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I eat at night
and overuse "like a boss" + "stfu."

Me like.

Fine! Here: 941210. seventeen. canada. vietnamese.
i listen to slow melody / acoustic. 이승기, 노민우.
[email protected] major in environmental planning.
save the earth! don't litter.

Yummy sushi rolls

July 2020

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Silence is the way

100 Facts about Chueisha
Tuesday. 8.3.10 11:33 pm
1. Most of my under wears are bought from Wal-Mart. Yes, theyíre the ones you buy from the kids section for the ages of ten to twelve.

2. I have more crushes on 2-dimensional guys than 3-dimensional ones. Story of my life.

3. The only reason why Iím even thinking about going into medical school is because my mom forces me to. The only reason why I like Science and Math is because Functions is a no-brainer while Physics is just fucking sexy.

4. I like to believe that Iím an actual sci-fi geek, but I canít lie that Iíve only seen some of the original sci-fi. (e.g. Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy).

5. I like to think that all of my friends (and cousins) are in some kind of special relationship with me. Therefore, I end up with 2342358 lovers. So when they found the love of their life, I tend to yell and cry at them for cheating on me. Jokingly, of course.

6. I lived most of my whole life in Austin and Houston, Texas. Proof: I attended River Oaks Elementary School :).

7. Iím Asexual, I reproduce by myself, lulz. I have absolutely no interest of getting attached to anyone. Too bothersome.

8. I am a horrible writer. A great mathematician though.

9. I lie about my weight all the time, I make it seems like Iím really fat. When in fact, Iím slowly getting chubbier and chubbier.

10. I read manga, I watch anime, and I cry while watching dramas. I canít go on with my life without any of them. This is probably why I am anti-social because I prefer my laptop over my acquaintances.

11. I donít have that many trustworthy friends. I can count them all in one hand. The rest are acquaintances.

12. The only reason why I kept my hair black was because the guy I absolutely adored (who has now cheated on me because he got himself a girlfriend =_=Ē Okay, we had nothing going on but whatever) liked everything naturalle. Now that heís going to university, Iím itching to get some highlights.

13. I hate my high school to the core. Iím looking forward to money-eating university.

14. Like most teenagers, I thought of becoming a flight attendant when I grow up in order to travel around the world. But like most teenagers, Iím not so well-off in order to pursue that dream. Flight attendants probably donít even need a degree anyway.

15. My eye-sights are absolutely horrible. I have got myself myopia ever since I was 10. That still doesnít stop me from staying up until 8 AM to finish my dramas.

16. I hate looking for jobs and getting my cv ready. Sometimes I just wish that my parents owned a company and all I needed to do was work in it. =_=ĒOh yes, I have never had a job before and am still an unemployed high school student.

17. I think it counts as sexual harassment when a random guy on the street whistle, honk their car, or wink at me. Regardless how good looking. Iíve learned to avoid these types of guys. Just pretend Iím really ugly and walk with my face deformed the whole time while Iím outside.

18. Iíd like to be flat, but Iím not, so I wear sports bra.

19. My high school academic average is 95.5%. We donít have such thing as GPA in Canada.

20. I listen to Christianity and Buddhism. I donít think Iím religious though.

21. I once wore the same outfit throughout one whole week. Yes, I go to a uniform-school.

22. I own an LG GD580 Lollipop and a Zune HD 16 GB (mind you, this isnít enough). I use my phone to take pictures and my Zune HD to read manga.

23. I named all of my gadgets. My laptop is Cian, my phone is Popo, and my Zune HD is Chueseungki (deprived from my online nick, chueisha, and my husband, Lee Seung Ki).

24. My backpack is full of useful junks. A pencil case with a calculator and a ruler in it, napkins, first-aid kit, a mini-gundam, and some sticky pictures of me and my friends for who I really donít remember their names.

25. I hate holding birthday parties. People expect too much from me.

26. My mom still doesnít know my real cup size. She believes Iím a B cup when Iím in fact an A cup. (I still keep the bras she bought for me in the cabinet.. In case I do grow to that size later on).

27. Iím really good at acting. As in, I can fool everyone easily, and I did take a drama class before. I donít plan on pursuing a career in the field though because I see absolutely no use of it in the society.

28. I hate watching fashion show. Nothing worthy to the society.

29. Iím a hypocrite because I donít like careers in entertainment field, but I do get entertained by actors, singers, etc. Oh the hypocrisy.

30. I like cute, soft, fluffy, frilly things. That doesnít go for music though, I prefer Acoustic, Guitar, and soft-melody music.

31. I wear baggy clothes to hide my curves. I have very little, but I feel insecure even if a bit of them is shown.

32. I can play the recorder, the acoustic guitar, and the piano. All level 1 beginner.

33. I tried to learn how to play the guitar but I quit as soon as my finger was just too fat to reach the C Major Chord.

34. I get pissed off when I see someone with his/her name on msn that looks like they havenít shit in their pants for straight 8 days, like this, *oOo*~*~*o*O*>>namehere<<*oOo*~*~*o*O*. I canít read it, jackass. If it wasnít illegal, Iíd murder their account.

35. I thought of working at some space station just so that I could become one of the first few people to meet the aliens. But I gave up researching about it as soon as it got complicated. Iím still thinking about it though.

36. I wear spectacles only during classes. Mom said my eyes will get worse the more I wear glasses.

37. Iím not popular in school and Iím a legit loner. Again, probably due to the fact that I prefer 2D over 3D.

38. Due to the great exposure to dramas and animanga, Iíve developed a crush on the insane 11-hours schooling of the Japanese. I wish I was Japanese.

39. For most of the time, I have been mistaken for being Korean. Usually by non-Koreans.

40. I also want to become one of those office women in JapanÖ Like the ones that I see on dramas getting all these good looking co-workers or younger guys. Ah, the life.

41. I secretly hope that my step-fathers would buy me a car and pay for my tuition. Nothing ever goes along with you in your life though.

42. So I am going to apply to a thousand scholarships, grants, and bursaries to save my life.

43. My future husband has to be exactly like Lee Seung Gi and has to love sushi.

44. All of my phoneís wallpapers have been pictures of sushi that I got from tumblr.

45. I like to drink avocado and durian smoothies together.

46. I know that I sing horribly, but I like to think otherwise.

47. (TMI) During my time of the month, I get so lazy that when people make me do things, I get cranky at them.

48. Iím a secret pervertÖ Whenever I have a really erotic dream, I wake up searching for ecchi and shoujo smuts to read. All if only the main character is a female : )

49. Sometimes I stay up really late just to play otome games (visual novel dating sims for females). TWO DIMENSONAL GUYS FTW.

50. I have a habit of taking screenshots of funny parts in series that I watch and post them on tumblr.

51. Due to this habit, Iíve always dreamt of making an animanga blog and blog all about these thingsÖ That may be for the future, I can never do a review for craps.

52. Whenever I watch an anime or a drama, and the episode hasnít finished yet and I needed to pee, I would literally hold it in for another half an hour or an hour to finish the damn episode.

53. I like to go to sleep because I like to dream about me and my future husband.

54. I have siblings everywhere around the world. Australia, Virginia, Denmark, England, Korea, etc. No, theyíre not blood related to me.

55. I wish that I knew Japanese or Korean.

56. I am fluent in Vietnamlish :)

57. My favorite soft drink is Dr. Pepper.

58. I used to think that Toronto is Canadaís capital.

59. I get really excited when I see that I have a new follower on tumblr. But as soon as I visit their tumblr, I see that they have nothing in common with my posts and I go ďwtf?Ē

60. I twitch when someone swears and try to get them not so cuss so much. In reality, I. Donít. Give. A. Fuck.

61. I shop my clothes for style and not for brand name or quality.

62. I try to eat the most food when Iím eating with my brother because I hate it when he eats more than me.

63. I canít lie; Iím scared of my momís driving. My mom lives up to the stereotype.

64. Iíve always wanted to have one of those sexes in shoujo manga. Yeah, those on the piano, at the beach (gonnaí be painful), etc.

65. But I think Iím messed up because I want to do it with a 2-D bishieÖ

66. I am very slow with jokes, but extremely quick with perverted ones.

67. I use Ďsanitary napkinsí, tampons scare me.

68. I used to have a crush on my grade 8 teacher. He looked like Chace Crawford.

69. I have this thing against people who cheat.

70. Iíve always empathized with Alicia Keysís If I Ainít Got You song. Especially the part where she sang, ďSome people want diamond rings, and some just, want everything.Ē Story of my life <3.

71. I want to live in Japan.

72. I feel like my family is holding me down from doing what I really want toÖ in life.

73. I kind of want to become a YouTube celebrity; Iím not good with haters though.

74. I think my brother is annoying. I still canít help but worry about his health though.

75. I own a scanlation teamÖ No, Iím one of the co-founders, I donít own my whole team, wtf.

76. I got this from Dilated, but, I fucks with all of my buddies. True fact.

77. I can never explain a situation clearly, Iím that Fall Out Boys.

78. I canít teach for shit. So I redirect people who need helps to helpers.

79. I always try to make people laugh, and I never take serious situations seriously. Often times though, I fail to make people laugh and some even get offended D: Dayum.

80. I like to think that watching dramas is to fantasize about your future life and not for running away from reality.

81. I am proud of my birth certificate. Itís in French.

82. I think couple shirts are okay, couple sneakers are freaking cute.

83. I always start things like making a thousand paper stars for a wish. I just never got around to actually finishing it.

84. I am craving for some sushi and bubble tea right now.

85. My last crush went ahead and got him a girlfriend. That girlfriend isnít me. Now Iím into guys that look like this:


86. Iím thinking of majoring in Math in University and get into Meds School. Iím still thinking about it right now. Just that I wonít be so prepared for Medical School :(.

87. I think water is delicious.

88. I pretend that I have seen a horror movie when in fact all that Iíve ever done was search for it on Wikipedia and read its spoiler.

89. I hate researching for a project. Whenever I have to research for something, I end up with a thousand links from Google.

90. I was never an outstanding student in middle school. Iíve always brought home Bís and a few Aís.

91. Only until I got to high school that I started bringing home A+ís.

92. I rarely go out of my house at all. I have to take care of my siblings who are 2 and 6 :(.

93. I want to model my love life after the manga/anime series Skip Beat! Hypocrisy? I think not!

94. I used to read Yaoi back when I was 11-12. As soon as I reached 12 though, I stopped and swore to god I would never read it again.

95. I am currently saving up for my university tuition right now (or possibly for a car, I donít know). Iíve saved up to $130 so farÖ

96. I practice abstinence. WTF am I supposed to do when Iím only 15?!

97. I lost my lipinity when I was 14 though. :/ I want it back, damnit.

98. I want George Clooney to be my dad.

99. Itís possible that I would own you in kara-okay if we ever have a battle. Why? Because Iím a goddess at kara-okay.

100. I want to own a net cafe or a coffee/donut shop one day. I only realized I should have added this when I read Nuttz 's facts.

Since I don't know anyone on nuTang. I'll challenge Eliza, eeled, CPKviperpheonix and.. that's it ._. Anyone who's reading this is challenged :) Unless you did it already.

Dilated was nice enough to offer me his picture for #85 :) I rejected it though, but he came super close ^O^

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