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cant see rite
Tuesday. 8.17.04 8:38 am
My eyes have a tonna sleep [or the little crusty stuff or w/e you call it] in them. It's making my vision like, 20/30. lol. But it's making me kinda mad. *sigh* Well, must go eat breakfast before I forget


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school... agian
Monday. 8.16.o4 6.12 pm
Well... I like... just one person... kinda. Don't really like Drew anymore. He's nice and all, but Graham, and 9th grade. Brennan, gave him up. Billy, total sweetie, but think about it like this: He'll end up liking Brooke.

I like Scott. I've only got Science with him, but oh well. I plan on telling him on AIM the next chance I get. Or at least telling him I think he's effin cute! And he's a really sweetie. Haha, I know alotta sweeties. =]] Aren't I lucky? lol Anyhoo, Scott is awsome. I sat with him in lunch today. Erg, I hope I don't get obsessed.

And yes, I did allready know him. He was Brooke's friend, and she thought he blocked her, so she gave me his sn. And then I got to know him... That's how Will and Sarah got together. Exact same story. Will was Brooke's friend, bla bla bla.

So, yea, that's how I know he's sooo sweet. I talk to him every time he gets on. *sigh*

Well, Mr. P, my home room teacher, is sooooo awsome! Haha, who cares if he looks like a frog? How much would it suck if he read this and saw I thought he looks like a frog? That's why I changed it to only his initial.

Well, school let out at 4.oo. My tooth hurts cuz I've been chewing plastic... lol

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Monday. 8.16.04 8:44 am
*sigh* It's that time of year agian. *sigh* I won't be posting random entries at lunch anymore, because I'll be eating sicko turkey sandwhiches on weat bread. *sigh* I won't have any more morning posts, cuz I'll be busy trying to get to homeroom. *sigh* No more late night posts. Five hours of homework and getting to bed early so I won't be late so I can do it all over agian will take up my time... Sorry

So, I had the strangest dream last night. We were back at camp, and me and Brooke were looking for Billy. I was way more bummed out then her, but I didn't tell her. Then we saw people over by Derek, the sweetie, and we thought they were Billy. But, it was actually Billy Ray and some dude. Then, we were at school, but it was like camp. You know, all the councilors and stuff were there. And so, I just had to go and get a jacked up schedule. In the end, I wasn't doing any pre-AP, and not theatre, and not tennis. I was taking junk like woodshop, and stuff. I mean, I have nothing wrong with that, but the main reason people come to OL, is for its magnet program. That means it's theatre arts. So I'm sitting there bawling, and Brennan's sitting there to. Lucky me, eh? And so, he says something like, "What's wrong?" and I say something like, "Look at my schedule," then do something like give it to him. And so then he goes, "Youch. Sorry." Or something like it.

That's all I remember, though I know it's more. Oh boy... *sigh*

Well, we have to leave [yes, for school] in about 8 minutes. Fun, eh? Erg...

My away message:

..first day of skool..
..oh joy..

I guess that about says it all.


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Saturday. 8.14.04 5:43 pm
I told Drew that I like him. Least he still talks to me. Course, he allready knew. Cuz Brooke told. I'm not telling her who I like anymore. Ever. Ever agian. Cuz I can't trust her. Pisses me off even more. God! I mean, I thought she was my friend! But I guess not. *sigh* I'm feeling a bit PMSy. Pay no mind to my bitchy post, except for the fact that I told Drew.


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Thursday. 8.12.04 10:14 pm
Don't know why. Just am. Maybe it's cuz school starts Monday. *glares at school* I gotta go.


That was a wimpy entry. So, I've been at this journal all summer. That's the longest time I've ever really kept a journal. And not once did I really think about school starting. Not once. Well, sure I did, but did I really realize? I mean, Monday.

I feel sick. Stupid cramps.

Oh, and I've realized a few things.

one. My grades didn't start going down until after we spent eight hours working on the DI set, with spray paint. Yea, the time we all got some brain cells killed...

two. erg! What did I realize! OMG! I had something really good! See, it's all the fault of the spray paint!

three. I gotta go. We're going to Midland soon. buhbye.


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Tuesday. 8.1o.o4 11.48 pm
Movie review. Here's my disclaimer. If you haven't seen The Village don't read this if you don't want it ruined for you.

the village
Well... What it basically is is this. People in, like, the 6o's, they hated thier lives in Philladalphia, because people they loved were being killed. So they decided to make this town that was totaly innocent, like no guns, electricity, or anything. Plus, these people, whom they called the Elders, also dressed up as big monsters in red cloaks to frighten the people, and make them not want to leave this clearing place in this valley, which is in the woods. So, this blind girl, who is the mayor or whatever [one of the people from the 6o's, an Elder] daughter, she falls in love with this guy, who loves her back. But there's also this other guy, Noah, I think is his name, and he's like mentally retarded, who loves the blind girl. So Lucias [the guy that the blind girl, Ivy, loves] is going to mary Ivy, and Noah finds out. And so he comes and stabs Lucias twice. That means that this guy Lucias is dieing, and he needs medicene [obviously] so Ivy, she wants to go back to the towns, to get him the medicine he needs. So, the mayor guy, he decides to explain everything. He takes her to this shed, where they keep one of the monster costumes, and shows her. Gastly thing it is. Red cloak, looks a bit like a skeleton, if you've seen the movie, you'll know what I mean. Duh. Sorry, bit of a blonde moment.

So, anyways, this Ivy girl, she starts going in the woods, but... *dun dun DUN* she falls into like a bear trap or something. But she doesn't fall deep because she catches onto a root or something, and pulls herself up. Then, so, she's running. And she finds herself in a patch of red berries. Red, by the way, is the 'bad color.' The color that attracts the 'monsters.'

And so she sees a monster. Yes, one of the red cloaked, skelaton dudes. And so she's being as still as she can, and she's hiding behind a tree, and she lookes around it, and he's rite on the other side. But, then, she starts to creep away. And then she looks back, and he's just standing there, not doing anything. At this point, I said to my friend Jenny, 'So the monsters are real, but they're just friends to the people in the village.' And Jenny nodded.

Then I screamed. For real. The monster started running after Ivy. It was effin freeky! All the girls that were my friends there screamed. It was funny though. But, anyhoo, this monster guys running after her, and you think he's caught her, but, no! he hasn't!

Then it goes over to the room that this Noah guy [you know, the stabber] was being held in. An Elder comes in, and the floor boards are all ripped up, and she goes, 'Oh no! He's found the costume that was hidden under the floorboards!'

Then you're back at the chase seen. So Ivy's over by this whole she almost died in, and the monsters running after her, and so it's about to get her and kill her or whatever, and she steps aside, and he falls into the whole. Where the mask falls off and you see it's Noah. Sweet, lovable, stumoch stabbing Noah. And he has fallen to his death.

Well, Ivy can't see that it's Noah of course. I mean, after all, she is blind. lol. Well, she finds this secret road, climbs over a fence, gets the medicene, runs back home, goes straight to Lucias [forgot about him, didn't you? lol] and says, 'Lucias, I am back.'

Then the movies over. Great, eh? Bet anyone here that within five years, there will be a sequal. A really bad sequal. =]]

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