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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Aim for the Stars!
Monday, June 30, 2008
I had a good news! My friend is organizing a treasure hunt and I will be in the team! Err... I don't think I'm going to set the questions but I guess I'll be helping out organizing it. Woohoo~

And another essay to write about environment for office. Woohoo~

It's wicked.

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Wish Upon the Stars
Sunday, June 29, 2008
I was cleaning up my room - sort of - when I found my secondary biodata book. And I didn't realise one of my teachers wrote a message for me. He had written:

Ideas are like stars,
we never reach them
But like mariners,
we chart our course by them.

That is very inspiring.

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Moving on
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
I finally able to cough up some words to complete the poem I wanted to start with twirl, twirl, twirl. But as usual, it would be subjected to change as I see it fits (<-- this sentence has grammatical error right? Please correct me if you think so).

Twirl twirl twirl,
the short hand tickles,
and the long hand whines irritably,
the duo could never be stopped
so what have you achieve in life?

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Mathematical Apprentice
Monday, June 23, 2008
My heart could not stop thumping for the one whole minute. I could not believe my eyes and ears of this colleague of mine trying to win out of a negotiation of me paying her 25 cents which she thinks she has the full right to demand me to pay her back that miniscule amount. No offense but luckily I won the negotiation because it was simply lame duck.

The history started like this: She helped me to buy a book cost RM 24 and then later I bought her KFC chicken and a bun which totaled RM 6.25. So the rightful amount I owed is RM 17.75. Correct or not? Knowing I'm a lame person in mathemathics I used the calculator to calculate more than dozen times. No? I showed her the receipt of her chicken and bun and that was the total. Hello... it's printed on the receipt. No cheat. And I don't know why she mumbled "So you return me RM 18 la." I remembered double checking the receipt to see if I really owed her RM 18. NO. I don't. I just nod ...

I first thought of forgoing the 25 cents and pay her RM 18 but my guts is telling me NO WAY. The more I think about it I was very unhappy with her telling me to pay RM 18. Hey let's be honest here. The amount was NOT RM 18 to begin with.

I banked in the money to her account stating the RM 17.75 in her account. And she was, here via sms, trying to correct my mathematical calculation and telling me that her chicken and bun cost RM 6. I was not mad but find it pretty annoying and irritating. If you owe RM 0.25 cents, just admit it. And I don't give a damn about charity to a colleague who has 100 times better sales than me and came back from a company's trip for people who qualified in sales.

I did the calculation for my colleague via sms as to how I owed her RM 17.75 and she replied "OKlah." What's with the OK?

Unfortunately, she got the wrong opponent. Point is I'm a hyper calculative person. It's nothing to be proud of but hello ... what is the point of being calculative with me?! You don't scare me!

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Me vs you
Thursday, June 19, 2008
My bad, tiger. I made a blunder telling you about the exchange rate for Ringgit Malaysia against Japanese Yen. RM 1000 is equivalent to 32, 935 Yen. That means you can buy lots of stuff with that amount of money. That is including your lolita top. And I advise you to change the currency now because I realise Ringgit Malaysia is strong against Yen today.You can check out at XE. I'm tempted to buy Yen to add to my foreign currency money collection.

Wait a sec... where did I put my 20 New Zealand dollar note last month? I don't remember...

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Monastery Here I Conquer
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
With the recent inflation rise, I noticed newspapers have been covering the lives of the people that are badly affected by the economic inflation. And also read some news where the government or the leader, Pak Lah, has been exhorting the rakyat (citizens) to be thrifty and to change our lifestyle.

I was discussing with my friends the other day about our current lifestyle and inflation. I was thinking out loud if spending RM50 a week is considered luxury and needed to be reduced and needed a change to my lifestyle... I seriously don't know what else there is to cut back on my lifestyle. RM 50 a week is too much, you think? I don't spend on luxuries like premium coffe, premium cakes, clothes, accessories, etc. I don't. My colleagues love to say "Wah ... you always drink San Francisco coffee" while batting their eyelash at me. I really dislike that. That's because there is a word called FREE. You could always get this kind of premium things for free. All you need is to be more alert and keen on finding more information. And there is nothing wrong being a freeloader. I am. I'm not sure why colleagues once told me off "I'm not interested and I don't want to know what's free and what not." If you are kiasu enough (scared not to lose) and not afraid to get free items, you would have tasted a lot of expensive things for free!!

Oh well, enough of my personal life. I was reading Marina Mahathir's article this morning related to the recent rise in things and how much the government should walking the talk. She listed 15 things for the government to start off. I totally agree with her list in her article entitled You walk the talk first. She has a personal blog too, you could visit RantingsbyMM

Have fun stabbing someone but not me. If I die, who else is going to brighten up your day?

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