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    The "West Africans" on that Bootleg Hustle -- Jay Caught in the Crossfire
    Monday. 10.16.06 10:35 am

    It seems that everyone's album gets leaked these days… and all the labels can really do is be tight about it and have their panties in a bunch. But when it comes to Hov? Def Jam recognizes no such thing. And I find this hissy fit hilarious.

    According to Mediatakeout, Def has gone as far as contacting the F.B.I, threatening the leaker with promises to carry out criminal charges against them. Although there is no precise lead on who is responsible, Media says that a West African immigrant exclusively told them tracks from Kingdom Come began to surface globally after Jay accidentally left the disc in his hotel room in Africa, where it was stolen.

    Media then said they later encountered a street vendor in Brooklyn, who had copies of the album for sale. The hustler told them the copies had just recently come from Africa. Who knows.

    Jay has nothing to worry about. But if you're as corny as Jobbs or Jabbs or whatever his name is, then leaks are definitely something worth fretting over. Especially being a new artist on the scene.

    Which would you rather have? A leaked album or an (accidental) fucked-face baby's mother? Neither one is a good look. Nevertheless, good luck to both.
    Posted by SOHH Reckless at October 16, 2006 04:2

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    DMX and his Dirty Baby Moms
    Monday. 10.16.06 10:28 am
    Carmen. Superhead. The list goes on...

    DMX's "baby moms," Monique Wayne, who conceived the poor child sometime in 2003 during a one-night stand, is suing X over his claims that she raped him.

    I have no respect for groupies at all whatsoever. Homewreckers are even worse. The slut is guilty of both.

    What is she mad for? If the little groupie slut wasn't standing outside every concert with her panties at her ankles then the tacky ho wouldn't have to worry about having her name thrown all over the place. The filthy whore knew he was married, and now her feelings are hurt because she's been called ugly, hard to look at, and labeled as the reason every man should "turn the light on before I go to sleep." She should have thought about this before she had his genitalia all down her throat.

    This is nothing short of prostitution. All the smut had to do was ask for the $6M dollars in advance.

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    Ali Of The St. Lunatics Accuses Cop Of Overusing Taser Gun
    Monday. 10.16.06 10:25 am

    Ali Jones of the St. Lunatics accused a St. Louis officer of overusing his taser gun after being pulled over this weekend (October 14).

    Ali was reportedly pulled over in Hazelwood, MO before being gratuitously tased, he claims. While the rapper contends the officer tased him 46 times, a release from the Hazelwood Police Department states that the rapper had resisted arrest and kicked the arresting officer.

    "My back is a mess," Jones told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "He tased me repeatedly over and over."

    Ali also said the arresting officer made racial comments during the traffic stop. On the other end, a statement from the HPD reads that Ali was driving with an expired license and that he resisted arrest and damaged the patrol car. Though Ali admits to committing a traffic violation, he denies hitting the officer in anyway.

    "There is no way that I could kick him from the back seat," he offered.

    Ali was arrested and later released. He is charged with third-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and property damage

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    Is Release Therapy Luda's Best Work Ever?
    Monday. 10.16.06 10:14 am
    First off, big ups to Warrick Dunn who held his 4th annual Wash ’n Wear Fashion Show last week at the King Plow Arts Center. He does this every year in an attempt to provide down payments on homes for single moms. I know for a fact that Warrick has been active in the community for the past decade in both Atlanta and Florida, so hip hop related or not he deserves serious props for his work.

    Also, did anybody catch Ludacris rip Club Nocturnal at his album release party a couple weeks ago? He did the stage justice. No doubt Club Nocturnal was packed to the tilt but when Luda hit the stage it seemed like it got even tighter in the spot.

    I initially notched "Release Therapy" as Luda's second best album but others are saying this is his best album to date. I just think people "live in the now" and are quick to to forget the past sometimes. However, you can never forget some of the classics that Luda has dropped for the A over the past decade. It's still up for debate.


    Off the subject, but who is edging Luda up these days? I need to see his barber for real--he has the tightest edge up I've seen in a minute...Calm down lil' buddy, who said Photoshop?

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