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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 175
9.1.07 at 9:46 pm
I think I mentioned yesterday that we were gunna go out for breakfast today, right? Some breakfast. Aubree mostly played with her food and then when I got sick of it, and we left, I had to carry her out of the place because she was screaming over the cup of water I wouldn’t let her bring with her. And kicking, can’t forget the kicking. Then the smack to the face she gave me that sent my glasses flying while I was trying to buckle her into the car. That’s been her this past week and I’m about to scream.

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Day 174
8.31.07 at 8:36 pm
I have to admit, today was a pretty good feeling day. I did not do anything exciting, but the next to nothing notable that I did I enjoyed. Mom said that we are going to go out to eat for breakfast tomorrow. Ponderosa has a pretty good breakfast bar and it happens to be open weekends only. I’m looking forward to it, only if I can get to bed at a decent time tonight. Or else I will be tired and grumpy when I get up to leave. Mom wants to get there when it’s open and going at 8am.

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Day 173
8.30.07 at 9:28 pm
Hello… absolutely nothing worth talking about happened today. I wrote a letter to one of my penpals. I have been trying to make myself write longer letters. Usually I only manage a page [the front side] before I get distracted or have to go do something else. Tonight I managed about 1 and a half pages front and back before I ended the letter. I would like to learn to write 10 page letters with ease. I think it’d be fun. I almost miss the days when I had 20 penpals at one time. I enjoyed writing all those letters.

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Day 172
8.29.07 at 8:27 pm
Today was a pretty lame day. I’m sweaty, I’m grumpy and I don’t feel like writing 100 words right now. Unfortunately I have to if I want to keep up with this daily. Thankfully I’ve only missed one day a long time ago. With the mood I’m in, it’s quite tempting to skip today too. I just want to get what I have to get done and go on to reading one of the books I’m reading. It’s a pretty good book and I enjoy it a lot. I think it’s called, “I Capture The Castle” or something like that.

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Day 171
8.28.07 at 7:38 pm
Today has felt pretty hot. Then again, I slept from 10:30ish until 1:30 this afternoon. I had to get up early this morning for mom’s doctor appointment and the temper tantrum that Aubree threw was embarrassing, again. I ended up taking her out to the car to wait for granny since she was being bad and I got kicked and smacked while she screamed. She cried for a long time before I could get her to calm down and sit. And by then granny was done. It makes disappoints me for people to have to see her be so bad.

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Day 170
8.27.07 at 6:38 pm
I have a headache today. And I’m generally grumpy, but one good thing did happen. A while back I got a letter stating that if I got Aubree’s blood tested for lead that they’d send me a free gift card. I’d just had it done something like a week before, so I filled it out and mailed it in. Today I got a free $10 gift card for Meijer. I bought some Mountain Dew. I like it and the cans are returnable. Then I usually return the cans to the store when I need some extra money for whatever reason.

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