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- Kid at heart.
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- Adventurous.
- Movie junkie.
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Mercedes Lim
09/25/17 - 11/28/08
I love you grandma.
Anberlin - Dismantle.Repair.
"Pain, you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers. You just breath deep and wait for it to subside. Most of the time pain can be managed, but sometimes the pain gets you where you least expect it. Hits way below the belt and doesn't let up. Pain, you just have to fight through, because the truth is you can't outrun it and life always makes more."

"Forgive and forget. That's what they say. It's good advice, but it's not very practical. When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back. When someone wrongs us, we want to be right. Without forgiveness, old scores are never settled, old wombs never heal, and the most we can hope for is that one day we'll be lucky enough to forget."
library time
Thursday. 11.17.05 1:58 pm
So I'm in the library for my English class. We have to do research for our essays. I think I'm gonna go home now because I already did all the things we had to do. I swear my class is boring. /= I have no friends.. maybe that's why. Ha.

Boo, I just found out that we have to read our essays that we just turned in today out loud to the class on Tuesday. That stinks. I'm not into public speaking or things like that. I mean if I have to do it, then I'll do it. I don't like going in front of the class. It's just not my thing.

Well anyway, I think I'm going to jet. I need to go look for a job. It's about time! (= Hahahah. peaceoutlate!


So it's around 6ish. After the library Jims and I went to the outlets for her and Steph's interview at Brooks Brothers (clothing store). Steph said she was going to be late for it, so we roamed around the outlets and got applications for Vans and Balboa Beach Company. It was already 4 something, so Jims and I went into Brooks Brothers just to look around. Then the manager lady saw us and asked us if we were looking for jobs and that she's hiring and if we were interested, we could fill out an application. So Jimlyn told her she was supposed to have an interview with Steph and she gave us both applications to fill out. Ha, ME? Yeah. So we did and then right after we had our interview.. more like a talk. Then as soon as we knew it, she asked us to come back tomorrow for training. Yay. I HAVE A JOB NOW. Mission complete.

So then once we got home. Jenny came to pick us up and we went shopping for work clothes at the mall. We got home at 9:30 and boy am I tired. good night!

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Monday. 11.7.05 2:26 pm
I remember when I was a little kid, my dad and I would always make fun of my mom when she cried during sad movies or things like that. I always thought I was tough, I don't fall for stuff like that, you can't make me cry. Ha. I never thought that I'd ever be like that, but sadly I am now. /= I'm a sap for happy endings.. what can I say? I feel like I've become way more sensitive towards my emotions. Or maybe it's because I'm used to bottling up my emotions that I'm simply not that strong enough to hold it in anymore.

On another note, I did go to my class today. I feel lost, but I know it's my own fault. I don't know why I let procrastination get the best of me. I seriously feel like I've already failed, so what's the point in trying.

I can never stick with one topic. I just can't. Hahah, but here's something I'll share with you guys.

This was in The Beverly Hilton, where I stayed. My dad was trying to use my camera. Why do I look so damn happy and my brother?.. I don't know. He's just drinking soda.

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