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Friday, 8/29/03 - 9:49 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - Bend And Not Break

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Thursday, 8/28/03 - 6:15 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - Rapid Hope Loss

Tuesday, 8/26/03
Around 6pm, Irma and Marilyn came over and we played Fuzion. Later on we went to the rock at Point Mugu. At the cliff, we watched the glowing ocean. My brother said it was red tide. Me and Marilyn were wimps because most of the time we stayed in the car. It was too dark and there were other people there and we were hella scared.

Then my brother drove to Laguna Road. It was frickin dark. The only light was the one generated by the car. My brother acted as if there was a malfunction on the car and slowed down. Then the lights turned off. I was so scared and it was a mean joke that they played on me. Laguna Road is known for being haunted or something. We then got a stop sign and there were no cars around. Irma screamed, "Chinese fire drill!" My brother, Irma, and Marilyn got out the car and ran around it. I didn't know what the hell they were doing. It was funny though.

Wednesday, 8/27/03
Quote of the Day: "The devil's rising!" -Marilyn
A lot happened. Somehow I came to school thinking that it was already Friday. Passed 12pm Irma picked me up. Dana and Eden were there too. We were following right behind Bennett's car to Kristina's house. We got Jamba Juice and the others got free Starbucks.

We headed to Salzer's to see Yellowcard. We were too damn early so we went to Main St. Over at Main St. we went thrift store shopping and we looked at some vintage stuff. I bought two hats and the others bought shirts and jackets.

We went back to Salzer's. There was a small line formulating outside the store to see Yellowcard's acoustic performance. A lot of Ci people were there. It was fun while we were in line; we played retard, starved, made fun of each other and took free posters.

When we finally got in, the people that were first in line got to sit on the floor. It sucked sitting on the floor but the few feet and great performance was worth it. Sean the violin player is hott! During signing we waited in the long line.. we got free covers of the album. They were already signed and it was a thanx because of the long wait. Jesus won the Yellowcard skateboard. Lucky bastard! I got my cell phone signed and so did Marilyn.

Later we went to Taco Bell and ate dinner. There were two additions to the group, Stephanie and Marilyn. Bennett, Stephanie, Eden, and Kristina went home after.

We were listening to the heavy metal music. We were blasting "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson when we passed by a crosswalk that was glowing. It was funny because Marilyn jumped up and screamed "The devil's rising!" Me, Marilyn, Dana, and Irma went to my house and we played Fuzion. My brother came home ad brought Mikey. We all then decided to go to the rocks in Silverstrand to check out Mars. We never saw it. I was disappointed.

Me and Marilyn sat on the rocks to watch the glowing fishes and had a talk about stuff. Dana and Irma sat on the shore to watch the glowing waves crash on shore. It was hella dark and scary. Mikey and my brother were there too but left early.

We dropped off Dana and met up with my brother and Mikey at Denny's. Irma gave us a concert while Mikey played "Hands Down" on the guitar. Afterwards, I went home. My brother and Mikey went to Jason's house. It was the best day!

Thursday, 8/28/03
Nothing yet today.. maybe later tonight something interesting will happen. Oh yea, my head is throbbing. I took a really long nap. =o/

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» Sea critters!
Tuesday, 8/26/03 - 6:29 pm
Beat: Josh Kelley - Follow You

My gosh.. this happened last night.. I took a break off of hw. I didnt do any! Haha.. Well not until and hour before that class.. I played videogames last night with Marilyn, Irma, Bennett, and my brother. We played Fuzion Frenzy. It had some fun ass games! It's addicting too! We ended around 1am? I had class at 9am so yea.

[Today] After my first class, I went home because the next was in 3 hours.. I was just laying around then decided to do my homework from yesterday. I had to type up a report about a made up lab and do some book work.

30 minutes before class I was talking to Kat and Mikey. I got to know some of their classes. I had to cut chat short because I wanted to get a seat in bio lab. We examined dead sea critters and other chordata critters.. and some decomposers. I picked a pig embryo! It was cute ..not really. I also met SpongeBob [no pants!].

We were let out an hour early. My brother was still in class so I walked home with Aaron. We saw Mikey too. He was skateboarding home.

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» I'm a dork.
Monday, 8/25/03 - 8:18 pm
Beat: Josh Kelley - Amazing

Sunday.. I went to Bakersfield with my dad and my sister. My grandma's brother, whom I call Lolo Chong, was staying in Bakersfield at the house. He's really skinny. He barely eats. My sister says that might be the last time I'll be seein him. I'm going to miss him. For a long time in the Philippines, he took care of me and my brother and sisters.

Yea when I got home I fixed and stuff. My brother's friends were over and they were all playing Halo. There were four different people here.

Well.. I spent Thursday-Sunday working on my paper for English. Agh.. 5 separate topics revised 3 times each.. Something like that. Too much effin work. Anyways I'm over it. The class today was a relief. I finished that damn 10+ page packet too! I feel so accomplished. I swear day after day, less and less people attend that class.

You know what? I have this weird feeling that I'm actually enjoying school, despite the work. I like my math class. My English class was OK. Today we got assigned a partner and a group of four. My partner, Jeannette, is really cool. In my group was Jeannette, Jose, and Richard. We all discussed our essays and found something in common. We all like cartoons.. except for Richard, he's a little bit older than us.

Bio was the longest ever. I was hella sleepy. I think I fell asleep with my eyes open for about an hour. I walked home again. It's getting colder than usual. It never heats up in Oxnard. Anyways.. it's been foggy the whole day. It's very cold.. I like it.

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