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    Thursday. 10.12.06 10:10 am



    Comment! (1) | Recommend! | Categories:

    Chris Brown Teams Up With Justin Timberlake
    Wednesday. 10.11.06 11:51 pm
    Lastly, it could be because their labelmates or it could be a sign of the direction they are taking his career but Chris Brown announced that he will mostly likely hit the road and tour with Justin Timberlake after he concludes his rounds on the chitlin circuit with cohorts Juelz Santana, Dem Fanchize Boyz, Cherish and Ne-Yo.

    Young CB is also prepping his sophomore CD, but admits that he plans to remix and release at least one more track from his debut joint. But all of that will have to wait until he does a short stint on that white washed show, "The O.C."
    Posted by SOHH Soul Man at Oc

    Comment! (2) | Recommend! | Categories:

    Who's Dissin' Diddy Now
    Wednesday. 10.11.06 11:45 pm
    "You gonna hate me, Imma hate you too. Simple as that. Die mutha fucka, die mutha fucka, die. If you don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck." ~ Diddy on Nas' "Hate Me Now"

    SOHH it seems that Diddy and his campaign to take over the net with his ego-driven viral videos/video diary has backfired. No, he didn't violate the terms and services agreement. No, he didn't misrepresent himself. And despite him videotaping himself taking and piss and comparing it to some of the best sex he's ever had, he didn't even overexpose himself.

    The story goes... Diddy creates a video of himself at Burger King proclaiming himself the king of music and fashion. Nothing strange there. He goes on to order a Whopper and then announce that he and BK bought a channel on YouTube and it's named "Diddy TV" (all channels on YouTube are free).

    Within hours of the clip being added to YouTube over 1,700 comments were left, most of them negative. Shortly thereafter, spoofs and parodies of Diddy’s vids began popping up, in particular one by the user LisaNova who goes to a fruit stand and orders a fruit salad with everything and says that she is partnering with the stand to BUY a YouTube channel. Inferring how "smart" a deal it is. Are you catching the shade here?

    Long story short, peeps are pressed that Diddy did what he does: makes a million dollars out of fifteen cents. Diddy helped mainstream hip hop, why would mainstreaming and profiting off of the latest internet fad be any different. Kudos to him for doing it just in time for the announcement that Google not only acquired YouTube, but that both entities have etched deals with major record labels which makes them less like copyright infringers and more like pimps in their own minds.

    Will this mole hill won’t keep Diddy down. Well, according to Burger King, which on Monday announced a multi-year, multi-platform campaign showcasing Diddy, "No." And if they asked Whitney, the answer would be "Hell to the no!

    But anyways, Diddy’s Press Play hits stores this Tuesday (10/17). Although you shouldn’t wait until then to press play and listen to “Thought U Said” featuring Brandy. Brandy is a bad girl and despite the fact that she hasn’t released a project since 2004 but both Kanye and Diddy have called on her everytime the beat drops speaks volumes.

    Comment! (1) | Recommend! | Categories:

    Diddy Confesses To Having A Ghostwriter
    Wednesday. 10.11.06 11:25 pm

    @ "The Late Show With David Letterman" on Monday night (Oct. 9)

    Diddy told SOHH last week that he didn't write much on albums in the past, but he wrote "a lot more" on Press Play. Are we really surprised though? He called in the writing troops while working on No Way Out, Forever, and The Saga Continues. So he likely didn't even write most of his new LP, just "a lot more" than nothing. Diddy is a funny dude. He's also saying he wants this album to be his last one because since he's talking about love, he wants to end it on a good note. We've head it all before though.

    You can listen to Press Play in its entiretly over at MTV. Nice.

    Check out Snoop and R. Kelly's new joint "That's That Sh!t" produced by Nottz and Dre for Snoop's Tha Blue Carpet Treatment here.
    Posted by SOHH Fabulous at October 11, 2006 09:40 AM

    Comment! (1) | Recommend! | Categories:

    Another Jay-Z Leak
    Wednesday. 10.11.06 11:15 pm

    Jay and Beyonce in Africa this week

    I'm convinced Hov is leaking his own tracks himself. He still has over a month till his album drops and this is joint #2 to get out. It's called "Kingdom Come". I also heard his whole album has leaked and some radio stations are sitting on the tracks till a little later. That would be quite messed up for Jay if true. So after hearing this and "Show Me What You Got," is it still safe to say Hov is the best rapper alive? Speak on it...

    Here's some more pics from Jay and B's trip to Tanzania:

    You can get more pics over at YBF. Jay also worked with NASCAR stars Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for his "Show Me What You Got" video. MTV has the pics.

    Comment! (1) | Recommend! | Categories:

    The 2006 Dirty Awards: It's Our Day
    Wednesday. 10.11.06 11:05 pm
    It was a little over a decade ago that Cool Breeze and The Dungeon Family started screaming out "What you ni66a's know about the dirt sooouth..."

    Now, a decade later we have "The Dirty Awards" to celebrate the crowning of kings. Yep, The 2nd Annual Dirty Awards have finally arrived in the A. The awards quietly crept up on us this year though, for whatever reason there wasn't as much advertising done on it like last year's event. However, it's still expected to sell out (and that's at $75 a ticket).

    (Click here to read the list of nominees)

    There will be performances by 'Dro, Rick Ross ("I'm in the White House" is my joint right now, too), Cherish, and Yung Joc. Who said Diddy might be there? Even if he's not you can look for most of the major artists in the south to be in the building like they were last year..

    The show will also be hosted by Earthquake so you already know the crowd will be on one the whole night. Can you see the difference MTV? Earthquake or Black Jack or Jack Black...whatever man you feel me.

    Outkast will deservedly get The Living Legend award this year and Dallas Austin will be presented with The Humanitarian award this year (I don't even want to hear it, kinfolk does alot for the community).

    Stand up ATLanta this is our day because this was our year ONCE again. Read about it.
    Posted by SOHH Southern at October 8, 2006 10:25 PM

    Tight I'll be there....!
    You said $75 a ticket?
    I'll wait for the DVD.

    Posted by: HY8PE.com at October 9, 2006 12:02 AM

    second bitches fuck that shit i just wanted to be second the rest can taste my balls but not to much dont want all them bitches to get attached start callin ma house or something

    Posted by: tonycrack at October 9, 2006 12:25 AM

    Word to your mother B.
    You coons down South do nothing but eat fried chicken, greens, and cornbread. And what is it with this red flavored Kool-Aid? It's strawberry B. Word up. And just wait a few more years. We'll be back on top. Word is bond son. You jigaboos get ready to take your L like a man my duke.

    You let your Moms...oh let me talk the way you all talk B. You let your Mama keep cooking that fried chicken, and okra and tomato casserole, and red flavored Kool-Aid. Don't forget to have something spicy. You know how you porch monkeys like your food hot. In New York it's Chinese take out all day my dude. I bet the South has never tasted soy sauce B!!!

    Peace out. One.

    Posted by: NewYork ish at October 9, 2006 12:35 AM

    yall some dirty mothafuckas

    Posted by: cvln at October 9, 2006 12:41 AM

    hova single is trash..is this hwat the hype is about?this some bullshit wheres beyonce on this?trash hova!!!

    Posted by: hater at October 9, 2006 12:57 AM

    the truth holla, myspace.com/conspiracy225click

    Posted by: cj70805 at October 9, 2006 01:10 AM

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