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Count me in
worst weekend ever!
Sunday. 2.3.08 11:30pm
It is pretty late on a sunday night to be typing up an entry, especially since I have work tomorrow morning. It is just that this weekend has been sooooo Fucking bad that I just had to vent. I'm not sure what caused the chain reaction of bad luck events...it's like I'm being shunned upon by some evil aura.

Saturday was generally ok until up til the time F and drove home from Toys Rus after purchasing a $200 baby car seat. The car was giving troubles, it was fuckin hot, with no aircon, I was stressed to the max that the seat might not fit in and we have to visit F's mum on Sunday. I was practically 'f'ing away at everyone, and driving whilst I am mad is a dangerous mix. F had to leave me at home and go off with his friend Rob to build his new PC, and I was kinda glad cuz it gave me time to 'cool' down on such a hot day.

F's car broke down that day, the head gasket gave up and he was disappointed he couldn't attend a buck's night with his friends. I decided to go out on sat night with Gail and Mel to cheer G up cuz she was feeling a bit down over her recent break up. I ended up at the RISE nightclub, up until 2am and I was the designated driver. Even though I had fun, I was just so tired and realised...this is too weird for me to be clubbing and jumping around with glow necklaces when I have a husband and baby at home.

I slept really bad, cuz both F and I were in a bad mood. On Sunday morning I found out from my dad that my car's windows had been smashed!!! Like a few minutes after I came home from the clubbing! It made me feel sick to the stomach, cuz our other car in the driveway was smashed too. And to think if I had only come home later, Boz (my mirage) would have been ok. Then to hear it may have been some rivals of my younger bro trying to make trouble...my heart just was a cocktail of anger, sadness and utter disappointment. Spending the whole day at F's mum's house was ok, but we got back at 10pm...so late...Im tired. I'm emotionless and drained. I just dropped F off at his night shift too. Honestly, I've had the shittiest weekend ever, and really dont want to do anything tm at work.

I just don't know whether to scream, cry, hit something...I am just silent full of pent up stress and anger. I dont know what I ever did to deserve such shit on my plate.

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Thursday. 1.31.08 10:41pm
Since returning to work I have a hard time adjusting back to my usual sleeptime and waking up early for work is a real drag. I don't mind work, but I hate getting up and going. I am not a very nice person in the morning, give me some breakfast and a nice splash of water on the face and I should be fine in a couple of minutes. I probably only get 7 hours sleep and it is still interrupted at least once by Sofia at 4 in the morning!

When I am at work I constantly yawn, and it drives me nuts that I can be sooo tired. When I get home and lie in bed my eyelids are dropping but I must look after Sofia. It is hard work working full time and coming back home to another full time job, then sleep time is also interrupted by motherly chores. I am really becoming a zombie.

In a way I cbf being all lovely and polite during the day. I have had a bad sleep and it carries on throughout the day. I guess today is one of "those days" that a bit of 'me' time is in order. But I will never have that day until Sofia turns 21. lol! Even though I love her to bits and want to give her my time and attention...I'm just becoming a dragon lady that breathes fire and roars.

I mean I am still a young mother, and supposed to have a much higher energy level than other mature mothers...but all mums go through the same shit. And being tired...that's a fact!

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Honestly...GROW UP!
Friday. 1.25.08 3:58pm
Why do some men have to be so hard to figure out? Today at lunch me and my girls were chatting about the very stubborn and hard to read men. There was only an hour of lunch so we had to get straight to the point, well one of us anyways who has trouble with how to convince her man she is unhappy. It’s always in those beginning stages of a relationship when everything is supposedly meant to be smooth sailing, little annoyances are ignored because you want to keep liking the person. Therefore chosing to shut up than to speak out one’s feelings.

This particularly applies to women, because we like to say ‘nothing is wrong’, nothing is ever wrong. But of course THERE IS! We assume the man should know what to do in these silent situations, and obviously know WHAT is wrong. Or he is not paying attention and being in-tuned to our feelings. My poor girlfriend, is spending Australia Day alone wishing to go to the fireworks and also invited him to the bbq this Sunday with her friends, but he declined. Also he did not show up to the invitation of meeting her family!! And it means a lot to her. His excuse is he is unsociable and busy working. But what she is reading is ‘doesn’t like me’, ‘can’t be bothered’, ‘doesn’t like her family’.

And what is this about not replying sms? And not taking a few mins in the day to call…or when men say they will call they DON’T. Honestly women need this, they crave it, to know that their man is thinking about them and cares for them. She doesn’t want to put all her heart in, only to be placed on the side. But men such complex creatures cannot understand this. I don’t know whether it is a game they play…it’s like putting a carrot infront of a horse, and tugging it inch by inch away. It really sucks and it is quite upsetting for a woman’s emotional wellbeing. I am so glad I am out of that scene, of dating, playing flirt games etc. Honestly it makes me wanna puke! And to just paint a small picture, he is 35 and she is 23. Honestly do adults still have to play games?

Okay I am meant to say grow up boys and girls!

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Back to the daily grind
Wednesday. 1.23.08 10:08pm
Yes...just letting you all know I will not be blogging as often as I am no longer a domestic 'desperate' housewife, I have returned to my full time job at Immi. The first day wasn't too bad...I thought I might be upset about leaving Sofia and feeling guilty about it, but I was probably more guilty at myself for not feeling that way. In fact the opposite, I have never felt more happier and relaxed at work! And last time, how I used to despise waking up in the morning and being at the office facing non-compliant students. Now I'm waking up with a burst of energy, wondering what new things I will learn today.

I guess this feeling of going to work has improved because I do not have the extra stress on my shoulders like I used to have. Like studying, carrying a baby, raging hormones etc. Now I can just be me at work and enjoy the company of adults and their chit chat. I am also a 'nicer' mummy to Sofia, cuz when I come home I give her all my undivided attention till she goes to sleep. :)

Don't get me wrong! I miss my baby girl. Calling F everyday at home just to hear her babbles and cries makes me think of how cute she is and how much I want to squeeze her. :) The people at work have been great, no one has been overbearing and haven't been forcing me to re-learn my job. I'm going at a comfortable pace refreshing my memory.

Plus today I had finally had the chance to hear my dear friend Anita sing at the office, it was really a rare treat. She has hummed to me before but never a proper song with lyrics. hehe. She is an opera singer, and I am quite sad to let her go to Germany...cuz I have made good friends with her. And for me to make good friends in my adult life is very rare! I'm glad she will be living her dream, being a songstress in that creative hub of the world. :p If only I can live my dream of doing something artsy and getting paid for it..hehe.

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I don't know what I am doing..
Friday. 1.18.08 11:08pm
I think I have a phobia of going back to work. A slight anxious feeling comes over me. It has now been over 6 months since I left for maternity leave and on Monday I will be returning to the desk job. It really sucks! I am so used to being in the comfort of my own home, having to wake up at whatever time I please, do what ever I please and play with my beautiful daughter, Sofia.

In a way I am scared that I cannot handle the situation of being separated from my daughter and become very upset. Not because I feel guilty...but because I know I will miss out on all the lil things that she will do. In a way I am jealous of Fernando having time to spend with her. I cannot be selfish though, cuz he has been working the 6 months and it is his turn to play with Sofia.

Also I think I will be a big imbecile when it comes to working again. Because I have forgotten most of what my job entails. The legislation, the policies...I feel really dumb right now! I think my brain has been so used to be in 'baby' mode, that I will come out looking and sounding like an idiot. Ohhh and how society can be so judgemental.

Plus I don't really want to go back into the work environment simply because of the countless and constant number of questions I will have to answer to. I would rather put a sign board around my neck and stay quiet for the rest of the day..I only like to tell my close work mates...not those random people who think it is 'polite' to approach me now, who never did before.

So many lil things to worry about...it's causing me a lot of stress right now actually! But I have to admit I have a lil bit of excitement in my belly, cuz I will be surrounded by news and current world events, adult jokes once again :)

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MAC or PC?
Saturday. 1.12.08 8:29 am

The great debate

Come on people....PC OR MAC? There are just too many conflicting views from friends about what to get for our next personal computer. On my wishlist for 2008, it is of course the APPLE iMAC. However when we discuss this with our friends, each have their opinion on which they think is the best, in value, looks, software etc. It seems everyone has a preference and is barracking for their favourite. PC people despise MAC people. And MAC people think theirs is the tops. It's causing quite a headache!!

It has even made Fernando and I think about buying both cuz we don't want to upset anyone! Hahaha. Or ourselves. Really...we need a new computer and the next one has to do pretty much everything. And it has to be good, user friendly particularly for Fernando cuz he will be using it for his graphic design career. I will just be chatting, nutanging, facebooking, youtubeing...the usual time wasters haha.

I just don't want us to spend $3000 on the wrong computer, and end up regretting it a few years down the track. This will be with us for at least another 7 years I would imagine. I would like to hear more opinions on it, and give me a reason why you back that option up. Thanks all!

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