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My gluttonous mother
Thursday. 11.5.09 1:57 am
Today she brought home a third of a yummy cake. I took one slice to eat with a kiwi piece. There were two strawberries on the side, my favorite fruit. I returned later to find the rest of the cake gone as well as my strawberries.

Thanks, mother!

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Eng 101
Tuesday. 11.3.09 12:33 am
So far nearly everything we've read have had to do with love or sex. What does that tell you about my professor? By the way, she's female. Duh, she.

The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter
Bad Habits by Cristy Road
Cindy Sherman's photography

Hermaphrodites, naked seniors, forcibly castrated and sex-changed men, drugged and drunken sex, all under the name of female authority.

This woman is a true feminist.

Sigh. There is more to life.

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Dumbest Halloween Joke Ever.
Sunday. 11.1.09 10:31 pm
"What did the ghost get for Halloween?"


"Some BOO-T!"


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I cut my hair ALL BY MYSELF.
Friday. 10.30.09 3:35 pm
...and that's it. That's the gist of it.

I cut my bangs all by myself. *proud* =D

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i love ketchup
Thursday. 10.29.09 3:04 pm
Which is why I always have to play ketchup.

Plus, I love NuTang. Just wanted to throw that out there. =)

So...abt my friend and i...here's the blog I posted yesterday after the fight on my newly-made (literally, this week) blog (specially for people who know me and can find on/through FB. it's not obvious though, it doesn't post the whole entry or put it in the newsfeed. you cant see or find the blog on my page without looking for it.):

"God, Annie. 29 Oct 2009
You are so quick to think negatively about everyone. For god's sake, it's me. Not some pathetic immature superficial teenager like the ones we used to laugh about. ME. How could you say that to me? How can you see me that way? How could you think so low of me? Or see my reasons as so selfish and shallow? Of all people, you are one of the few who know me best.

God, Annie."

Her response:
"U no wat, i was jux trying 2 help u, cuz u sounded like u needed n alternative. if ur gonna shoot down everydin i suggest n put road blocks on all of dem, fine, i wun offer u any help. n u no wha itz hard 2 dink of u as d same (My Name) i nu from 5 yrs ago. u rarely talk 2 me or c me, n d only times u\'ve ever actually called me seems 2 b wen u need help or wen u hav nodin else 2 do. n 1 more ding, i dun appreciate u posting up our personal problems on d web like dis. if u hav sumdin 2 say, txt or e-mail me. n wth do u mean dis isnt bashing me? u clearly criticize me w/o considering y i wood react d way i did. all dese yrs i\'ve been tyring 2 help u, giving u advise wen u ask, buh u never take my advise, sumtimes i feel like i jux shoodn\'t bother. n u R bing a child, ur not even paying attention 2 wha ur saying- u dink a mytouch wood b handy b/c google calendar wood help, buh u also tell me u r usually on d comp (after i advised u 2 use ur current phone as n organizer), which makes me wonder, if u bought a mytouch-wood it even b worth it? i never called u selfish or shallow, or dat u follow d crowd, if i had meant i wood\'ve sed specifically dat u dun need a mytouch instead of saying y dun u do dis or dat. itz expensive ok, so letme give u a few inexpensive dings u can use. if u want 2 continue dis argument, e-mail me. u r lucky i decided 2 check my fb 2day or else i wood\'ve never seen ur blog."

I should think it's alright to post it here, no? Not like any of you know her. Do you? Do you? Btw, I had to re-read some sentences a few times to understand what she meant...all those dun-s and dis-ses, etc...

My simple poem today (posted on aforementioned blog):

"Definition of Friendship 29 Oct 2009

What do friends do?
What does it mean to be friends?
If one goes to his/her friends for help,
Is that one using them
Taking advantage of their kindness and generosity?
What does it mean to be friends?
When one schedules a meeting with another,
That time frame must have been empty.
One is free
With nothing special to occupy their time.
Perhaps they are bored.
If one should dare to do that to another,
I must wonder,
Are we again taking advantage of another?
Are we using them?

I wonder, what IS the meaning of friendship?"

Please tell me you all are fluent in satire/irony/sarcasm/read it to yourself in the same tone as Tyne Daly when she reads "Childhood Is The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies". I think it's Tyne Daly. Click play:

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Thursday. 10.29.09 3:13 am
It's been killing me that I don't have my Google Calendar on the go. I FINALLY SYNC-D IT WITH MY PHONE!! No, I don't have an android phone or a Blackberry or a Google phone. No, I didn't download a separate application. I just used the mobile notification thing. Seriously, I never knew what that thing was for. And then, I googled "google calendar sony ericsson phone" took a look at a few things and found it!!! I'm so happy!

Now, I just have to wait for my "Day" notification at 5am to know that it is really working. But I can't wait until 5 am. I have to sleep. Whatever.

Please...pleasepleaseplease work!

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Proofreaders Needed.
Thursday. 10.29.09 12:32 am
English Research Paper
General Topic: Apocalypse
My Chosen Topic: Children

Download File:

I didn't put a lot of thought into it. It's a first draft in every sense; unpolished, not re-read, just segments forced into a whole. Read and tell me what's what (comment, note me or send me an email to: [email protected]).

Plus, I just realized I didn't mention 'apocalypse' beyond the title. ._.;; Because I already wrote about the apocalypse and its relation to my topic in my proposal...my bad...

Thanks! I really appreciate it. ^0^
Btw: I put this up on my Facebook/Blog, too. There's only 10 downloads allowed so tell me if you guys can't download from that link. I'll put up another one.


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Tuesday. 10.27.09 8:19 pm
I pulled an all-nighter for the research paper and then went to my morning classes. The FBI session was supposed to be at 1:50pm so I decided to take a nap and set the alarm for 12:50pm. I woke up at 4:13pm.

Damn it!

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