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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Tuesday. 6.22.04 12:23 am

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Miss Violet
Monday. 6.21.04 9:06 pm
Violet, a friend known from Oxford study tour in one summer.

And we spent an afternoon with each other.

We met at TST MTR station at 1:30pm, but I was 15mins late, sorry for waiting. Violet suggested to go Itlian Tomato for lunch. Although it is called Itlian Tomato, it is a Western resterant in Japanese style, it was originally a cake shop, and I used to buy lots of cake from them when middle school.

We went to Hung-hom to get the international warantly for my laptop, and it was so hot in Hung-hom, since the new apartments builded, they stopped the wind come from the harbour. And lots of mainland chinese there.

We went back to TST east for some window shopping, it is a hot and stuffy day in TST.

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Happy Father's Day!!!
Sunday. 6.20.04 11:19 pm
Happy Father's day!!!!

Wake up late because of the pills, everyone finished their lunch, and sister ate mine as well.

We went to New Town Plaza for dinner at 6pm, had Japanese cuisine, paid by Natalie. We walked around the plaza after dinner, and bought a new laptop finally, NEC Versa S1000, thanks Dad.
(Don't ask me why I got present in Father's day!)

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see doctor
Friday. 6.18.04 11:12 pm
It is the second time to see doctor for my back-and-shoulder pain, last time was Tuesday.

I had suffered in this pain many years, it hurts when I move, and it is getting serious. During my exam week, the week before I back, my lower back pained when exam was in process, hurt like burning. SO you can imagine I had a hard time in the exam week.

Originally, I thought it was due to anxiety, and it'd end after exam, but it didn't. On the last exam, I need to keep moving my body to relieve the pain. Once the exam finished, Jane asked what happened to me, and adviced me to see doctor in HK during the break.

I don't know how to tell mum that I need to see doctor because of the pain, because she doesn't take it seriously. She'd tell me takes painkiller just like the headache I got for many years. However, I have only two weeks holiday, so there is no time to delay.

My doctor called Kenric Lau told me to have more exercise to resolve the pain, and explained my situations clearly. He adviced me to swim, I told him I can't swim as I scare of water, so he adviced aerobic and some other kinds of exercises. He gave me a gel for anti-inflammatory, and some pills for release the muscule, so I can get a better sleep and rest (it makes you feel tired!).

The pills seem not work on me, and I wasn't tired at all.

Kenric said the pills don't work for people who have ever drink, and I told him I am actually a drinker, and do I need to give up drink. He gave me a steroid inject on my right shoulder, the most serious area, stronger pills, but don't need to give up drinks. He reminded me the pain will not go unless I have exercise, and he adviced me aerobic, agian.

Have to say, the pills are strong this time,
Tryptanol to relieve certain types of depression, and for a better sleep. I took it an hour ago, and now I feel sleepy.
Voltaren for anti-inflammatory.
and Mucaine for stomach, becasue Voltaren is too strong.

I do feel better now, especially the injected side, I got medicine for seven days.

And I took some pictures with sister after seeing doctor.

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A day with Phoebe
Thursday. 6.17.04 11:21 pm
I spent my day with my dear cousin, she came over to my home to lunch my mum, sister and me. She looks good as before!

She went to dentist with me after lunch, I haven't see dentist in Sydney, as not covered in the student medical. My dentist in Shatin, and this trip recalled our memories of the old days hang around in New Town Plaza.

We went to APA (Academic Performance Art Hong Kong) for the concert of Mr. Montogmery, he is one of the candidates of department head of Voice. He is a proficient singer, and I enjoy his singing, especiall the songs by Charles Ives at last. I am having more acceptance to 20th Centery music. He should be a good chairman to Voice department.

Thanks Phoebe brought me to the concert.
And I believe you shall be a good singer, hope to perform on stage with you one day!

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Hello HK, I am back
Tuesday. 6.8.04 1:59 pm (HK time)
To everyone,
who loves me, who concerns me, who knows me,
I arrived home safely,
and got a good sleep on flight.

Hope to see you guys soon!!!!!

Did my last exam on Monday.
I don't think I did it well, but should be okay.
(Sorry Mike, your exam was too hard, I read all notes from you, but seems not help in exam, so I wrote what I learnt in this course.)

Karen and I walked to Burwood for dinner after my last exam. It wasn't far, took us about 20 mins.

And we wanted some sweet, so we bought a 'Banna Custard Danish' (Sara), it had strong banana favour, but the custard made us full.

I left home at 4:45am, and took train to airport. It was so dark outside and I arrived airport at 5:45am. I haven't been to airport for long time, and everything just looked same. I got the ticket immiediately, as the flight was empty.

I sleep a lot in the eight hours journey, except wake up for breakfast and lunch.

I only had $50HKD with me, and not enough for Airport Express. (Why!!!!) It took me sometimes to find the bus stop, and ensured it stop around my home. And it was so hot to outside the airport.

That is the only bus from airport to my home, but it took long time to travel around, and took half hour or longer to my stop.

Sleep a lot after I arrived home, and wake up at 11:30pm for eat, I can't believe I sleep that much, as I thought I had enough sleep on flight.

Jane will arrive HK tomorrow, and she said she will call me. However, my phone disappeared, probably my sister took mine.

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