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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Voluntarily suicide
Thursday, April 24, 2008
My colleagues and I had a fun loving time in the office today. We were asked to add some information into our current project and we really all squeezed our brain juice just for that mini part of the assignment. It sounded simple but complex!! When colleague N and I see what we see A didn't. After some heated drought debate, I made a joke. I brought up 3 suggestions with the opening line:

Boss, I have 3 suggestions here for this assignment part. 1) Can we commit suicide, 2) can we commit suicide, and 3) can we commit suicide. My colleague added the ways we could do so by adding rope and such.

But then later, we managed to solve the problem partially and I got a long way ahead.

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Sweet dreams and thunder
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
I'm not sure why am I so sleepy tonight. I'm going to sleep early tonight. And with the thundering .. I'm so not looking forward to sleep because I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to close the window.

Rain rain .. go away .. we now don't want you to come. The more you come the less rice we have ... Who to blame then? Ourselves isn't it?

Happy belated Earth Day.

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Congratulations, Renaye!!!
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Hello to all my sweetheart readers.

I was in an extreme happy mood today because I was notified as a winner for a Carbon Footprint contest organized by Country Farm Organic. I even called worm worm sweetheart and I'm certain he had heart attack for a shortwhile. And the organizer wanted to have a short interview with me. Hehe.

I told my mum the good news that I will be getting a hamper worth either RM 200 or RM 300 soon. And my mum asked me what prize I got. Damn. I forgotten to ask whether I was the overall winner. Whatever. I'm just glad I won something for submitting 7 pages as answer.

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WaT - Toki wo Koete
Monday, April 21, 2008

Wow. This is soo exciting. WaT duo (Eiji Wentz & Teppei Koike) is going to release their new release, Toki wo Koete, on 23rd May 2008, which is this coming Wednesday. After listening to their past singles like Boku no Kimochi (My Feelings), Hava Rava, Yume no Tochuu (In the Middle of the Dream) and the addictive cute 70s song, Tokimeki DooBeeDoo, I'm very looking forward to this new release of theirs. You know after listening to Tokimeki DooBeeDoo, I feel like dancing all day long even when I'm at home. Even though their ballads s quite similar but surprisingly you won't feel tired of listening to them because they are catchy. If you like ballads, you would surely like their songs. I remember listening to their songs all day long in the office and also before going to sleep. Their songs ARE addictive. Not only their songs but also their looks. *grin*

And you know what? I have already placed my order for their limited edition before blogging. Have you placed yours? You can always just click on the links below the album image.

Have fun listening~

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Dogbone (EDIT)
Sunday, April 20, 2008
Unbelievable. I ate junks all day long and my dinner is only consisting of egg tarts, a slice of poundcake and maybe ice cream as dessert.

And I got no lunch for tomorrow. Damn.

Edit: This is dangerous. Someone did a google search on a chinese name that is similar to my chinese name and the only difference with my chinese surname is only one alphabet and it's surprising to see that google found my Chinese name and it led the searcher to my blog. I mean this blog.

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Change Your Head = Change Yourself
Saturday, April 19, 2008
It's actually change your mind but then I thought change your 'head' would be refreshing but merely impossible unless you undergo some surgery. That's crazy, really.

I came back from a public lecture entitled Climate Changes, Disasters and Wars: How can our next generations solve? by Datuk Dr. Jemilah, the founder of MERCY Malaysia (a humanitarian NGO). It was an awesome talk. Though simple but very enriching because we get to listen first hand experience. Albeit its seriousness we still got moments to laugh at funny scenes but overall it was just painful to continue listening to the events should Dr. Jemilah continue telling her stories; remember this person has gone into warzones and witnessed terrifying things you and I may not withstand.

As I was listening to the talk, I realised I have been a hypocrite and a procrastinator. I always tell people to help this and that and bla bla but I never seem to do the same thing. Even if I did, I did it at a very slow pace. I should have make things happening faster... Another thing is I always say I want to contribute back to the society and I don't seem to be doing anything at all. It was just all talks. So I really salute to this woman who really made things happen.

So now I'm reorganizing my priorities as in what I really want to do in giving back to society and what social activities I want to be active in and such. And I really thought of thinking of volunteering with MERCY because it's really close with what I wanted to contribute. I wanted to save lives and also improve people's environment as in ENVIRONMENT at the same time and MERCY does seem to fit in nicely but here I am ... being diffident ... always thinking I'm not qualified. Whatever ... I should just do it.

I'm going to email to one of the coordinators about their disaster education in schools since I'm interested in volunteering in environmental education. Cross finger.

Life is just to short to be ordinary, you know.

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