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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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bits and pieces
Saturday. 6.4.05 10:34 am
hmm.. saw andy from banking today at the show, working there as a promoter for sth.

new parttimer here today. shuai ge selling phillips LCD. i got his no.! lol.

and apparently my other part timer colleague was in the same sec sch as i was. never saw her tho. she recognised me, which is suprising coz this is the second time such thing happened.

the other was my fengshui colleague's bro's gf. exactly the same case. never saw the woman before.

also saw a customer who could have passed off as werner's younger bro. was buying headset from me and i couldn't help staring. looks the same with a few alterations. shorter for one. and face is rounder. otherwise the features are so alike!

my sales sucked. not up to standard.

last day tml. wish me luck. shall not hope for better sales. there is no such thing as hope. lol~ miss sch man

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2nd Day at Expo
Friday. 6.3.05 9:33 am
Amazingly, saw some old friends in the show. Saw Nitin, from sec sch at compaq today. Saw Galvin ex colleague at MYOB (some accting software)yest. and chelle of coz at Jabra. wonder if i can find more pple ard....

lesser crowd today. damn annoyed at the cashier. half my time is spent looking at him write the bloody receipt. QI si Le! every min is money u know! so annoyed. somemore can take his time talk on phone and slowly write. hello.. queue super long liao leh! found out he is part timer w basic pay. take money already dun need to do le.

hopefully more pple tml. sales no good today.

this guy from motorola senior mangement i think, came in with MTR smart phone that is not even out on the market. hp damn chio. is like with PDA Bluetooth and etc. shaped like Razr but thicker. bought 2 sets purely to "mess ard" with. think he said he gonna send one to motorola for reverse engineering. geez. not my prob, said he is gonna come back and buy 6 from me. pray pray hope hope. scared he run away wrote my name on his name card somemore.

actually managed to sell the keyboard i was saying in previous post. bloody happy. coz its like so difficult to sell amidst 19.90 keyboards in Expo.

for the record yest sold 40+ pieces. total so far is 64 in my name. i heard from customer that UK selling mine at 69 pounds. thats is roughly 200 sing bucks. and australia selling at 160 aussie dollar. that puts it in perspective doesn't it. original px in SG was 118. same as mich's headset. some face off thing happened with the supplier den they trying to crash the market. lol

p/s: wah mich ya comm must be v high wor! 10 pieces already 100 plus. mine easier to sell but comm so much lower.

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