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Gender. Female
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School. Other
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Tuesday. 8.24.04 6:30 pm
There's an eighth grader named Aaron B****. Haha I'm protecting the innocent by not saying his last name. And no, it's not Bitch. It's a last name. Anyhoo,he told us to call him Jennifer. And he's a hotty. End of story. lol He is soooooooo fine! But yea... Yea...


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i could die
Monday. 8.23.04 10:53 pm
I love Scott. I really love Scott. God, I'm pathetic. SCOTT!!!!!! God Evan was a jerk today.

We're all walking. Scott, Cody, me, Ali, Evan, Ronnie, Wendy. Evan goes, "Hannah, Scott wants to go out with you!"
Me: "Really?"
Evan: "Yea!"
Me: "No, seriously. Scott wants to go out with me?"
Evan: "Uhuh"
Me: [to Scott] "Really?"
Scott: "What? I never said that!"

And later on:
Me: "Evan, why'd you do that?"
Evan: "Hannah, you knew I was jokin' around!"

Erg. It made me mad.


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stolen from ajibalaji89
Saturday. 8.21.04 5:09 pm

[ ] been drunk.

[ ] smoked pot.
[x] kissed a member of the opposite sex.

[ ] kissed a member of the same sex.

[ ] been to japan.

[ ] rode in a taxi.

[x] been dumped.

[x] shoplifted.

[ ] been fired.

[ ] been in a fist fight.

[ ] had sex.

[ ] had a threesome - kissing or otherwise

[x] snuck out of your parent's house.

[ ] been arrested.

[ ] made out with a stranger.

[ ] stole something from your job.

[ ] celebrated new years in times square.

[ ] went on a blind date.

[x] lied to a friend.

[x] had a crush on a teacher.

[ ] celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.

[ ] been to europe.

[x] skipped school.

[ ] thrown up from drinking.

[ ] lost your sibling. [only child]

[x] played 'clue'

[x] had a sleepover party.

[ ] went ice skating.

[ ] dropped x.[what?]

[x] cheated on a bf/gf.

[?] been cheated on. maybe...

[ ] had a sweet sixteen.

[ ] had a quinceaera.[huh?]

[ ] had a car.[Too young to drive...bleh]

[x] drove.

[ ] cut myself on purpose

[ ] seen someone die

[ ] been to africa

[ ] driven over 400 miles to attend a show/festival

[ ] been to canada

[ ] been to mexico

[x] been on a plane

[ ] seen the rocky horror picture show

[ ] Thrown up in a bar

[ ] purposely set a part of yourself on fire

[ ] eaten sushi

[ ] been snowboarding [oh, how i wish]

[x] met someone in person from the internet. [Scott]

[ ] been moshing at a concert

[ ] had feelings for someone you knew only online

[ ] had plastic surgery

[ ] been in an abusive relationship

[ ] gone to college

[ ] graduated college

[ ] tried killing yourself

[x] thought about trying to kill yourself

[ ] taken painkillers advil?

ARE YOU .. ?

[ ] ugly.

[x] pretty.

[ ] ok.

[x] bored.

[x] happy.

[ ] bilingual.

[x] white.

[ ] black.

[ ] mexican.

[ ] asian.

[X] short.

[ ] tall.

[ ] grounded.

[ ] sick.

[x] a virgin.

[x] lazy.

[X] single.

[ ] taken.

[ ] looking.

[x] not looking.

[x] talking to someone.

[x] IMing someone.

[x] scared to die.

[ ] tired.

[x] annoyed.

[x] hungry.

[x] thirsty.

[ ] on the phone.

[ ] in your room.

[ ] drinking something.

[ ] eating something.

[ ] in your pjs.

[x] ticklish.

[ ] listening to music

DO YOU .. ?

[ ] have a bf.

[ ] have a gf.

[x] have a crush.

[x] feel loved. [unfortunately. Laythe and James]

[x] feel lonely.

[x] feel happy.

[ ] hate yourself.

[x] think youre attractive.

[x] have a dog.

[x] have your own room.

[x] listen to rap.

[x] listen to rock.

[ ] listen to soul.

[ ] listen to techno.

[x] listen to reggae.

[x] paint your nails.

[x] have more than 1 best friend. [but im losing them all so quickly]

[ ] play an instrument.

[x] have slippers. [elmo ones]

[ ] wear boxers.

[x] wear black eyeliner.

[x] like the color blue.

[ ] like the color yellow.

[ ] cyber.

[x] like to read.

[x] like to write.

[x] have long hair.

[ ] have short hair.

[ ] have a cell phone.

[ ] have a laptop.

[ ] have a pager.

[x] miss someone right now. [Taylor. *sigh* I miss him alot.]

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*glare* [really really hard *glare*]
Saturday. 8.21.04 2:17 pm
I cannot stand her. I really really cannot. Do you know what she did? She said yes when one of my best friends asked her out. She doesn't even like him. She likes Scott. Quote: I can't see him and Hannah together. I can see me and him together. I hope he asks me out.

OmfG. She has a boy friend. I hate her. I really really hate her. Me and Ali had a long talk about her last night. I cannot believe what she said. She thinks the whole world revolves around her. That she can get what ever guy she wants, and that everyone else gets second pick, the left overs.

Well, no. That will not happen. I'll do all I can to stop it. She can't ask him out. She can't get to know him. I wish the next semester would come so we could get schedule changes and so that she wouldn't have any classes with Scott. God, how I hate her. And to think, I thought she was my best friend!


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Thursday. 8.19.04 5:17 pm
I guess his name is something like that. It's like, flower lieghs from Hawaii, plus th. He's a cutie. He's in my homeroom and tennis class. So, here's the story.

Tennis. Yea, the sport I suck in. Ok, so I suck at all sports but... Yea, I guess Tennis is my best.

Anyhoo. Tennis. We were having to get into partners. Liza was my partner. [Liza knows Rusian, random fact. lol] Well, we couldn't-no, I couldn't- really hit it back and forth very well, even without the net, bounces not counting, about 10 ft away from eachother. Sorry, huh? We couldn't get over five... Well, there was only one other pair that didnt make it over 15, and so us to had to go to one court, while all the good at tennis [over 15 back and forth] peoples went to the other. Then the coach said, 'We need some of you to come over to this side, to make it even.' Laythe and Ronnie were one of the pairs that came over. Ronnie has no part in this story except for the one I just said. Well, we were playing King of the Court, kinda.Someone started out on one side of the court, and everyone got in a line. People in the line started out with the ball. You would play agianst the person on the otherside of the court. Who ever made a mistake first wet to the end of the line, and it was the next persons turn. I didn't make it over the net once. Laythe was in my line. Well, once I had to play agianst Olivia, and once agian Laythe, and more times agianst the two of them. They were always my oponents. Laythe was pretty good, as were Caitlin and Olivia. Laythe was saying he wasn't very good eather... Dunno what that was about... He's awsome at tennis.

Anyhoo. We switched courts and were doing something else, and we were all in the same line. Me, Olivia, Caitlin, and Laythe.

So, in a blonde and crazy moment, I held my raquet up to my face and said, 'You know, if you look through this, you see lines.' No duh.

Well, Laythe holds up his raquet to his face, and then he hits my raquet, and I hit his and then we have a raquet war. lol. Well, then, Olivia was like, 'Aw, ya'll should go out!'

And then, at the end of the period, Laythe was like, 'You were really good today.' And, seeing as I sucked, I will take that, even if it wasn't, as a MAJOR flirt.

Then, in choir, to Olivia, I asked if she seriously thought me and Laythe should go out, she said yes, also said he would probably go out with me. I said I didn't ask guys out. She said she would tell him that I would maybe say yes if he asked me out. I dunno if she did...

Yea, that's what happened. I love tennis =]] It's awsome! lol It's way fun, although way hard, and although I way suck at it. =] lol.


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he knows
Monday. 8.16.04 6:12 pm
He knows... Scott, I mean. So, picture this.

I'm sitting beside Rebeckah and in front of Wendy in Science. Scott is right where, if I turn my head at a right angle, I can see him. He can see me if he turns his head a tiny itty bit. lol. Ronnie is sitting where I only turn my head a little to see him, and Evan sits behind him.

So, aparently, I'm looking at Scott alot, and my an Rebeckah are laughing.

At lunch [right after Science], I go over to Ronnie and where Scott's sitting, which Scott is going around the table to sit on the other side. So, to Ronnie, I'm like, "I'm sitting with you, cuz I don't have anyone to sit with," then, in an undertone, but so he can here, "Actually cuz I like Scott, but, yeah..."

And he says that it's obviouse. Doh!

Well, me, Scott, and Ronnie are waiting for Wendy, Cody, Alli, and Rebeckah. And so, I end up talking about camp, just out of no where, yes, and Ronnie goes, "Yea, we had a street dance, and I know someone that would really wanna dance with you, if you'd been there."

And then he cracked up.

Then he said something else... Not sure what it was,but it was something like, "Yea, I know who likes you," and then Scott looked at me, and Ronnie was like, nodding his head. Then I got my lunch and hit Ronnie with it and I was like, "Shut up!" and then- oh! I gotta say about yesterday. We're all sitting, eating lunch, the group of us that sits and eats lunch, when this total flirt walks up to Scott and just out of no where says, "Hi, I'm Chelsea, who are you?" and he's like, "Uh... Scott," and when they walk away we all crack up.

So, today, after our lovely lunch, and we're having a lovely chat [lol] in the hall, Chelsea walks up agian, and she's like "Haha, I'm Chelsea as you know," and she's got her little flirty friends, and then Olivia does that [God, how jealuse do I sound?] and then... Ronnie goes to Scott, "Choices, choices," and to me, "Competition, competition," then we all laughed.

I plan on talking to him tonight... Yep... So, yea...


For some strange reason, this didn't post. Hope it duz this time.

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