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Saturday. 4.18.09 9:13 pm
I got my hair cut today. The lady didn't seem to understand what I was trying to tell her so I guess I either go to someone else next time or just make a special trip to Tucson just for a freakin hair cut. If the lady who did it is even still working there.

I don't have pictures, but I can give you an idea. My hair was down to my waist. It is now sitting just above where my back bra strap is. A good 7 or 8 inches were cut off. Shorter than I wanted it. And I also wanted it layered, but that didn't happen cuz the woman wasn't getting what I was telling her. Ugh. At least hair grows back.

It does look nice, but I had a pretty big attachment to my long hair and now it's gone. It's going to take time for me to adjust.

I'm tired. I want to go out tonight, since I didn't go last night, but I'm tired. I might take a nap and just get up when my boyfriend gets home. Who knows.

Went and saw 17 Again with my boyfriend's mom. It wasn't that good, but it had some funny parts. I want to go see The Proposal.

That's all I've got for you tonight.

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in one week ...
Thursday. 4.16.09 4:05 pm
I'll be packing up my stuff and attempting to get a decent amount of sleep. Next weekend is when I'll be in Tucson. Today, however, I'll just be getting my normal amount of sleep.

Anywho, I got to take out some of my aggression. Wrestling is always a fun way of doing that. I also talked about some of what was bothering me and it made me feel a little better. I know that talking about what's bothering me is the best way to help, but it's just hard for me. It takes me a few days to build up to what I need to say. Or at least think about how I want to say it.

Blah. At least tomorrow is Friday. Not a payday Friday, though. We're having someone come by to fix our washer. It's not exactly broken; it's just the aggitator doesn't seem to be aggitating. So it needs to be fixed.

Yesterday and today were both cold: 54 and 62 degrees, respectively. By Tuesday it will be in the 90s. Today I was complaining about it being too cold. Next week I'll be complaining about it being too hot. Fucking desert weather.

I'm enjoying a cheese snack right now. String cheese, to be precise. It's tasty.

Oh, and I got my specialized breakfast burrito this morning. It was tasty. I had to wolf it down, though.

Yeah, that's it for today. When you stare blankly at the screen for 5 minutes and nothing comes to you, that means the blog is done.

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Wednesday. 4.15.09 3:28 pm
I feel like punching someone right now. Or at least hitting them as hard as I can, over and over, until my hand hurts. Or maybe yelling would work. Who knows.

The one thing I was looking forward to today didn't happen. Which made my day a disappointment. If you don't remember what that one thing was, I'll remind you: my specialized no-egg breakfast burrito. Yeah, the guy who usually cooks wasn't there today. Lame.

I feel like drinking, but it's in the middle of my work week. Alcohol isn't such a good idea ... unless it's the weekend and I don't have to work the next day.

I'm looking forward to my Tucson trip. I need to get away from this city. I'm going to hate coming back and having to go back to work. I hate having to go back to work after just a regular weekend. A dull, boring weekend. Let alone a weekend full of non-Vegas things.

By the way, I don't want to physically harm just anyone. I know who I'd take my anger out on.

Argh, I lost my train of thought ... whatever my original train of thought happened to have been. Whatever.

I'm done for today.

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Tuesday. 4.14.09 3:38 pm
Something's bothering me. I already know what it is ... and I'm avoiding it. Just as I shouldn't be. I will take care of it; I've given myself a week to take care of it. I just don't quite understand why it's bothering me ... whatever.

Anywho, I should have learned this the last time it happened: planning to nap never works.

I got home today, pulled around the corner only to see that my boyfriend's mom's car was parked there. Apparently she had jury duty today, but didn't have to sit on the jury so she came home. And I guess my boyfriend and her made plans to go out for lunch; they were only waiting on me to get home.

I walk in the door, was told we were going out to eat; I changed and we went to The Cheesecake Factory. Their food was really good. And not terribly expensive, but not cheap either.

Now here I sit, typing this up and not going to bed.

At least tomorrow I'm eating my specialized, no-egg breakfast burrito. That's something, if nothing else, to look forward to.

Oh yeah, it's incredibly windy right now {gusts of 40+ mph} only to get windier as the night goes on. What comes with wind? A record low, high temperature tomorrow of 57 degrees. It's dropping almost 20 degrees overnight ... just to go back up 30 degrees within 48 hours. Awesome... fuck.

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Monday. 4.13.09 4:04 pm
Meh! I'm beyond tired at this point. Not quite freakish tired, but more than just tired.

My plan of coming home, showering, doing laundry and going to bed didn't quite go as planned. I walked in the door and my boyfriend told me not to take my shoes off cuz we were going out somewhere.

I ended up having to take my shoes off anyway ... in order to change out of my work pants and into capris. I also threw my clothes in the washer before we left anywhere, just so that I'd only have to wait for the dryer to be done before I went to bed, instead of both the washer and dryer.

He has been busy the whole day, doing rather productive things and, though I've been tired all day, I'm always glad to go with him somewhere. Especially if he's driving.

We drove to the courthouse, he picked up some paperwork and we stopped at the Sushi bar across the street before coming home. Sushi is always a good thing. Tasty, healthy and incredibly filling. Good stuff.

I tossed my clothes into the dryer as soon as I got home and jumped in the shower once my boyfriend left for work. Just a quick shower; probably about 15 minutes, if even that.

Now all I have to do is wait for my hair to dry enough so that it doesn't crimp weird while I sleep {I don't own a hair dryer and with my hair being long and thick, it takes a few hours to air dry.} In the meantime, I'm passing the time by updating you on my not-so-productive day.

Man, I'm tired. Hopefully tonight I'll sleep better than last night. Sundays always suck on sleep.

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get skinny!!!
Sunday. 4.11.09 10:04 pm
The last couple days have been fairly uneventful. Thursday was spent not doing anything. Yesterday I had a date with my boyfriend's mom. And today I just drove around and hung out with my sister for a bit.

The date yesterday went well. She went to the spa salon at the casino to have her hair cut. Then we went over to the Cafe to have some dinner. Afterwards we gambled for a little bit {I profitted $10} and then we just went home. I made a bad joke at the end of the night that it was a "good Friday."

Today didn't start out very well, but it probably had something to do with me not sleeping very well last night. It got a better as the day progressed. I was going to go clothes shopping today, but when I went to Target, I realized I was not in the mood to buy clothes. So I stopped over at the mall, said hi to my sister, made plans for later in the evening and headed on my way.

I left the mall and drove the 80+ miles North to Mesquite. I didn't get too far into the town. I needed to use the restroom so I stopped at the first casino off the highway and hung out for about 45 minutes just playing off of a $20. It's not bad considering a $20 can be spent real fast when gambling. It killed a little bit of time, but I didn't want to press my luck much more so I left.

I came back to Las Vegas, picked up my sister and we went over the small, travelling carnival. We rode four of the rides and wandered through the classic cars they had on display.

One of the rides was the UFO type thing where you stand up against a cushioned part of the wall and as it spins, gravity forces you to stick up against the wall. Well, as it spun faster and faster, I could feel my stomach being sucked in like the rest of my body. I looked over at my sister and yelled "get skinny!!!"

I found it funny enough that I randomly sent that in a text to my boyfriend, who was confused, just as I intended.

All-in-all the day ended fairly well. As I sit here typing this, I'm enjoying a drink: Dole's Orange Peach Mango mixed with Vodka. And my boyfriend will be home in about 5 hours. A good end to a fairly decent day.

{EDIT} I finally got my car up to 100mph today. Prior to this my top speed was about 92mph. But since I drove most of the way to Mesquite at a steady 90mph, speeding up to 100mph didn't take too much more effort. I only drove at that speed for about half a mile, but I figured it'd be smarter to slow down rather than hit the car in front of me.

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