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» Walk to remember?
Wednesday, 9/3/03 5:26 pm
Beat: Hoobastank - Ready For You

Boring crap today. English was very interesting today. We were let out early but some people still stuck around to get some work and research done. The guy who sat next to me, Alex, is pretty cute. Wait, we always sit next to each other. Hah x3. He was one the last four left. After I left I could have sworn he was following me.. If you don't know me, I walk really fast for some reason. He does too! I had some lead and he then caught up behind me. Yeah, we then split because he had to go to his car which was parked on the street.

Took a nap when I got home. Later I watched Wade's dance show thingie. I like it. He's a really good dancer. I'm jealous. Gosh, I think I just might go back to bed again. I'm fatigued. That time is coming again.. DUN DUN DUN! [Try to think what that sound effect I just made sounds] Later Days.

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» Cook
Tuesday, 9/2/03 - 10:20 am
Beat: Remember Maine - Don't Mess With Texas

Yesterday I cooked pad Thai.. Yum. Yea, I've been cooking a lot lately. I was also driving everywhere.. I had a headache too.. My sister and I decided to go to the outlets to check out sales. We didn't buy anything. I had no money and she was saving up for her trip to Hawaii.

Today, I cooked torta [the Filippino kind]! Anyways.. I just got back from class.. I was so sleepy and still. zZz.. drool. Oh yea, a couple of days ago, I had this wonderful dream. =o).. drool!

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» Burrrp..
Saturday, 8/30/03 - 7:43 pm
Beat: Remember Maine - Forever Ended Today

You are an Official Emo-Kid! Congratulations! Would you like a tissue? Sniff.. Sniff?

Brought to you by Quizilla

I cooked pizza-spaghetti. It's pretty good. I don't cook much. I sure don't feel like I'm going to a frickin Iron Chef anytime soon..

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» Layout..
Saturday, 8/30/03 - 1:55 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - As Lovers Go

I am going for that dark vibe on this layout.. The theme is "Facing the open mic" I guess it's a fear so it is dark. I guess I want a dark color scheme because of my previous colorful themes. From hot pink, to khaki, and to black & dark red. Maybe later on I'll go back to the happy colors. As for now, face the emo side of me..

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