23. Waiting for them to translate?? Gosh .. They took more than one year to translate Gakuen Alice manga!

Another thing I'm heavily considering to buy is Naruto calendar. It's RM 65 though. What an excruciating stoic pain to my pocket. But it's for my collection. Damn ... Opportunity cost man. And it's Naruto calendar all the way from Japan... much better than the Western version which is RM 20-ish but the pictures sucks.

What should I do?? *Inundating myself in my pocket*

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Shh... Let's whisper... 2
Friday, January 25, 2008
Thanks to Nuttz, I recalled what happened in my nightmare. Prepare to get heart attack.

I was sleeping in my room and I have a cloth covering my eyes so that I could sleep faster... I mean it helps me to relax faster since my neighbour has the lights on as if they have spot light. And it was not during night ... it was like during day. I felt something was pinning me down. I can't move. I heard myself breathing hard because the cloth was not only covering my eyes but also my whole face. My shoulder was aching. I could feel something pinning me down and I think I told it off to get off. I can't move... The next time I tried to move... the cloth was removed from my face and I was just staring into the ceiling... I can't even blink. I tried chanting but I can't hear my voice but I kept chanting. And later I went back to sleep...

I woke up from the dream and felt eerie. But I guess that was better than dreaming of sleeping beside the gory woman from Ju-On, a revengeful character that just wants to kill everyone.

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Shh... Let's whisper...
Thursday, January 24, 2008
Tonight is the first airing of Saka, a malay horror series, on TV3. Actually I have to thank my colleagues for telling me about the earlier horror series called Susuk. If they didn't share with me I would not have even switched on TV3. In fact, my whole family have not watched local stations for a very long time thanks to a cable tv called ASTRO. But now my family was commenting that local productions have improved and of course no comparison would be made to abroad. But hey at least Susuk was good. And tonight's series looks very promising.

I think I have said before on this blog I could see spirits when I was younger but now is just the feel of their presence. Many friends asked me before "What is it like to see them? How do they look like?" Thinking back of these questions... I was laughing at the djinns in the series because they look funny and I was just wondering where they get those hideous masks. But hey those are great costumes...

I don't know how they look like because all I got to see is shadows. But I heard them singing once to me before though... But recently I have sort of nightmares... although I don't see spirits anymore, I still get to see them in my dreams. In fact, I got sort of disturbed by them... I usually could remember my dreams after I woke up but this time it was quite faded except for the fact that I knew there were two spirits disturbed me in my dream (few days ago). And I was telling myself I don't mind having nightmares but being with ghosts are the worst dreams I could ever have. They are simply scary. I always just feel a chill running in my body eerily. You feel disturbed and I'm mad because I'm just sleeping and I can't be allowed to sleep in peace? As I said this time there were 2 perpetrators disrturbed me in my dreams. They didn't do anything but just stood in front of me I guess... but it's just their presence is adequate to make you feel uncomfortable.

I'm still thinking what's the item it should be in the time capsule for a storyline TV contest... (previous entry). A murder weapon is too cliche. A picture of them is too cliche. A diary is too cliche. So what's not? I got to think of what's not .... No wonder there was this author who took 17 years to finish a mystery/thriller book.

That's all. Good night. Sweet dreams to myself.

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