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Sunday. 2.10.13 12:19 am
OK so here I am making fun of certain OTHER PEOPLE for missing a day, and then I miss a day for nearly the same reason.

I'd had plans to post around noon, but those were waylaid by Dishonored. Afterwards, I remembered that I had a dinner date that was supposed to be over at around nine, but became an eleven-thirty affair. So here I am. I'm sorry. Sort of.

Dinner was pretty rad. I was actually just typing up a description and my computer crashed, which made me even more late, (thank Ubuntu) and so I don't feel like doing it again. So just take it for granted that I was fed both in body and spirit. :D

Random facts:
Tomorrow is my brother's birthday.
He's nineteen, but still a punk.
crap I have to plan rides for church tomorrow gotta go

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Twenty One Pilots
Friday. 2.8.13 12:28 am
I wake up fine and dandy but then by the time I find it handy,
To rip my heart apart and start planning my crash landing,
I go up to the ceiling,
Then I feel my soul start leaving, like an old man's hair receding,
I'm pleading please, oh please on my knees repeatedly asking,
Why it's got to be like this, is this living free,
I don't want to be the one, be the one who has the sun's blood on my hands,
I'll tell the moon, take this weapon forged in darkness,
Some see a pen, I see a harpoon.

I found this band sort of by accident (how else?) and now I'm very interested. It's like...well,

As you can see, they are great.

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Thursday. 2.7.13 2:11 pm
Feeling sickish.

When I get sick for more than a day or two, I take notice. I just got out of an appointment at the campus doctor's office. Apparently I don't have strep or mono. So I guess it's just a cold, and I can just ride it out.

The weather is kooky here. Fog, sun, rain, chill, heat. In the same day! What the heck. I like fun weather but it seems like it's been going on for a few months. Odd! I blame the weather for my sickness.

I don't have much to say to you! This daily thing is wearing me out man. Though I enjoy reading everyone else's posts.

I'm thinking of a new layout. I already have the theme and most of the colors, now I just need to execute it and make the elements.


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I know it isn't a legit post...
Wednesday. 2.6.13 10:50 pm
I've been studying our otherwise busy all day. Enjoy this video for now.

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