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Home-cooked Lunch
Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today my mom dont feel like cookin lunch so i took over the kitchen. Since there's nothin much left in the fridge, here are the three dishes i prepared for lunch. Wanted to cook another dish, perhaps egg wth steamed rice, but since there are some left over rice, i decided to prepare fried rice - my mom's fav as well!

black pepper chicken

stir-fry chilli beansprout

fried rice

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Pleasant Discovery
Friday, September 26, 2008

These pics were taken when i was cruise with my bro. i was goin for a joy ride n bro came up wth the idea of exploring n driving him to places he has not been too so i decided , why not? take a ride n jst go along wth the flow and see where we ended up at. We came to a dead end, got outta the car n checked out the place and here my was my pleasant discovery - far end of Gertak Sanggul.

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Inspiring Ad
Friday, September 26, 2008

As i was surfing the net for some info on my upcoming presentation regardin a case study : Milk - are you gettin enough? , i stumbled upon the Cannes Lions Archive as i was lookin for evidence or rather the ads/campaigns that took out the Gold Lion at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes in 1998 and as i was goin through the archive i run into this really touchin/inspiring ad (Imagination/Whale) , you guys can check it out here :

this ad somehow made me flash back when i was a child drawing with my box of crayons in the kindy house during art class. Likewise my brain were doing its flashbacks on all other movies i've seen with kids drawing pics. sometimes its really inspiring to look at how kids jst unleash their imagination & creativity by expressing themselves without having to think bout wht other kids would view/think bout them. why dont we adult do the same as well? are we less capable than kids?

this particular ad also made me ponder on wht if the pics/objects drawn by the kids are rather unaccepted to the adults in our conservative society? will the adults view them as somethin disturbin and therefore send them to the psychiatrist? or would the adults try to understand why such pics are drawn?

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Old Flame
Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm pretty sure majority of us have gone through some really unforgettable love/relationship. but how far would one go back to their old flame to start a fresh? is that even possible? will the love once u felt be as strong as it in present as compared to back then? is it even possible to reconcile and bring the relationship to the next level, marriage?

in my personal view, if you really love someone so much then why stay apart? why would you even put both parties into a test? why sacrifice somethin you believe strongly in? if both parties ,the girl and the guy chose to go their separate ways then that's the end of it, there's no U turn , no hope of rewindin the time back to the past/the way it used to be. i ended my relationship of 6yrs without any regrets and from there on , i never looked back for i know that if we couldnt work things out in the first place , wht are the chances of it to have worked for the second attempt? to some , i might be cruel n that i might be crushin someone's hope n dream but why do you want to force yourself to be together with someone you can no longer live with , someone you can no longer confide in , someone you can no longer feel strongly for? but it sure is different when it comes to my friend, or rather i'd like to call him my twin , we're so alike in so many ways yet we're so different.

i know that my twin,is tryin to pursue his old flame right now back in Brisbane where they first met , fell in love and ended the relationship. i have no idea wht exactly happened between them but i know for sure that my twin is still so very much in love with her despite being apart for 7 years. i would say it was his fault to not go back much earlier to pursue her but i guess he wasnt ready to face her or tryin to get things back on track. now that he's ready or rather he couldnt take his heartache any longer , he dropped everythin including all his responsibilities here in Malaysia to be with her , with the hope that both can be united once again. its a pity that she has got a boyfriend right now and that there's nothin much that can be done untill she's back home in Taiwan for good in October. even that , there's no guarantee that things will work out. well i have no idea if its a good sign or not , but she actually asked him would he marry her, take her away n take care of her? of course his reply was yes but she also mentioned to him that she's a changed person right now and that she will be a bad wife? honestly i have no idea wht she is tryin to hint or tell my twin but i do hope she's not jst testin her grounds. she even said that she's pressured cuz my twin expresses wht he feels for her after so long. mayb she still feels the same and that the only obstacle for her is her boyfriend and that she might not wanna betray or disrespect him. when it comes to love, isnt it important to act on wht your heart tells you and that fear shouldnt be in it? oh well ,i do hope things will turn out well for my twin n her. i can only hope to see a happy n cheerful twin when he's back home here on Monday.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recently a friend of mine, told me that his girlfriend is pregnant and that sheís gonna abort her baby. The baby is estimated to be bout a monthís old! Upon hearing that, I so wanna scream at the girlfriend for getting herself pregnant n also my friend for agreeing to the abortion! I know that nowadays itís not a big deal to get pregnant n get rid of it. I also know that to some girls out there abortion is just like some other normal procedures.

I know that getting pregnant isnít something she wants but at least sheís in control of the whole process and to make matter worse, I heard that itís not her first time getting an abortion! Also the boyfriend even dare to tell me that it will still be safe for the mother to abort if itís only a month! What the heck? Itís still a life n a baby uíre talking bout here! The babyís innocent n its part of you both and yet, how could the boyfriend be treating the baby like some stray dog n just get rid of it?

Sometimes I really have no idea whatís going on anymore. Why are ppl treating abortion like itís no big deal? Wouldnít the mom be emotionally affected by the process? Well I guess they are both selfish based on the circumstances they are in n I guess the mom of the guyís right, shit happens n I suppose, theyíd opt for the easy way outta the mess then. Up to now, I still couldnít believe this is coming from my friend. I guess that shows how responsible they are toward themselves and also what they have brought to this world.

All this actually made me reminisce about my high sch best friend , before she left the island to further her studies , she actually bought a pack of condom n distributed it out to me n a friend who were there to send her off. Lol... her last sentence to us were ď safety first , thatís why I bought u this green colored condomĒÖthat was hilarious but at the same time I think 3 of us were mature enough at the age of 17 or so not to screw up our life with unwanted pregnancy. I suppose at the end of the day, itís the values that you uphold n what you believe in. I donít think a lady with the given power to bring life to this world should kill.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Honestly , i believe or rather i would love to think ( somehow being an idealist isnt helpin) that at this stage , where people who have enrolled for an undergrad program would be mature enough to make decision on their own or need minimum supervision or assistance frm their peers , but no!!!! one of them proved me dead wrong! i couldnt relate to the logic behind it! I received a text in the mornin from one of my group mates asking me for a favour , that is to get me to ask the lecturer to explain the question she supposed to do for our presentation n then get me to explain it to her! what logic is that?! is she retarded or what? why would u wanna go through a middle person?! shouldnt she be gettin the info directly from the source??! when i saw the text , i was like what the fuck is wrong with her? its your work n u're in charge of doin that question n shouldnt u be taking your initiative in solving whtever difficulties you're faced with?! and frankly i dont think its my job as the group leader to ask for her. come on! grow up for god sake! doesnt mean you can climb onto my head simply cuz im nice to everyone! n besides i dont spoon feed! thank god its the last presentation im gonna have with the group!

ah , at last i feel better , been meaning to let it all once since i received the text! finally i can study for my paper tomorrow in peace and without the boiling anger.

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