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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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update/new stuff/just hanging
Monday. 9.29.08 10:26 pm
it worked lol mom was right

now my first block is much much more fun all the guys talk and joke with me its pretty awesome lol ^-^

i started talking to this guy sitting next to me and then all the guys joined into the convo it was pretty cool :]

one of them even said i smelled very nice today and friday one said my hair was really pretty (no hes not gay) lolz

anyyyyways im gonna dress up like a panda for halloween lol :]

oh and i saw an obama mask in target lol i have a pic of my friend wearing it lolz ill upload laterrrr



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testing a theory
Monday. 9.22.08 9:19 pm
ok so my mom says that guys are just as nervous about girls as girls are about guys

andddd she also says that simply talking to guys no matter what kind of guy (prep jock skater ect...) make them feel more comfortable when u initiate the convo and they dont have to.

So im going to attempt to try this theory of hers tomorrow at school lolz

tho if you know me........ im incredibly shy and dont really talk to alot of ppl.

urg so i have to suck it up and try it.... partly because im curious to see if it works and partly because well idk mom usually is right.

on another note gas prices got amazingly ridiculously high and it was like 4.09 here which is really bad for the rock hill area.... its going down now and when i bought gas it was 3.89 but its getting better everyday.

ill keep you updated on how it goes tomorrow!!!! byes!!

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i fell asleep at work today.....
Saturday. 9.13.08 11:26 pm
becauseeeeee i was so tired from not sleeping last night.

i made it till about 4:00 and then fell asleep on one of the sofas (work at my moms furniture store)

so anyway this guy comes in (19 - 22 (age)) and he says "if i buy the sofa do i get the chick with it?" lol it made me laugh

and then quickly get of the sofa


buttttttt im so excited about sleeping tonight lolz its going to be so nice.

oh and ill put pics up tomorrow

goooooooooooood night!!!! <3

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and the fog rolled in....
Saturday. 9.13.08 8:26 am
been up all night lol

watched the notebook, Phantom of the opera (very good btw loved it), Pride and prejudice. and that is all i got through lolz alex fell asleep during the last part of phantom. it was sad :p

andddd then i watched some tv andddddd havent slept at all... ok ok i did drift off once when i was watching tv but it was only for about 15 minutes.

If i stay up really late then try to sleep for like anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours i wake up and im exhausted for the rest of the day. but if i dont sleep at all or for a short time like thirty minutes im usually pretty awake until i crash that night.

so im doing pretty good lol could be the 4 cups of coffee i just downed tho.

lets hope not

gtg to work soon :/ sucks but o well.

haha took some awesome pics i will upload later!!!!


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Girls nighttttt!!! ^-^
Thursday. 9.11.08 9:55 pm
hehe im very excited

im having my biffle over tomorrow night for a girls night and we are staying up all night and watching

-pride and prejudice
-the underworld movies
-phantom of the opera
-the notebook
-and whatever else we can find at block buster

heheh im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and my biffle (best friend for life) her name is alex and shes awesome!!!

^-^ then saturday im teaching her to parallel park in my car O-o yeah i know im scared too.


but thats about it :D

anybody have anything interesting to share?

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i have decided that i will never date a guy who wears make up.
Tuesday. 9.9.08 10:50 pm
just too weird.

i can see the conversation now

"honey can i use your eyeliner?"

lol no way am i dating a guy that wears make up.

or who wears taller heels/platforms than i do.

errrrrrrrrrrrrr no

so in other news.......................

thinking about going to NY city with the theater on their trip this spring break WOOT WOOT!!!

ummmmm might be going to orlando florida on the first weekend of october again WOOT WOOT

lolz going to destin florida theeeee 21st of Nov till errr about the 30th of Nov

wooot wooot

lol my family likes to travel


oh and i have decided that catty highschool girls who think they are smarter and above the rest of us can go F themselves.

i am sick and tired of this girl in one of my classes. Everytime!!!! i say something nice or add to the conversation she looks at me like im six and just said something stupid and below her.

And today she was telling me how im trying to start something between her and this guy in our class. When all i said was to one of my friends "i wonder if /insert her name here/ likes /guy/. And she freaked

man shes really making me mad.

oh and taking PSATs on october 15th eeeeeeeeek

lol not fun not fun

peace <3

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