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1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
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3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Election is already OVER!
Monday, March 10, 2008
I'm so glad elections is already over because my ears is yearning for peace about all this politic stuff. It's not like I'm not sporting at all and closed minded whatever - mind you I also studied international relations - but it's just most of us forgot that each of us has different opinions when comes to political issues; each of us supports different parties and different manisfestos and different ideas of leadership. That's why sometimes I prefer not to discuss!!! I have my own ideas and they might clash with yours! And don't forget Malaysia is a multiracial country and we have different racial parties and different manifestos!!! And that's my main concern!!! And worse still... there's no such thing as right and wrong opinion. I may deem this particular person's political idea as plain dodo but maybe wonderful to another but at the end of the day leaders only have two objectives: i) be a leader to lead the people for the better of their future or ii) bring the country to destruction because of selfishness.

So that's why I rather sometimes keep my opinions to myself. And even if you have ideas ... why want to publicise? Just keep it to yourself la. Listen more than you speak. And when someone has opinions detesting against yours why want to fight back?? Gosh .... that's why we have fights la.

Whatever the result is from the recent voting, I got no problem because I'm confident that business still goes on as usual.

Last week I posted my thoughts on voting on a Malaysian youthpoll. I don't remember what I wrote but I wrote something that I got no confident in the present leadership because of all current political issues that we get to read in the dailies... and I'm looking for leadership in protecting the environment. Is there anything wrong with it? Nothing wrong right? It's my opinion isn't it? I got a lot of comments about my statement ... never expected ... someone said

"As Dr. M said before, in life we always need the opposition to remind us of what is our mistakes and how we actually can benefit from it. Being a Malaysian makes us proud as we have more stabilize politics as compared to those in Taiwan. As we can see, there is no party or alliances that is consist of oen race. So, we are proud to be MALAYSIAN in a way. And, guys, let's grow up. Whatever happening in the campaign now is known as POLITICS. What you expect to happened?

In another mean, just ensure that there are sufficient people to be talking in the parliament and brain storming do happens there.

We cannot measure or determine someone is good or not even as voters. All we can do is we just vote based on which party we wants to win. It is not measurable if we wanna determine who is better and who is not.

Whoever is the candidates, just read their manifesto and go for their campaigns, there will be MILLIONS of promises and how much of the!

m actually REALIZED? I believed, voters do understand right...

I am going to vote for DAP but not because I wanted them to win, but again we need the opposition to be there and reminds the ruling party, what they might did wrong."

My reply = I'm already grown up and I want capable leaders to lead especially in the brains. And I know what is Politics. Thank you for the reminder. I got something else to add but I don't feel like it. Say whatever you want.

"I think that the oppositions promises on reducing inflation is attractive but they will have to do it at the cost of our taxes and that will hurt the economy. Subsidies are never good in the long run. they destroy the competitiveness of economics and force the people to have a "subsidy-dependent" mindset. Guys, we have to remove the subsidy and face the real thing or else we will suffer in the end of it all."

My comment = I don't agree to petrol subsidies. Why can't we just move on to greener fuel? Or can't we have cleaner technology? Why do we act at the eleventh hour? Gosh ... we take things for granted. The government should provide more efficient public transport.

"we are still a developing country. green lovers are good but if we put environment first, we could be jeopardising our country's development coz' it takes money to educate the people and start up facilities and just as well our industries have to cut back to meet the green quota. i support environmental causes but our country is not up for it just yet."

My comment = Hmm.. are you saying we still need to sacrifice our environment in the name of development? If yes, what's our ministry of environmental and natural resource for? Excuse me? Have you ever heard of Sustainable Development? And do you know we ractified a lot of MEAs? Find out yourself if you don't know what's MEA. And my definition of putting green issues into the political agenda is as simple as preserving forest reserve instead of transforming them into development parches. So you telling me cannot?? If cannot, then please execute a revival plan for all those slum buildings. Do you know what the hell am I talking about in the first? I'm talking about urban environmental issues.

We simply can afford all those green technology and facilitate those green education because we have the financial means but we all know where those profits went to. I won't use 'fresh air' as example. I will use seafood instead. Do you want to eat fish now and forever? Yes? Good then bloody think of the environment because we are going to run out seafood resource from the wild soon because some countries have been overfishing.

I will only put three comments I received. I actually received like 20 comments but they almost quite similar. Have fun. And I don't want to talk anymore about politics because I want to stuff my brain with Scrabble vocab now.

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Cut the back
Sunday, March 9, 2008
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Mercy me
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
I'm gonna write here randomly and it's quite disrespectful to someone but I can't help it. And this entry is by no means to belittle anyone's capability and ability. It's just something I want think out loud.

I was very hardworking among my workmates because all of them are not really working on a stale project; I'm the only one working on it. At the beginning, I dreaded this project because we work on it until we nauseate. But now I'm really excited about mending the changes. A good wind of change.

As I said I was working on the project, I took over an ex-colleague's project and I was relieved to hear him telling me all those projects already have important data or somethin like that and got some completed. I was damn happy, believe me, coz I thought work load will be lighter. However it is not. There were only 2 projects completed and somehow the rest was untouched. My god. I said so because ... hang on... let me pause here because I need to respect a person's individuality...

Ok I stop here. End. Period.

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Stuff me
Tuesday, March 4, 2008
A lot of things running through my head at the moment from politics and elections to environmental issues to life itself.

So let me cover everything at one go.

I'm going to vote for the first time this coming Saturday. Everyone in my office is so damn excited about the voting. One of my colleagues has been giving 'speeches' about the party her whole family is supporting. Damn hilarious because her computer was covered with the party's logo and been talking about it for days already. And so it seems Pakcik was a committe member of the supporting member of the government. He was extremely angry [we guess through his body language] when he heard my friend kept on telling us to vote for her favourite party. For me ... it's hard to make a decision. I admit that there are many things I'm not happy with. There are many things could be improved but the talk is never walked or even surface. And I seriously want to see changes in this country for the better. Can we do it? Yes of course but not with the current generation of leaders. Who am I going to vote? Have you seen the Chinese movie called Hero? If yes, you will know the answer already.

I read in the Sun yesterday about a group of scientists detecting an iceberg of the size of Texas floating in the sea. Do you guys have any idea what does that mean? I'm already extremely tired of announcing this kind of news to the person next to me because the reply would be 'So?'. I'm tired. And then I recalled Wormx2's word "It's your job" when we were having dinner together on Saturday. Let me guess... it's the environmentalists job to save the earth? I somehow felt very tired. As Jolenesiah and I came to an agreement, this world needs to be reformatted like what we do to computers. Oh well, I'm just too sick to continue pouring thoughts from my heart because whatever I say ... the reply would be "So?" or "It's not my problem" and "It's your job" from some people [I'm not referring to you Worm]. Well since the world looks so gloomy and doomy especially with the idiotic war of lies, I don't see how everyone on this world can be safe. Why don't we just embrace doomsday with open heart? If not, start saving the environment! Don't say you can't! Don't tell me you can't even put a can into the tin bin?!

I was thinking of life too. But I don't remember already but most likely is about starvation and myself and that's why the title is 'Stuff me' as in starve me. I will write that next time. I'm just too sick and tired of all these lies, dishonesty and ignorance to continue recording my thoughts here.

Hopefully I havea good dream but not as wild as Sunday's. You remember that, Jolenesiah?

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Small World
Saturday, March 1, 2008
I went to a high school today to take my insurance exam because it's a compulsory exam by my investment employer. I was the entrance to the school hall and there was a girl blocking my way because she was sitting right in the middle of the staircase. She was busy reading the insurance booklet. She looked familiar. I immediately recognize her as my senior back in high school whom I have not seen since 2001! I said hi to her and she couldn't recognize me at all. I'm not surprise because we were not close at all. We just engaged in a talk or two. That's all.

But this world is just so small. Both of us studied in Penang and yet we bumped into each other in Kuala Lumpur. I even bumped my high school friend in Wellington, in the same bus across the road! Small world isn't it?

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A spike in my foot
Sunday, February 24, 2008
I think the international food court in KLCC (the shopping mall in the tallest twin building in the world) is a jinx. On Valentine Day, my lunch date was abruptly cancelled and I don't want to mention it any further... Last Friday, I was abandoned by my idiotic colleagues. Here goes the story.

Last Friday, I planned to busy body at the MAS air fare at KL Convention Centre since papers have been splashed with cheap dirt air tickets. And I thought I could get free tickets through lucky draw. And drop by at Estee Lauder counter to get samples. This were my plans. And my colleagues asked me to join them for lunch. Since I got no lunchbox from home, I agreed.

We arrived in KLCC separately because I went to the bank and to my dismay it was packed so I skipped. And met up with one of the colleagues at another bank whom she was waiting for one girl withdrawing money and the other on the way to meet them. It was 12.40 p.m. I was kinda surprised to see her standing there because it's lunch time and food courts will be extremely packed at this hour. And utterly impossible to get a place to sit if you go after 12.30 p.m. Since I got nothing to do... I volunteered to get a place at the international food court. I said that clearly to the girl standing.

I went up and got a place after waiting for 5 minutes. It was packed. I walked one round just to get a place not mentioning waiting for people to leave their seats. And I got a nice place for 4 and so I waited for them. I called another girl who went withdrawing cash that I got a place in front of Sushi King. And later, she called me telling me they were at this place called Deli-something ... and then she hanged up. I could hear my stomach growling and my inner self keeps on wanting to give up the seat but I insisted on waiting. I thought they could not spot me since I was quite far away from the escalator. And so I waited until my patience is running on oil. I called up again.

Me: Hey... I'm in front of Sushi King... where are you guys?
A: We are in front of Deli-something... ordering food already... come and join us la
A: But I already told you we are in front of Deli-something ma
A: Never mind la.. you join us la.

And off I left the place with a growling stomach. Idiotic people. I left the place and packed some pizza and ate at a bench. I kinda enjoyed eating at the bench because I'm used to it since college. But still my plans were in ruin by these idiots. As I ate pizza, I kept on recalling back our conversation... I was thinking where did our conversation went wrong. Where went wrong in the first place??!! I told the standing-girl I would get us a place to sit and then I called the withdrawing-cash-girl about me sitting somewhere...

When we headed back to office, the standing-girl apologize to me and I shot back "I DON'T KNOW WHAT U GUYS R DOING!"

And I headed back to my seat to finish my pizza. Then I received MSN messages about the whole incident. The standing-girl told me the cash-girl didn't inform her about me getting a place. But excuse me? I told you first and could not you ask the cash-girl to ask my whereabout? And why the heck the stupid cash-girl ending the call after telling me their whereabout? I mean 'Hello You Guys Got Brain Right?'

If you think I'm harsh for calling them brainless, I won't apologize to that statement because they are at times although the standing-girl is much better with her brains. In fact, two people in fact should make this whole incident clear... the stupid cash-girl should also make a statement to clear things out because in fact she's the one that should be wronged. I told her a clear message and poor the other girl to admit all was her fault. And that cash-girl just kept quiet. How can you just see a colleague admitting all wrong just like that?! Man .. don't play innocent with me because everyone is not innocent and pure [and those people only exist in anime like Fruit Basket].

And yea I admit that I'm also very brainless but only to certain things and time. Of course I'm also brainless la... where got people 100% correct one??!! As the saying goes ... no one is perfect.

I was actually not angry with them but I put it up because if I just say 'Oh it's ok' they won't get the message to use their brain. My mum concluded them as budak kampung [rural kids because of the lifestyle difference with urbanites]. Technically the cash-girl is very budak kampung... This incident won't ever repeat again because I decided not to have lunch with them anymore. I know this incident is too minor to have this kind of effect on me but I just couldn't put up with people who don't use their wisdom. And I certainly don't want a repetition...

Lesson learned = Always listen to instinct.

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