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12/06/08 13:58
I am...

feeling: Overjoyed!
watching: Nothing


I am actually so happy. Bwaha. Words cannot possibly express how happy I am x] Honestly, I'm so frikken happy it's unreal. I only have one exam left: Drama DRA6!

You know, I was fully prepared to do oookay on my maths and fail my drama cos maths was the only one I revised for. Unfortunately I think I did another C2, which, if you were reading my blog last year, you would have known that I failed ^^;;

Basically, I had maths C4 today, final maths exam, the big boss, as you might call it. Yus. This big boss was a big, big boss. A big, fat, ugly, horrible boss which I'm afraid I didn't tackle very well sigh :(

I basically screwed up quite badly; I couldnt do the proofs in the last question and I also missed out various parts of questions along the way TT_TT Well, I really, really hope that it doesn't pull my overall grade down to a B. I reckon if I did okay for my S1 and manage to somehow get a B/C for my C4 I can still get an A in maths overall.


Oh well, God was there with me; He'll know the way ^_^

But now that I've finished telling you about how badly I did on my maths, omw... My drama exam was amazing. I really wish I did that one first (yeah, I had an exam clash: both were supposed to begin at 9am, so I had to do one after the other and I requested to do maths first then drama, so... yes) but yeah, I'm actually glad I did it afterwards, because it was such a brilliant paper.

I have seriously never sat a better drama paper before in my life and believe me, I've sat a few! Ahhh I was so happy with it. The questions we got were so, unbelievably easy I almost laughed out loud in the exam hall.

Only annoying thing was, I'd just finished writing out an hour and a half of maths and my hands were killing me, then I was required to write for another hour and a half for drama... Man that hurt :(

I had to start writing with my left hand half way through to give my right hand a break. My knuckles were seriously hurting and I wondered if that was normal o_O;; so yes... Had to write with my left hand for some of it. The examiner's gna wonder what happened x] Oh well, thank God I'm more or less ambidextrous.

I'm slow writing with my left hand though :(

Something I wanted to bring up in the NuTang community though, is the problem that we don't have archives of our pages? I mean, we have 'pages', but no archives? Maybe I should take it to dave that a page for archives would be appreciated and probably a bit more useful than having 'Kuri's Site' and 'weblog' linking to the same page at the top? Cos poor Kirei and Kkama67 had to write out their archives - must have taken them ages!

Believe me, I tried. If you go to my 'readings' page, you can see my attempt at getting all my entries down into an archive. It took a gooood few hours, and I've only done 2 years worth! @[email protected];;

Only thing though, if we do get an archives page I will be pretty gutted that I did the whole thing by hand =sigh= but I will be more grateful that I won't have to keep updating it by hand though, tbh.

So, what'd you think, guys? Should I put it forward into the suggestions? =3 I mean, it would probably help, right? Rather than having 'last 10 entries' as a module, you get a page for archives =3

I wonder if anyone still checks the suggestions part of the forum though ^^;;



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10/06/08 22:47
I am...

feeling: Shocked, Disgusted, UGH.
watching: Nothing

Okay, I was warned earlier in the shoutbox that there was the "brutal, evil murder of a kitty" post somewhere on Nutang, but nothing, and I mean nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

I was just browsing on Nutang, as you do, and I noticed a new avvie in the top 5 most popular, Rachel (I've gone off her page complete. I refuse to go back and link her, whoever she is. Sorry.) and I was wondering who she was, so thought I'd check out her other posts to see if she was a newbie or an old account that had somehow become majorly popular or an old friend returned.

Oh my word.

That post was the most DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I didn't even see it properly, I just wanted to scroll to the end of the page and it still freaked me out!

I guess when my brain skim-read 'hope the kitty post didn't freak you out' or something in her latest post, it didn't occur to me that the kitty-murder was on her page. I remember being forewarned of another name on the shoutbox earlier... o_O;;

I didn't pick up the warnings when I saw a heel on the poor thing either... My gosh it was horrible. Why would anyone want to do such a thing?! Why would anyone take photos of such a thing?! Some people have sick, sick minds.

That was so gross. And what's worse, this Rachel girl only seems to have 3 posts. So therefore I'm a) stumped as to why she's in the top 10 [although I have a feeling it's cos of the kitty-murder post] and b) horrified that the eyeball of the kitty can still be seen cos it's at the bottom of the last photo, and her bottom entry is too short to hide it.

I didn't even bother reading her last entry. Maybe it said something like 'hi, I'm new' but I'm not about to go back to her page to find out...

=In a state of major, major shock and disgust right now=

On the bright side, I've been very productive today. 2 exams on Thursday morning so I've been preparing for my maths all day. On the down side, I realise I absolutely suck at maths and don't know half the syllabus. Yay me...

Oh God that was still disgusting.



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[Prom Dress!!!]
09/06/08 16:07
I am...

feeling: Content
listening to: Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

Omw it's been too long!!!

But I'm happy to announce I've been online less these days :D Probably mostly cos I have exams to continously look forward to, lucky me... But half of them are over! ^_^ I have 2 on Thursday morning which I am SHYTTING IT for because I am SO unprepared it's AWFUL.

I need to revise, seriously... Ugh...

And so much for my update-more-often... For some reason I haven't had the will to update very much lately, but real life has been very interesting for me! Usually I'm a loser who just sits in front of the computer all day x]

I've been out a lot lately to friend's--either going to friend's houses or them visiting... Went to London a couple of weeks ago :D Then on Friday I went to another friend's house party ^_^

And on Saturday I went and bought my prom dress!!! YAY!!! :D

Would you like to see it? ^_^ Saves me from describing it since my descriptive skills have completely depleted over the past couple of years @[email protected];; Here's a photo we took in the changing rooms (aren't my socks amazing? XD) - Click to view full size:

Dress: £39.99 from Bay

Do you guys like it? ^^;; I usually can't wear strapless... always get the feeling it's gna fall off but with this dress, I just had to buy it anyways... I think it suits me :)

3 exams left!!!



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[I've Made A Decision]
09/05/08 16:31
I am...

feeling: Encouraged
watching: Myself Singing...

Actually, I've made a few decisions XD

The first one is about the title of my entries. From now on, I'll be using the first few words of my entry to be the title since I can never think up a decent title. Which makes life so much easier for me! (I almost got so desperate as to put "Entry ##" as my title at one point ^^;; Ehhem, anyways =3)

So... looks like you who read my entries will now have to pay some attention to my titles! XD

Another decision is that I'm actually going to update more often.

Okay, I know, I know I've said that so many times before, but this time I actually mean it, cos I realise I waste far too much on Facebook just... browsing, when there's actually nothing decent to browse for or anything, so I'm going to use that time to actually do something useful, like blogging and getting down my feelings.

Also, I'm really lazy with uploading stuff, I know that. And why?! It's not like uploading takes 5 hours. And even if uploading did take 5 hours, it's not like I would have spent that 5 hours constructively or anything anyways.

So yes. Which brings me on to say...

Here's the drawing I did! ^_^ (I was called sad, obsessed and a loser by a couple of friends of mine for drawing it TT^TT but I don't care!!! I love DBSK!!! And the photo of Jaejoong was just TOO HOT not to pick up a pen and just draw! >=O) Please click for full view =D

Uhm... yeah ^^;; I dno what you guys make of it, but I'm really happy with it! =D It's not that great, but I've honestly never been able to draw real stuff before... it's always turned out a massive mess :( Plus I drew it with my mechanical pencil which I use to do my maths homework with >_>;; So yeah... this is the first piece I've ever been remotely proud of and I think it's okay! =D

Really sorry for the crap lighting though, was taken at night time and the lighting in my room is horrendous x_x;;

Another thing is I've recorded a lot of musical stuff... But I just haven't uploaded it because it just sounds so bad! And most of it is for personal listening to see how I can improve. It does help :)

But yeah... I always make too many mistakes in my recordings so I will never upload them unless I think they're okayish. At the moment, I'm recording loads of myself singing and playing guitar because I want to improve my singing. Personally I think I have improved somewhat =D But yeah ^^;; When I'm finally happy with my singing, maybe I'll upload that some day! (^_________^)v

Until then, please look forward to more entries from me! ^^;;



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[One Down...]
08/05/08 15:17
I am...

feeling: Full
watching: Nada

...six more to go!

I'm talking about exams =3

I finished my German Oral exam on Tuesday! Hmmm... to be honest, I've no idea how it went. All I remember was panicking completely just before the proper exam (the speaking part--I get 20 mins beforehand to prepare a speaking card to speak about too) and crying.

Yes, I cried.

Only a few tears, but they were still there. And I don't even remember the last time I cried before then! Sigh... it was... really not the best one I'd ever done :( But luckily I managed to pull myself together for the general conversation [worth two-thirds of the speaking exam] so I guess... Hopefully it won't be too bad.

My next exam is a week today! Omw! Gahhh need to get on with revision!

Oh! And something I'm really pleased with is a picture I drew of Kim Jaejoong from DBSK! I will upload it soon ^_^ But yeah I'm really happy with it. I guess I got some inspiration after seeing other people's art of Jaejoong and was like 'wow...' then I saw an uber-hot photo of him and... well, picked up my doodling pad, grabbed my mechanical pencil and drew! XD

It turned out much better than expected! Especially for a drawing with mechanical pencil... I'm quite pleased with it since I never thought I could draw real people! In fact, all the times I've tried before, I just sucked so bad...

So the first time I tried in like... years, literally years, it turned out... well! XD

Please look forward to it! ^^;;



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[It Really Surprises Me...]
03/05/08 15:59
I am...

feeling: Content
watching: At The Cross - Hillsong

...that even with my lack of regular updates I'm still in the top 25 most popular members page o_O;; I've noticed that a lot actually... I'm usually on the top 25 most popular members and that just really surprises me since sometimes I don't even blog for months ^^;;

Thank you guys so muuuch <333

Anyways I have a German Oral exam on Tuesday, then a week and a bit later I have my Maths S1 exam and that's me done for May! Then 4 more exams in June and I'm free!!!

I think I'll go update the calendar over there <--

I think in a way, I'm really lucky cos my exams are so spread out I can concentrate on one at a time =3 Well, apart from my Theatre Unit 5 and Maths C4 exams on 12th June. They're on the same morning!!! Seriously I don't even have an hour in between to do some last minute crammage or give my hand a break!

Seriously my hand'll probably drop off -_-;;

I had a 3 hr exam in theatre last year. My hand definitely dropped off for a good hour after that exam. then i managed to reattach it to my arm again =3

Anyways, I have barely revised for my German Oral exam. I best get to revision!!! Thank God Monday's a bank holiday so I can cram all day. Though even if it wasn't I would have taken the day off to cram anyway.

Gotta go revise!!! Good luck to everyone who've got exams!!!



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