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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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sometimes i wish i could live in a different time......
Friday. 9.5.08 11:34 pm
i mean the 1940s were so classy and romantic.

you had ppl like vivien leigh and Clark Gable as icons.

The clothes were so elegant and skirts were always full and long and pretty :]

and the boys werent boys they acted like gentlemen. Why cant we go back to that?

ugh so sad

it makes me sick to see the way some women are treated and treat their husbands/boyfriends. Men, no i should say boys do not show the courtesy and the least bit of respect to women. And the majority of women dont give their men the respect and courtesy that they deserve.

if anything we have declined in our ways of social behaviors.

it makes me so happy tho to see guys do the little things. Like hold doors open for girls, or guide them across a street, Or open the car door for them. And it makes me really happy to see women respecting and actually appreciating their men.

show me a guy who will do that and i will marry him in a heart beat ^-^

saw this and it made me happy lolz love gone with the wind!!!

night <3

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organic chicken pot pie
Wednesday. 9.3.08 4:29 pm
mmmmm yep that will be my dinner lol taste so much better organic it really does.

so my day wasnt too bad just normal school day stuff.

I had a convo with a nutanger last night that has really gotten me thinking.

Have i lowerd my morals and my standards in certain situations?

and i do certainly believe ive lowerd my standards concerning guys. Which really isnt good. Im starting to think that the guys that are jerks may not be all that bad. pshhh (yeah i know)

but then i think about different things like young pregnancy, and drugs, alcohol, sex, and even the people i decide to hang out with.

And i know i personally wouldnt have a baby at my age or in the next 10 years (i want to get through medical school and be married). And my views on sex arent really strict (havent had it yet hehe and im proud of that) but i also know the difference between being in love with someone and sleeping with them. And i wont be having sex at my age too many risks and i want to do so much with my life.

I dont do drugs and alcohol has occured in my life but i dont want it to be a part of it now.

And then i get to the friends part and it kinda worries me. I hang out with some ppl that can get me into trouble and have gotten me into trouble. Not to mention they are all underage and all drink, do drugs, smoke, and most are sexually active. Now i will tell you honestly i have tried a cigarette and found it disgusting and i choose not to do drugs and i dont drink. But still why do i associate myself with people who have such lower standards than me?

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just thoughts going through my head.
Monday. 9.1.08 11:00 pm
first off i would like to say that i want to be married ONCE

in our time we see alot of divorced parents and kids with fighting parents. I absolutly do not want that. if i am going to have children with someone when i am older i will most definetly make sure that our marriage is established and has a strong foundation. Kids deserve parents like that and nothing less.

And i understand there are many reasons for divorce. But i also believe that the majority of them are from ppl who rush into things and then realize that they never did love their partner.

lol i will not rush into a marriage. if im going to spend the rest of my life with him why cant i first take the time to make sure hes the right one?

I dont wanna take marriage lightly. It shouldnt be taken lightly.

ok on another note i need to go to bed lolz

cant believe the weekend is over already... i hope i didnt have any homework /sighs

night!! <3

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monday monday ooooooooowoooo
Monday. 9.1.08 12:07 pm

so going to lunch at sake express at 2ish

yummy its like a chinese place that is cheap but gives u loads of food

so pretty much its heaven!!!!!!

meeting a few ppl there to chat and stuff no biggy just hanging out

gotta work on my medical term project eeps almost forgot about it.

ummmmm gotta get more shampoo and conditioner lol

oh and tooth paste man i hate it when the tooth paste runs out and u have to sqeeze the last little bit out of the bottle!

oh fixed the headlight on my car yays and it didnt cost me anything because my stepdad figured it out.

have a good day everyone!!!!!


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mwahahah /laughs at your pain (evilly)/
Saturday. 8.30.08 11:59 pm
do u ever feel like running a person over that takes FOREVER to cross a street!!!!!

and they arent old either. its like YOU HAVE LEGS WALK FASTER OR I WILL HELP U MOVE FASTER!!!!

oh i also realized i cannot eat and drive (^-^)

i tired and it went like this

/eating taco driving with knee

/eating taco with one hand driving with other hand

/reaches down to grab drink

/forgets to use knee

/almost swerves into other car

lol so dont think ill be eating when driving (or maybe just at red lights)

work went wellll today :] i got a bonus because we did so well.

very happy

also looking at prom dresses hehehe

im amazed at how ugly some of them are!!!

haha most of them look like someone barfed up asorted colors of slushie.

peace nutanminions <3

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going out tonighttttt!! :]
Friday. 8.29.08 5:26 pm
its friday!!!!!!!!!! woot woot

lol im going out to the movies (where like tons of teens hang out)

im getting taco bell on the way heheheh yummmmmmmy!!!!

i do have to work tomorrow but not till 10 so im not coming home till late ^-^

oh and cass will be there :/ but im planning on ignoring him and having fun

OH and cute guy in one of my classes :D so happy lol wont say his name because some of u go to my school and may know him lol

but yeah im much happier :]

heading off i will post up pics prob tomorrow

peace out my nutanminions


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