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Hello. It's me. :)
Name: Kirei
Age: 31
United States

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History Buffing
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I recently became curious about my family history again and I actually found something! Wikipedia is a live saver. I never knew that my family name would be on it, but that's because I didn't know how wellknown my name was for centuries. o.0 My ancestors gained land from William the Conqueror for assisting him in the invasion of England. Our name originates from archery. They were professional bowmen, so they gained Archer as a surname. They were politicians, nobles and were very notable in European history. Wikipedia article. There's even a website for the American Archer lines. o.0 Here's the history page. The latter has a lot more info. I am amazed at both articles. I never knew my family was so wellknown back then. The family originated in France, then branched out in England as well. So, the name is of both origins. I'm really excited about this! I've always wanted to trace back to when my line came to America. I'm not sure if my grandpa knows. lol Oh yeah, sorry that site has cheesy music on it. >.< I guess hit Esc or turn off your speakers. xp

Presently, most of my Archer line lives in Clay County, Arkansas. We're known as musicians there among other things I don't know. lol Or have forgotten and need to ask my mother about, but mainly music. My grandfather, Wayne Archer, fought in the Korean War and went to lots of places in Asia during that time. He plays the fiddle very well and is in a music group of other fiddlests and the like.

What else? >.< Erk, I need to ask my mom or grandpa. Blah. He lives there, too. >>

Oh! We even have a crest and coat of arms!!! O.O The coat of arms was three golden arrows pointing down on a blue background. I've heard two versions for the crest. One was a griffin's head and the other was a dragon's head emerging from a crown. Not sure which one is right. But the coat of arms has always been the same everytime I saw it. The quote was "Sola bona quae honesta" which means "Honesty above all".

Anyway! I don't want to bore you with my family history. Not sure if you're interested. XD Wow I practically wrote an essay here. LOL

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"I can't live life in fear of some 'what if'." Clair Bennet - Heroes
Izaak's Party & New Sites
Friday, May 25, 2007
January 13, 2009
Deleted subject about my son't party.

I've been busy on three new sites that I found this week. They are Zantarni, Menewsha and Elyzeria. Zantarni and Menewsha are avatar-based forums, like Gaia Online. You can buy items for your little person, like weapons, clothes, ect. Zantarni is medieval/fantasy, while Menewsha's theme is a mixture of medieval/fantasy and modern. They both have games so you can earn gold (website currency). You also earn gold by posting the forums.
Elyzeria is more medieval/fantasy than those two. You create three characters on your account. They can be an elf, a dwarf or human. The classes/job they can have are warrior, mage, healer and I forget the last one. XD There's four classes.
I thought that I'd share those sites with you if you're into that kind of thing.

Well it's raining and thundering. xp It's so weird that rain can make grass and trees look so pretty. O.O LOL!

I want Linkin Park's new cd.

Ok I'm out!

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"I can't live life in fear of some 'what if'." Clair Bennet - Heroes
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