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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
love, friendship, forever, greed
Wednesday. 6.22.05 10:41 am
went to watch mr and mrs smith today w fad. i do believe the experience is not even a fraction as sweet as a certain someone whu watched the same show on sat. envious~! lol!

think pple whu expected an action flick were sorely disappointed, the scales tipped more towards conversations/disatisfication of marriage den all out gun fights. but i found it funny.

me and fad found ourselves on high and dry ground with no cash and no purpose, drifting along in orchard. somehow just got so sick of orchard.


Was listening to some chn song.. using the words 'love' and 'forever',a common refrain. Happens to be that i'm reading anne rice (aka regarding vampires). wondering what will happen to mortals when they really attained immortality... how can any feelings, even the closest friendships last 'forever'? Perhaps the most blase and shallow aquaintence may last. Cause there is so little u know of each other and therefore only so superficial can the conversation go. No hurt feelings-coz u don't really bother abt the other person, no arguments-coz u tend to just let the issue pass. But perhaps i'm painting too dark a picture? Maybe i think too much and over complicate matters. Maybe simpler pple give more willingly and friendships last more placidly, without the so called complications.

so fragile a friendship, whatmore can we expect of love? not more than some passing intrigue for the mind?

Mortals are pathetic creatures. Too much tainted with greed, to possess and to hold on to things and pple around them. What can i say? I am merely Merrick the Blood Drinker.

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my 8 characters
Tuesday. 6.21.05 8:53 am
as of today.. i am officially employed.

got my colleague at the fengshui shop to calculate my 8 characters for me. she's not done with the whole thing yet but she gave me a rough gauge of how my life has been so far.

how acurate is it? its so accurate, its damn scary. not sure abt the future.. but re my family and past and character even when i was younger was spot on. believe me, i not a super supersitious person to start with. I've debunked the theories more than once.

according to the calculation, my love life is gonna suck big time. I am a person whu will always get stuck in triangle relationships... there will always be some interference....the guy i like may be attached/married or maybe just have a monster mum. or the opposite might happen.. a 3rd person will come thru... geez...truth of this statement..? hmmm. geez...and for guys whu like me i incapable of seeing them as more than friends. wat the hell~ so therefore if i ever get married... i'll have a late marriage. totally DUHZ~ dunno what to say. sad life man. like those idol drama serials like that.. dot dot dot.

yes, she did say when my The One will appear.... but i'm taking her predictions with a heavy pinch of salt. lol

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