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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Michelle michelle
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London Bombing
Thursday. 7.7.05 12:10 pm
OMG London got bombed! and Al Qaeda had stepped up to claim "credit". 4 bomb devices placed in subways and double decker bus during rush hour in financial area exploded. the last i heard was 33 dead, 50+ critically injured and hundreds suffering from other injuries. thats fooking alot! See Article

my uncle says the terrorists timed it precisely because the Londoners are still celebrating and jubliant abt winning the hosting rights to 2012 olympics AND that Tony Blair is away at the G8 summit in Scotland. meaning probably the sercurity might have lessened a wee bit.

How can al qaeda cause so much deaths and still claim they are a religious grp?!!! Dun think anyone will be sorry to hear me say that they should be the ones burning.

u know wats scary? If they can bomb UK, at one of their busiest streets (King's Cross Station is the Harry Potter 9 1/4 Platform) in broad daylight, where can they NOT bomb?

pluz high oil prices already affecting the indexes, all indexes tml sure drop like mad. If they placed the bombs in financial busy buildings like major banks and even the us stock exchange, the entire economy of the world may collaspe. In chinese, this is called "Hug together and Die"


p/s: U know wats freaky? the bombing prob occured ard the time i was writing abt terrorists and the british embassy since its ard afternoon in our time. definately a freaky coincidence!

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Thursday. 7.7.05 1:42 am
i cheated with the template coz i got so fooking pissed off with the photoediter prog. so ended up wanting to smash the bloody comp more than doing the skin. din really do much to the thing other den change a couple of colours and the top pix stuff.

example of how ridiculously phobic parents nowadays are. they have at least 3 sercurity guards from cisco standing guard at the gates of a PRIMARY sch. Was mine pri sch a billion years ago and now is my sis's. brought her to sch today with me mum.

Obviously, terrorists recognise the fact that these children goin to this particular sch are ALL gonna be the future ministers and rocket scientists and other very important pple whu will stamp out terrorism. therefore they will attack the sch using guerilla warfare, complete with machine guns and granades and the 3 or 4 sercurity guards will morph into the Fantasic Four and save the sch, in turn saving the world.

the sercurity guards being the all important super heros they are, are entitled to have a fooking attitude problem. getting into the primary sch proved to be more difficult than getting into the British Embassy.

"IC! IC! Dun have IC cannot go in! What you doing here!? What you want! *points index finger* Give me your IC. *records entry time date and issues entry pass and retains IC* Only 1 person can go in. Buy book dun need 2 pple. *points index finger repeatedly* You (thats me) dun have IC cannot go in."

i din bring my wallet, so asked my mum to pass me some makan money in chn, since we are gonna have lunch a the nearby coffeeshop anyway.the idiot know it all (happens to be an indian woman) butted in and insist that i can't go in. wtf. i'm talking to my mother. No manners, so old liao still dun know that its rude to interrupt. tmd

get this. is ONLY IC hor. no other identification accepted. fooking bo liaoz.

not 5 min later (i dun think i waited more than 5 min outside thru the entire episode), even before my mum settle buying the sch stuff. the sercurity guard signalled to me mum for her to get out. my mum, lagi confrontational, gave the woman the evil eye and almost started quarreling right all the way across the sch tuckshop. when my mum came out of the sch, the indian woman pretended to chat with another parent and snuck a sideways glance at my mum whu glared at her right back.

British Embassy:
Sign in the visitor book. thats it.

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