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Living things
Tuesday. 2.5.13 8:18 pm
Pretty good day. Played games a little longer than I meant to, but otherwise pretty cool.

An older guy from my old church (one of the elders, I think) happened to be in Atlanta this week, and he asked me to go get dinner with him. It was really incredible. Honestly, I feel like where I used to go to church wasn't very...well, Godly. I still have a hard time believing how foolish I was, but I was never challenged there. It's weird and sad.

But we had a really great talk over dinner. I'm really encouraged and inspired to see God in other people's lives, especially when I don't really know him that well.


Linkin Park came out with another album while I wasn't paying attention (I never am), and I'm mighty pleased with it. It's a bit of a departure from their latest stuff. Pretty neat.

Astronomy calls me. I've been waylaid by what I thought was a simple angle problem. There will be repercussions. Until next time.

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Monday. 2.4.13 11:36 pm
I almost forgot to post! Silly me.

Someone showed me this:

It's a pretty cool song, but seriously I appreciate this animation. The guy isn't affiliated with the musicians in any way, he just decided to make this. Pretty cool style, and a lot of little extra details added in. I can dig it.

It's been a good day.

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Sunday. 2.3.13 5:24 pm
Now I'm only posting because I feel like I have to.

Dishonored is a very fun game.

I'm sort of stoked about what I'm seeing coming from Ubuntu; new phone software? If it looks like the preview then that'd be pretty cool.

Happy Sunday guys.

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Color me obsessed
Saturday. 2.2.13 6:12 pm

I got this CD at a white elephat gift exchange this Christmas. I never got around to listening to it until this week, mostly because I didn't expect to like it much. This is, however, not the case. My tastes in music don't really overlap with the Christian music genre (which seems to largely be emo rock or country). While these probably aren't songs I would listen to by themselves, they're quite good within their context and they're pretty catchy to boot.

I looked this one up and apparently it's a cover of a super old hymn. Like, fourth century stuff. That's pretty rad.

Should I not always have my God on my mind?

One of my roommates went on a date today. He's been pretty excited about it for several weeks now; he will likely come back as a boyfriend. I should've heard one way or another by now, but he never does things in a timely manner. It doesn't matter anyway, everyone pretty much knows she was going to say yes. I'm headed to have celebratory dinner with them in about an hour.

I doubled on a date with them last Saturday. It was pretty cool. We drove down to where his parents live (about 45 minutes away) and hung around. The entire city is lined with paths for golf carts, so we took turns driving around while we talked about life and made up game rules:
-The passenger must be referred to as Joobulayah
-When we pass over a curb, everyone must shout "YEEHAWWW"
-When we pass people on foot, my date must greet them in Olde English fashion
-When we turn left, my friend's date must scream as if we're crashing
I think there were a few more, but we stopped playing when the golf cart's battery died. Great date. We also climbed a tree and ate some great food that the dude's parents made for us (it was their first time meeting the gal)

(I'm sorry for all the pronouns, I'm trying to leave out names. The only people in the story are me, my friend, and our two dates. Clear?)

It's really interesting how we do dating. It isn't just "don't have sex." As disciples, we're trying to seek after and emulate God, and that means a lot more than following a list of rules. And that isn't exactly a new concept to most people, but the way we apply it to our lives can can seem...well, crazy. And that shows in how we handle dating relationships. A lot of focus on trying to be holy, which means having physical AND emotional purity. In other words, we keep the center of our relationships on God and not each other (or ourselves, which seems a little more obvious). We should be getting our peace and our security from God, not from each other.

We end up with lots of careful thought about how we handle ourselves, getting lots of advice from peers and older disciples, etc. Sounds pretty stressful and limiting, but honestly it is SO refreshing. Breakups are still hard, but they're almost completely drama free. There isn't any ambiguity about my relationships with girls. It's just...nice. It makes sense.

I'd better get off, gotta get dressed and head out. Peep ya later.

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