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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
TTYL, Nutang
Friday. 3.30.07 12:09 am
Just wanted to say hi.
Lotsa stuff happening in real life.
School life: same old same old
Family life: Weh.
Love life: More on the happy bubbly heart-pounding side though. (Thank God!)
Ttyl, NuTang.
It's about midnight && i hafta catch sleep.

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What Happened to NuTang Yesterday?
Sunday. 3.25.07 12:22 pm
I couldn't go to the homepage. Or my page. Or any of your pages.
Was there an update or something?

Anyway, been busy with life (= No Nutang).
Will prolly update this later. No topic to blog about. Weh.

Oh yeah i was thinking. If i'd die, who would let NuTang know?
So i told the friend i trust the most to blog about me when that time comes.
Here. in NuTang.

It's that special to me. =)

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In Loving Memory of J.W.
Wednesday. 3.21.07 7:59 pm
Today is a sad day for Aquinas (my school).
In the middle of a terribly boring Anthropology class, there was an announcement. Last night, an Aquinas student had passed away.

i Got more goosebumps when my teacher told us that he committed suicide. He was only in Grade 10. =( There were no further information about why he chose to do it. A lot of his friends and batchmates were crying, talking about his death and all. Some were gathered around the main office where a table was put with his picture and if you wanted to write a message to him, you could put it there.

i Didn't know him. He was just one of the many faces i see in school everyday. i Didn't even know he existed until today. But his death saddened me, however stupid his idea was. He wasted his life. i Know i don't have the right to judge. But for me, suicide is just not the answer. i Don't know his reasons and so i have to respect his decision.

Wherever you are, J.W., i pray for your soul and i Hope you are happier.

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Monday. 3.19.07 10:46 pm
WHY?! WHY?! :O

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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