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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Books Consumption
Monday, May 19, 2008
I finally finished reading Life of Pi. I'm sooo relieved. I started reading that book since January 08 and I have taken almost 5 months to finish it. Blame the beginning for being boring. Throughout the whole book, I admire Pi's courage to not letting down his guard when he was with the bengal tiger. Pi intelligence and calmness cannot be underestimated too. It's rare for people not to apply their brain in survival situations. Usually the emotions tke reign but not in Pi's case.

Another book I managed to finish within 4 days is DarkAngle part 2. It was damn boring. All drama and no actions. I was extremely elated that the book is not thick at all if not I would just abandon the book. And now I'm onto part 3. Wish me luck.

As I was reading books, it struck me of a story book I picked up from library during college days. I remember the book cover being sticky and not interesting at all but the synopsis is. And don't know what made me to turn back on my steps just to retrieve that book and rushed to the counter to borrow. That was the sudden urge. Unfortunately I don't remember the name but the story itself is interesting and you guys would just comment it as 'ridiculous.' Want to know what's about? OK... here we go.

A 14-year-old was abducted all of a sudden from her backyard by some alien's time machine. Just imagine Star Trek "now you see now you don't" teleportation's technology. And so she was brought back to the alien's world. She was confined in a windowless room. She got a sort of a psychologist alien to communicate with her using a machine that translate the alien's language into English and vice versa. She was confused and she kept on wondering why she MUST be the one being kidnapped. Why not the others? The psychologist assured her that they would return her to her own world and the exact time after they are done with her. And the alien wanted her blood or DNA or something like that because they need it as a cure. And the aliens have to do it within a few days before she starts growing.

So far so good in her confinement until she escaped from the room by crawling into the air conditioner system. When she got out of the building ... she happened to be kidnapped by another alien! And so she was brought to an old building and she slept with the other aliens. She tried talking to them but they won't answer her. And when she was in the building she recognized it as an old medical facility that has the word EXIT on the door. Later ... there was a fight between the aliens and she was brought back to her room.

At this moment she bursted into tears questiosning bout the EXIT sign in that building and questioned where were all the humans. Th psychologist told her that they need her because they are trying to look for a cure for the aliens. They were once humans but evolved into 'aliens' because of a virus and they are trying to reverse that. He also explained that she could not see any trees on the way back to the alien facility because the world is no longer hospitable caused by the devastation activities of humans and yes... they are on Earth. They didn't mean to kidnap her but the kidnap team was instructed to kidnap the first human they spotted and she so happened to be the only human there. After listening to the explanation, she was solemn and gave full cooperation with the aliens.

The aliens kept their words and she was sent back home. She vowed that she won't let her world to end up like the future...


This story kinda struck me that humans could evolve into aliens... who knows? Dinosaurs could evolve into present cute animals... why not humans? If we could evolve from chimpanzees that is... With all this global warming and polluted air .. never know how our body gonna evolve to adapt the changing climate.

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Desert Storm
Saturday, May 17, 2008
First of all I need to thank Worm for always inspiring me to have ideas for my blog entries and this entry is dedicated to him.

To start off, I was extremely mad this morning invoked by a conversation I had with my muse over dinner last night. So mad until I borrowed my mum's 2 ears to listen to my woes and thank god I felt so much better after that.

The both of us were talking about a company that deals with a natural resource and we both knew there's no such thing for a company to 'stay the same forever.' I openly joke that I was actually looking forward to the day that the company go bankrupt or something like that. And why not? How much of strategic land can that particular company go investing on? I mean S-T-R-A-T-E-G-I-C. There would definitely be an end to its vested interest. And what not? Perak, one of the states of Malaysia, used to be the world producer of tin until it ran out. And who is not evolving? I heard Shell company is also investing a lot in green technology. I'm sure they are preparing themselves for the day oil runs out. Simply because there's no such thing as infinity. If there is, everyone would be immortal. This is my conclusion.

Shortly after my joke, Worm, as usual, counter attacked my statement "Why not? There's so much of land in this world... Israel can have forest in the desert so why not?" I was pulling my horses when I was listening to that statement. I feel pity for him if I just scratch him without having concrete facts to support my counter measure statements. So I decided to do research.

Yes, it is a fact that people are now reclaiming the desert. Arizona and Egypt are such places doing so. Development is already encroaching the desert. The reason the desert is dry and arid because lack of water. If you pump water into the desert, plants will grow. Ok so what's the problem? No problem ... you just pump more water la?! Duh~ Oh yes we all can live in a desert. Certainly no problem because architects just apply bioclimatic designs to the buildings. Nothing is impossible.

Don't forget we also got a lot of land in terms of forests. We could always cut the forests to make way for development. Yea ... there's the Amazon River basin, the largest rainforest in the world, for future development. Why not? It's just land ... Won't it be a waste for the animals to live in instead of humans?

Don't forget about the mangroves... swampy areas and the ocean. Yes! Yes! Yes! let's bank on the ocean!! It's simply stupid to see those fish... sharks and whales swimming in the ocean. Let's just reclaim the sea for beach houses and don't forget major shopping malls on the beach by the beach.

And there goes on the list. Just forget about two poles. They will be melted even before you step on it. And so I just made the list of lands we could live on, reclaim and sell.

Money is evil and innocent in this context. As money is always enough for everyone on this world, many people try to take the advantage to get his or her pie so they create needs and desires for development. The more people taste about money, the more they want. And so the greed is awaken in them. There's nothing wrong to be greedy and dream of to be rich. But why do we need to consume so much of resources? Why do we want to transfer or move our problems to a new place instead of solving them? Back to houses and lands, Malaysia herself has a lot of abandoned houses which recently made heaadlights in the newspapers for sheltering drug addicts instead of needy people. There are also places that are dying and becoming day by day into slums. Why can't we revive them? The vicious cycle will go on if we just don't solve the basic problems. And then what happen when we have no more land to continue the cycle? So Worm are you going to tell me not to worry because that very fateful day will come when you are no longer lingering alive?

Next is solving a problem will only create another problem. Yes... reclaiming lands we never thought of is solving the limited landspace for the exponential population. But what about water? It seems like many things can't go without water. The afforestation in Israel is the initiative of the Jewish National Fund foresters. They used water, chemical and the sort to create the forests. There are 6.4 billion of people in this world. Do we have enough of water to feed this amount of people and human activities in the long run? Oh yes, I forget, we can always convert the sea into drinking water. And then what's next to be converted into portable water? Blood? War?

"Business as usual" is what going around in many people's head. Money comes first. Why do we need to care since the younger generations should thank us for making their live much more comfortable then ours? We make this live comfortable for them so it's their job to clean up our actions. Is that a viable statement? Why not? Somebody said "It's my job to take care of the environment" in my face. But what if this is not what our younger generations want? If you are a parent, do you want to see your kids dying at an immature age? Do you want your kids to die at a very young age? Do you want to see your kids to suffer? In another way is do you want to spend more money on your kids' medication than enjoying life? Are we not unfair to them? No they don't. That's why Rosa Park fights for equal human rights. We are now seeing younger generations fighting for cleaner environment. Business is not as usual anymore. And you want to develop more lands? I think you now need to ask the citizens first. No? You joking me? Just look at the Friends of Kota Damansara fighting for their "lungs".

There's a limit to everything. Even to politics, that's why Malaysia has a political tsunami in March 2008. Enough is enough is what the citizens lauded. So is Mother Nature. Enough is enough. Let's look forward to more natural disasters and deaths in near future.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008
I'm pulling hair now!!! It's not easy to draw a branch on photoshop... ARGHH!!!! Where's my wig... my wig....!!

What to do... this is my first time experimenting with photoshop... I'm still struggling with some tools.

Don't worry. Renaye is having lots of fun now..

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11th Hour
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
I watched 11th Hour produced by Leonardo Dicaprio last night. I enjoyed watching it and listening to all those staggering starkly gloomy words that everyone is going to die if we don't take action now. Yea. NOW. The Earth is not going to die. But the homo sapiens sapiens are. The Earth is going to have a hell lot of time to recover when the humans are finally wipe out/ extinct like the dinosaurs - that is. We are on the losing end. Not Earth. We are the young species ... that destroy the Earth that is like 400 millions years old [I don't remember the age that I heard from the documentary].

Are humans going to evolve? Survival of the fittest? Want other people to save you? In your dreams. This is reality. For. God. Sake.

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A or B?
Monday, May 12, 2008
My colleagues and I were on the field for work. Before we went back to the office, we stopped at the gas station to refill the car. A colleague went down to make payment and me sitting behind wondering why the driver didn't turn off the engine. So I asked her why not. She said "Nah, it's ok." I immediately asked her if she wants to die or don't want to die because I certainly don't want to die in the car. She replied I was too straight a person. And I told her seriously this is not a matter of joke. She turned it off in the end.

When we started our journey back to office I told what happened to my another colleague who made the payment at the petrol kiosk. She was astounded. She even lectured the driver for not doing so. She was also wondering why the driver did not shut the engine when she was making the payment ...

To end the conversation we had .. the question I posted to the driver was no longer relevant. Had she didn't turn off the engine ... we would be bombed at the petrol kiosk should all requirements for the fire to break out at the station fulfilled by the driver and the car.... And the most relevant question to the driver should be do you wish to kill anyone beside yourself?

If you think why am I so straighforward ... that's because I'm sick and extremely tired of paraphrasing my meanings in a better way knowing stubborn people won't be interpreting the lines between it. Stubborn and coward people are certainly afraid of one thing and that is DEATH.

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Zuppy Soup
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Someone laughed at me today at 10 ish in the morning at the mamak stall. My simple request was "Tolong kurangkan kuah" (please reduce the gravy) for my roti canai. My mum also scolded me for requesting that since she thought I would be giving him trouble. But I don't see why not. Why do I want so much of gravy when I only use quarter of the given gravy? I always throw the balance whenever I buy roti canai. I find it such a waste of water and gravy whenever one cannot finish. Imagine some people out there got no water to drink and we here discarding them. I have been requesting for less gravy and my mother has been complaining about the dryness of my food. But hey .. I'm sooooo fine with it!!

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