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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
100% Trust?
Monday. 3.19.07 5:45 pm
listening to: Dale Mami Damelo Daddy Yankee

Ugh. Classes started today.
*slips on sarcastic face* Whooo i'm soo overjoyed.

Everybody loved the new haircut! :P
But the boy was absent. Wait, i shouldn't care, right? W/e.

Anyway, something BIG happened today between the friends.
Turns out one of the friends "seduced" another friend's boy.
But the boy didn't give in and told his girl.
And now they're fighting coz the girls are SUPPOSED to be bestfriends.
I've realized i really couldn't give 100% of my trust on someone, huh.
Even if it's my family. :-S
The times my sis took embarrassing pics of me still makes me shudder.

Off with the homework!

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it's over?
Saturday. 3.17.07 1:56 pm
Well. It's Saturday & i just finished ALL my fricken projects! Oh joy!
Really. i'm glorified. =DDDDD

Anihoo. Spring break's almost over. Ugh. I still need more time to enjoy my life! Ugh

Oh yeah. I was truly truly SHOCKED last night.
I discovered the crush was graduating...
I always thought he would be staying one more year in school.
Coz well he's not really the "school type", skipping and all.
So fukk Humber. (The college he's going to.)

what is it to me, you say?
who am i to react, you say?

No one.

i pray to God i get accepted into U of T next year.
And then, somehow...i'll be a little bit closer to him.
So we won't be cities apart.

By that time, i don't think he'll be that special to me anymore. :P

As of now:

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Thursday. 3.15.07 9:55 am
Uhm. Is it just me...
or is my singingbox aka mp3 player down there on the left side
...not working?
Comments please. Need to fix that up. =(

Okei i sorta fixed it up. Put up a new mp3 player.
Comment me again if it works? :P
i think it does now though.

Thanks, Nuttz!

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A New Addiction =P
Wednesday. 3.14.07 1:21 pm
listening to: Dale Don Dale Don Omar

Okay i don't believe it but i'm addicted to another manga now. =O
At first, i thought MARS would be the only manga i'd ever read. Ever.

But then PET SHOP OF HORRORS came...
...and i am truly hooked. :P

It's about Count D, this weird-looking Chinese man(actually he's not human but w/e) who runs a pet shop in Chinatown in LA. These animals are people who are animals who are people. Get it? Say yes.

Anyway, he sells the pets to other people who desire something/someone. In the end, the pet aids them in their won destruction OR they learn valuable lessons and keep a pet/friend.

And oh there's this dick of a detective, Leon Orcot, who thinks Count D's running a drug-dealin business or w/e. But he's always hanging around in the shop and even left his dumb [as in cannot speak] younger bro with the Count.
Weh, i think he's just there to serve as a sexual prop for the manga though.
*Hint hint yaoi.*

Alright i'm out. :P

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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