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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Pat on the Shoulder
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I finally managed to do something to my blank layout to something not glaring. Yatta ne! I have always wanted to have a simple layout like crz4manga even before she became a member (hehe). But today I have been stalking her blog just to check on her CSS code (hehehe). I changed the picture a few times to my liking and it was weird. I coded the picture to 'bottom-right' it came out on the left. And I'm finally happy with the current picture and I don't want to move it anymore because it will surely move to the left again! And I managed to change the colour links, thanks to Jolenesiah.

So now I just need to find out how to credit animeartbooks for the picture. This artist Tukiji Nao has a lot of nice drawings. I downloaded a few and thought of playing with all the images but after witnessing how the pictures can move from right to left without instructing it... NO WAY. I'm DONE!

So I'm happy for now.

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Put on Cucumber Glasses
Monday, April 14, 2008
You guys must be thinking Renaye's blog must be corrupted and such since it's very something wrong isn't it? The blog is not corrupted but just in the process of experimentation. I have been yenning to play with the layout css code and finally got to do it after Jolenesiah get rid of the entry boxes for me. But then I don't know what to play next. So I played with the colour while I was in the office. I even tried putting a graphic as part of the background. That picture really made my blog as beautiful but then I somehow got pissed off when the toolbar that contains profile, gallery, guestbook, etc, blocked her beautiful face. I found it such a waste to have quarter of her face been blocked. I might try to do something with it because that picture is really cool. But I don't really need to fret since there are many more beautiful graphics by the same artists.

So please bear with me with this horrid mutated layout. The contents would still as interesting as always.

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Coco Land Evaporated
Sunday, April 13, 2008
My Coconut land is finally evaporated and I managed to come back to Reality in one piece. Glad I was I came back without any holes since recently there are many bus accidents on highways throughout the country.

Oh well, back to reality means back to work and other activities.

So welcome back, Renaye. And don't forget to post the activities... oh by the way ... if you guys can't wait ... just visit Jolenesiah

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20 jing-a-ling
Saturday, April 12, 2008
I finally got my USD 20!!! Can't believe I waited more than 1.5 years just to get USD 20. Yipee... Now I have more than enough to buy my japanese albums online.

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Far Far Away on a Coconut Tree
Thursday, April 10, 2008
Does that title give you a picture that I'm now on an island enjoying my vacation and torturing Jolenesiah? Hahaha. Yes I am.

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True Revelation of Horror
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
If you Malaysians have read today's the Star second section, I'm sure you must be awed with the sight of the big reef fish swimming on the page. It looked so fake isn't it? And you might even say out loud "Wow .. that fish do exist?!" Oh yes.. weird flora and fauna do exist and you know zoologists and its gung ho are always discovering new species in each exploration but unfortunately the extinction of these species is much faster than they be found. What an unparallel level playing field of hide and seek.

I feel extremely sad to read "locally extinct" in the article because I could not and don't want to believe that there is an animal species, in this case humphead wrasse, is extinct in Malaysia. It's a nightmare to me. What worsen the nightmare is the amount of quota of humphead wrasse in Sabah. It was recorded that a large amount of 45 600 tails were exported solely from Malaysia, a number that is five times the quota of Indonesia. Rewind and read it back again. I was utterly horrified.

The marine scientist, Oaklely, clearly stated "Malaysia needs to realise that tourists bring in more money than selling the last few humpheads would. And I absolutely agreed to it but infortunately several Malaysian businessmen are blinded by the short term greed. And I find it sheer stupidity in lacking of investment and wealth preservation and conservation knowledge. The simple logic is best described this way: the more farm land you have, the more produce you will have and the more money you make from the produce, and this could last for several generations. And why our stupid businessmen can't comprehend this simple logic? This is simply ignorant and arrogant. Look what have they done now... the stocks are now dwindling so is your money. And there's no such thing as 'there's always more somewhere.' I just don't want to see the tragedy of Lake Victoria in African happening in Malaysia because I won't be able to absorb that shock.

For layman, if you don't know anything about environment, just remember one thing: natural resources are NEVER infinity even if they are like water they have now degraded to the status of finite due to the way we consume them. Don't get what I mean? Try doing some homework and you will get what I mean. And please tell yourself that BECAUSE OF THE WAY I LIVE I'M SHORTENING ANOTHER PERSON'S LIFESPAN so please think twice before using a natural resource like plastic. If you don't, I will make sure I will hunt you down and your generations in my spirit form.

For green people [not X-Files "green" people], please keep up the good work. And can you please consider of going vegan/ vegetarian for a day or two in a week or even permanent?

For businessmen, please use your bloody brain to think of a way to preserve your wealth; preserving your wealth = conserving natural resources = increasing wealth. If this penniless blogger could notice it, why not you? Unless you are telling me that you old people got no wisdom at all... if so, don't you dare to tell me how to run my business just because you make more money than me.

For someone who is much higher ranking than me in society and politics... I hope you could come to the realization that tourism is one of Malaysia's biggest earner ... so if you don't intervene in this matter, please then stop promoting Malaysia as a hot diving spot or tourism as a whole. If not... you are just *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*.

I'm pretty sick and disgusted by the way of some Malaysians doing business. I can't wait for the moment to be rich so I could buy my own land and sea to conserve the environment. So if you want to help with my cause, please help me by doing investment with me. HAHAHA.

P.S: I forgotten to tell you what horrified me the most was I have eaten this fish before in a restaurant near my home but I'm extremely innocent for my sister and I questioned if the fish is endangered or not and the boss said not. I was clearly cheated!!! Oh by the way, the fish was yummy.

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